Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trash Thinking....

Something interesting just occurred…I was searching the internet looking for a picture of a statue that was erected in Senegal last year. Built by North Koreans, by the way. I became interested in it after reading this month's Ebony magazine. There is a blurb about it in there.

African Renaissance Monument (French: Le Monument de la Renaissance africaine) is the name if it.

Picture of it :

CNN article discussing the controversy :  

After filling my brain with the info, and later coming across another picture of the monument. This picture is accompanying this blog post (above). It is attached. Look at it…See the trash behind the ladies walking? You can’t miss it…the trash is piled at the base of the statue. SMDH.

Later today I decided to search for a news story that I came across last night :

Trash…is on my mind. What’s also on mind is the dichotomy :

Here in the USA people are living in horrible conditions and city governments are freely adding to the horrible environmental conditions…all over a unpaid bill. Ridiculous. Should not the county officials taken another approach? One that would have kept the trash containers that people would not have to be subjected to the maggots, flies, bad smell, and the trash? For God sake! - kids live in that community! SMDH. Then I began to think about the trash below the statue in Senegal, Africa: A black man. An African Leader gets a multi million dollar statue built in his poor country…and then him and his government permits the base of the statue to become a garbage dump. For God sake! - people have to walk past there! SMDH.

European municipality in Stone Mountain, Georgia and African government…both failing The COUNTLESS ways.

Trash Thinking....

Muata Nowe

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