Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Religion AND Eddie Long…are the Arrogance that Destroys Everything

My mother and I were just talking about ‘arrogance in the pulpit’ on Easter’s Sunday (get that?). The conversation we had reminded me of my disdain for what the BLACK Christian Church has become. Pharaoh of the Hebrew Bible was stubborn. He would not relent. He fought Moses and fought Moses. He would not remove his ego. His arrogance. He never pursued humility. Therefore, he got what he deserved. He lost it all. His empire. His riches. His son. He lost the respect his wife had for him. Today, when I think about The Pulpit I get repulsed by the sights…the insecure men – the women with an ax to grind – the scriptural and Christology ignorance – and the high and mighty dispositions carried by men and women who are leading God’s people straight to hell. Not the physical hell…that does not exist. It is the damnation of spiritual, emotional, and mental hell. Black people in the United States, Africa, and the Caribbean are following behind Pharaohs and Serpents. Eddie Long with his muscle bound body and egotistical personality is burning in a hell and he is leading the most vulnerable of us to an abyss. He will be a Pharaoh of today. He gonna lose it all. Mark my words. Prediction made on April 27, 2011!

*I thought he was going to "fight this"? Settling is not fighting. He guilty!

Muata Nowe

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K. Koromantee said...

Very cool site. great food for the mind. if you haven't yet written a book, you should!