Monday, May 23, 2011

Sidnee...You are such a pretty...DARK skin Baby

African Americans, after decades of personal economic advancement and enhanced social upward mobility, sadly -in the collective- remain mentally void of their heritage and culturally handicap. With emphatic envy, I continue to be amazed by what the white man - with the assistance from traitorous black people - have accomplished. Willie’s tenacity to rule the world may have been immoral, but his successful efforts to dominate were, simply put: Brilliantly Remarkable.

Some claim the white man’s success was gained by evil means; and I agree up to a point. That ‘point’ becomes blurry, hard to identify and substantiate, after concluding that the Africans that briefly resided on slave ships and destined for the New World would have seized the opportunity to dabble in
agricultural slavery if the tables were turned. However, some white people conveniently preface African enslavement of Africans to boastfully justify the diaspora nightmare Europeans set in motion.

Further, after living and breathing as a black man in America I have regrettably accepted that the affects of slavery have permanently paralyzed unified black progression. I have also determined -a long time ago- that the Americanized Africans that we have become are recipients of self-hate. A hate that will ultimately be the demise of God’s pigment rich people.
A hate that if vehemently rejected by prideful African Americans potentially could have been a towering and black forte - and not some superficial Black Power fad without a bite or a sting.

The last time I was stung by a bee was October 1997. On that day, my deceased mentor’s mother died. After replaying all the details and happenings of that day my mentor and I discovered the pronouncement of his mother’s death was at 10:38AM. Ironically, that was the exact time that I was stung by the bee. My Kenneth Cole watch revealed that time when I smashed the bee on my forearm.

The last time I was bitten was the week of May 15, 2011. This recent bite was inflicted by psyche-deficient African Americans. Not all, but I am certain an enormous number of black people internationally and domestically are infected with the ramifications of the color line. The color line is my hypothesis of skin complexion diversity. Diverse – but detrimental. Commonly known as Shadeism. *Powerful documentary:

The prominent Doll Experiment and shameful Alpha Kappa Alpha Brown Paper Bag Test were raised from the shadows last week. I was reminded that the outcomes and extended variables of both monumental occurrences remain a part of the black DNA.
It is no secret that Black people have been programmed to believe that light is always better. That is nothing new. However, after so much success within our race from dark - and light skin people like Harold Ford, Jr. one would think that we would be BEYOND the following:
“You are such a pretty…dark skin baby.”
My god daughter was insulted with that idiocy quite frequently last week. Sidnee is what some would identify as dark. The description is fitting. It is reality. But, coming from black people it is indicative of a washing of the brain that REMAINS. Still here. Still among us. Still suffocating black people despite what we have endured. One would think that after all the bites and stings we have endured that we would beyond the hate that was maliciously implanted in our consciousness. Not the case!

My Sidnee will not be a causality of black folk’s pathetic Negroid intellect. Consequently, Sidnee was complimented with dignity by Caucasians e.g. “She is such a beautiful baby.” Note: No offensive adjective preceding the word baby?

She is my pretty little baby…my Godchild. And, not some African American girl cheaply regulated to “You are such a pretty…dark skin baby.” Which is code for, “To be dark she is pretty.” Yes precious, adorable, and a few decades ago would not have been permitted to become a pink and green wearing AKA.

I guess this commentary explains my reasoning for my shocking decision.

The Decision: I, Muata Nowe, have pledged to no longer write about race relations. I refuse to address race from the disposition of defense. For far too long I have defended black people against the onslaught of brutal racism. Never really taking a lengthy public moment to acknowledge and accept that black people are the racist within the black race. I have been frontin’ for black people…I have safeguarded us for far too long…and what have I received in return

“You are such a pretty…dark skin baby.” and “I like this doll because it is lighter.”

Perhaps, a better question:

Why haven’t we learned anything from the Kenneth and Mamie Clark experiment?

Muata Nowe

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