Monday, May 02, 2011

My Worries Remain, The Killing of Osama bin Laden

In the mind of the terrorist the celebrating is indication that America is relenting. Perhaps, there should be a brief moment of dancing in the streets – but typically what happens is the United States government begins to declare victory in ways that motivates those who want to do the USA establishment and its citizens harm. The gloating may be needed for heighten morale in the United States. It definitely will be a huge energy jolt for our sacrificial men and women in uniform.

Since that tragic day back in September of 2001 I have wondered what will be the outcome. I have always contemplated on what would be the presumed finality of The War on Terror. On that day, I was sitting at my desk pretending to work and trying to look important at my federal government issued rat space. When one of my best friend’s ran to my cubicle out of breath - and informed me of the morning’s developments, I became numb. I could not move. Stunned. After a few, what felt like LONG moments, I began to think of Malcolm’s words of prediction: “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.” Yes. I am well aware that that thought was somewhat filled with misplaced vindication on my part. No one needs to tell me that on this day, May 2, 2001. I have accounted for those memories of Malcolm’s contempt for African American brutalization instituted by the hands of US government. It was a fleeting thought that was connected to my once harbored pain. It was my frustration with US politics, and my inability to tame my disdain for how this country has conducted herself all around the world and within her borders.

Today, I do not feel relieved at all. The killing of Osama bin Laden has not brought any comfort. I am not elated. Ironically, I have this overwhelming feeling of preoccupation. My mind is in that place of concern that another terrorist leader will rise – and he will ultimately seek retribution for the killing of his powerless figurehead, Osama bin Laden.

That’s what Osama became. Nothing more than a man Wanted by a nation that helped shape and solidify the art of terrorism. Now that he is reported to be shark food, I would like to be assured by our protectors from violently Radicalized Islam - Islam is not the enemy - that they will remain vigilantly on the hunt for the foreign terrorists that have successfully become Americanized and on the watch for Heartland Americans that have become anti-American.

As we carry on this week, let’s not forget Osama bin Laden issued an irreparable blow to the United States. Since that day, this country has been going downhill. Just think about that before you jump to protective and support mode for the USA. Economy. Unemployment. Threats of other terrorist attacks. And the huge elephant in the room: Pervasive Division.

When division looms weakness is up for the taking.

Will America gain something from this moment other than chants in the streets? Will she seek justice for all the men and women who have been drastically impacted by what September 11, 2001 produced?

The next production…must be jobs…employment. Perhaps, if I were employed I would feel some jubilation? Since I am an Unemployed Revolutionary, I have no reason to place my United States of America flag in my window. My flag will rise above my preoccupation when I am able to stabilize my life with what this country appears to give more to non-citizens: OPPORTUNITY.

Muata Nowe

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