Friday, April 23, 2010

The non-Evolution of the Dark

At one time I was confident that darker skin would take off. Would lead the pack in choices. I do recall one moment in recent history when the word was, “Light skin brothas have played out.” I somewhat felt sorry for my high yellow home boys. Secretly, I was gloating. Happy that my grandma given nickname, Black Boy, would be substantive and possibly garner me more dates. It did. Well, not the name of endearment – but my dark skin became an asset. White girls love the Jack Johnson look!

In the total picture, scope of world affairs, dark skin has been a curse. Think about it…most people of darker skin tone have been systematically sodomized by the Powerful. Among this Powerful is the white Western structure and God. Again, think about it…white men have imperialized most of the East, savagely brutalized Africans with slavery as their tool, and hoodwinkishly raped the native land we refer to as North America. In all their savage efforts to do what was done to them in Europe, the white occupiers have succeeded at demonizing all that is black…except for the financial markets (in the black is good). And, I have not forgotten to elaborate on The Creator. God, Himself, has sanctioned the mass murder of people of dark skin. He has not protected any of his skin cursed children. Think about it…who are the recipients of God’s wrath mainly? All you have to do is think about natural disasters. Where do they mostly occur? I will not answer the questions for you. Just think about the faces we see in the news.

Before the brief period of what we thought was the skin color evolution there was a cultural caste group in India by the name of the Untouchables. These members who were less fortunate to be a part of a more acceptable caste have experienced unimaginable cruelty at the hands of light skin people who look just like them. Some anthropologists have dubbed the treatment of the Untouchables as the strongest racist phenomenon in the world. And, I thought black slaves had it tough?

Before the brief period of what we thought was the skin color evolution there was a time when black women, like Angie Stone, could not pay for a date. Black men preferred the Rosario Dawson colored chicks – and lighter. Some black people, particularly black females, believed that these brothas were color struck. I always wondered what that meant. Umm…color struck? I guess I was struck by light at one time considering I dated several half breed colored sistas. Actually, grandma inquired about my selections: “Why do you always bring them almost white girls home?”

Before the brief period of what we thought was the skin color evolution there was/is a siddity social body that used a paper bag as a litmus test device, the Alpha Kappa Alpha organization, to help determine if a female could gain acceptance. This is not a hidden fact. Most have heard or read about the internal discrimatory policy. The policy: If the young lady who wanted to pay for her friends was a slight shade darker than the paper bag she was ‘black-balled’ from being an AKA. Thank God for the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. They were/are welcoming of the dark skin rejects. I have been told too that the Zeta’s do not size discriminate either:

With each example of days past presented, we remain before the brief period of what we thought was the skin color evolution. Dark skin women still have a difficult time getting the number of date proposals as light skin women. Indians still to this day detest dark skin in all forms including dark skin black Americans. I can attest to that! And, those AKA’s…still have skin color issues after so many years of exclusivity

What is so ironic about this topic:

White people are still steadily trying to be what has been and remains despised within their Power structure and overwhelmingly hated within black American culture, DARK. Go figure, tanning bed white people have learned to appreciate the dark while we (black folk) have not completely accepted the

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

The funny thing about the tanning bed is that whites only want to go as dark as the black communities "accepted as beautiful" lightest black person. You know how black people believe that interracial children are more attractive than totally white or totally black children. You don't see whites tanning to the point of being as dark as me or darker.
Being from New Orleans the color and hair type thing is big. My Mom tried to raise me to feel like there is no such thing as good hair. And my Mom dated several brown and dark skinned African men. But she only makes the comment, " you guys would have some pretty babies together" when I date lighter black guys. It is in her subconscious. When I dated my jet black brothers, which I prefer, she commented on his personality or intelligence as being superior. But never came the comment about making pretty babies. I am the darkest member of my family. My family is pretty much light skinned, loose curly hair with light eyes so I was called "Black Gal" affectionately by my Uncles. It really didn't bother me. It just made me aware that I was different from them. I got my skin tone from my fathers side of the family who are darker. And I wasn't a planned pregnancy. But it is true that mostly lighter females will get a man first. Even if her physical self isn't more attractive. She could have a flat ass, no lips, lazy eye and buck teeth but she will beat a darker skinned black female for the man if she has "good hair" and lighter skin.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

Thank you for saying what most in our community will not.. I am a dark skinned female.. and it is frustrating to say the least to try to explain to others what it has been like.. Also.. there are many dark skinned people who either internalize colorism and hate themselves.. secretly agreeing that there is something wrong with them.. or who have had few scars and deny its existence.. (usually class is an issue in those cases)