Friday, May 27, 2011

If Joplin was Named for Scott Joplin…

Please do not mistake my criticism of African Americans personally or as self-hate. Well, if you are an Americanized African like me you may have no other choice but to be offended by my analysis of our intentionally persistent shortcomings and apathetic avoidance of what is vital. Actually, these are the elements that have broken my heart over time. All I have asked of us –including myself after my racist past- is consistency in self-love and a display of love towards others. Others who do not share my skin tone and others who live across Earth’s waters.

With that Opening Statement and photo Collage of destruction here I go again…

It is apparent to me that black people of the United States have serious difficulties with showing and -at times- extending love to not only self but to people who we have every reason to temporarily dislike. Our disdain should be brief, and not lifelong. Yes…we should not have many issues with white descendants of Jim Crow implementation at this stage in our Americanization. Especially, if YOU -the Christian- claims Christianity as the ONLY way and as America’s religion. The adaption of Christianity is inclusive. In its authenticity it should not see shades of color. But, we know the reality of that: Color has to be seen for people to have something to keep them from being simply Human. We are not colorblind because we need singular and limited identification. That in itself is so shallow. Consequently, some white people have used this man orchestrated religion named after a white Jesus to be vicious. And of course, we know that some black people who idolize this bleached Christ abhor white people. Interesting, love the white image of Jesus but hate his so called father’s worldly offspring…Caucasians.

So, with this concentration on race – an earnestly rational application that I prayed to have removed from my being recently (last week) – I ask,

‘Why hasn’t the black community within the shores of the USA publicly mobilized in Love and Concern to at the least mention - via black talk radio, black blogs, and black-focused web sites e.g. and - the God permitted tragedy that was inflicted on the people of Joplin, Missouri?’  

The devastation captured in this video ironically resembles the White Supremacist government supported destruction imposed on black communities back in the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.
*Young black boy carrying dead body during Black Wall Street Devastation, Tulsa, OK - 1921*
It ALSO has resemblance of Rwandan villages after black Africans with European supplied assault rifles savaged the country of Rwanda.

*Hutu soldier beats Tutsi man*

Black people -without a doubt- were battle ready in futile prayer and condemnation of FEMA with the natural disaster occurrences that have destroyed areas where more blacks are affected e.g. Haiti and New Orleans.

We cannot continue to expect others (white people and the white government) to express/show love and concern for us and other black nations when we NEVER breathe a word of concern after Mother Nature ends the world of the people many of us commonly call, CLEAR people. These are the same people who pack up their belongings and leave the United States for Africa as Peace Corps volunteers.

We MUST do better in this area of our existence. Better is not forgetting. Better is forgiving…with acts of love and service. Better is living in the midst of God’s crucified son, Sacrifice. God wants us to prove to God that we are serious about Loving One AnOther. In the Christian’s heaven there may not be all black/white subdivisions…

In this case, the ‘other’ of the AnOther were the residents of Joplin, Missouri.

This family (above) could have been this family:

Perhaps, we should pretend Joplin, MO is named for Scott Joplin, the King of Ragtime. Perhaps, then the city of Joplin would be important to us black folk…maybe not, considering an ‘educated’ African American asked me a couple days ago: “Who in the h*ll is Scott Joplin? And, what happened in Joplin?”

Muata Nowe

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Good critical thinking! I'm not sure I agree with all your points, but that are well stated none the less. African-Americans do not need to look that far to find a Joplin connection. Not only is the name familiar in classical music circles, Joplin, Missouri is the site of Langston Hughes birthplace. He was born there in 1902. Talk to you later. -GF