Thursday, May 05, 2011

Rashard Mendenhall’s Comments…Ruled Out of Bounds?

Mendenhall’s statements should bring the Christ followers back to God’s adapted reality. The New Testament reality. And, that TRUTH is - no man/woman should rejoice when a life is terminated.

"For those of you who said you want to see Bin Laden burn ... I ask how would God feel about your heart?" –Rashard Mendenhall

Not that I am a supporter of Osama bin Laden or his acts of terror that he has been connected to over the years. No way whatsoever! If his involvement that has been shared with us by the United States government – and our unrelenting and biased on both sides – the Left and Right - media outlets he in fact in my non-religious and inhumane belief was worthy of death. Additionally, this is my Hebrew Bible thought process…but if I were a Christian of today my modus operandi SHOULD be with the new line of thought. That thought is within the pages of the New Testament. God’s new Word. A gracious and forgiving word that all Born- Again men and women are divinely mandated to embrace. Also, within what so many Believers inaccurately refer to as the Old Testament there is a commandment that’s remarkably easy to understand: Thou Shalt Not Kill.

Here again, is a perfect case of man’s favored ability to pick and choose. Our frail inconsistency is at work! It is an ideal example of man’s way of religiously determining what is appropriate for them to believe and not believe. This is what the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament promotes: Situational Non-cemented Belief.

There is no way one can live a life without hypocrisy and contradictory if he/she proclaims to believe The Apostle’s Creed as veracity. Yes. You, Sunday pew and bedside Christian, are a self-acknowledged hypocrite and incongruous individual if you are singing this week’s praise song, ‘Death to Osama bin Laden’. If you have exclaimed, ‘Thank God Osama is dead’ you are the spitting image of Hypocrisy’s first cousin, Judas…when it is all said and done you will hang yourself too.

This blunt pragmatism is not announced via commentary to condemn…it is made to respectfully remind and humbly reeducate the Christian who is intentionally and unintentionally lost in their religiosity and who is spiritually under the spell of The Great Opiate, Religion or any other mind controlled celestial subject matter that religious belief is without a doubt idiosyncratic.

Religion blocks mind evolution…

Muata Nowe

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