Sunday, July 03, 2011

My Sleep…Explained

 Gentle Passage

My passage has been gentle, not a blessing. Thomasville Made Me. That is my blessing! God has granted me -as a mortal- a life that I have been responsible Woe is Me  Dependence on God and definitely no powerless devil has altered my passage, My life. I have lived as I wanted - and when there was a joy from my life I owned it. When there was a negative consequence from living in and through this passage I have owned that outcome too. I have been the master of my fate. Good or Bad. Gentle, is what I have tried to be even when I was inflamed with deep seated rage. Gentle, is what I have been when God knocked: Gentle avoidance better known as Hiding like Adam after he was discovered in guilt and gentle head over heels. My passage has finally found what is worthy: Love…sprinkled with Gentleness and Truth. 

Imagined Frontiers

I have used my mind to lead me to bliss. To euphoria. The frontiers of my perception are settled. It is the last step toward my final destination, Death. The steps have been Ordered. I want to defy my natural and terminal demise by succumbing to Freedom. Ultimately, my aspiration is to cheat death by becoming free. Then I will never die. Leaving me right at the border. Right on the boundary line. Right in my mind-created Frontier...I am here waiting on the next divine instruction. Patiently, waiting to be pushed. I will follow The Revolutionaries to Uncertainty. Not one of us knows The Ending to this experiment that we should entitle, Existence.

Thoughts Removed from Time

Our thinking should be limitless. It should be unending and difficult to obstruct. Nothing or anyone should hamper our thoughts unless we are guilty of highjacking time to suit our selfish desires. Thought Removed is expiry's brother. A brother with no core. 'Where is your soul?' She asked. I answered with boldness, "Here it is. It has not been detached." What was eventually lost…? Time - not my thoughts. I am still discerning without boundary…seeking a way to Rebel. 

Returned Awaken

On this 41st birthday, I am Awake. I have returned from my forced closure. From my Self-induced termination. I have been living as instructed…Abundantly and without Man’s Approval. My Passage has been with meaning. And my Frontier -as it was imaged -is what I thought it would be: Without Time...leaving me with my thoughts. Once again -in a new year- I am Awaken...I know because I have been here: SLEEP - before. Lord, please keep me Awake.

-Muata Nowe is Living on…Join me by appreciating the one gift that I have cherished since the day I received it. 

Warning: If you are not ready to Sleep please do not listen.

Thanks to Ronald B. Wilkins I Sleep No Longer

Muata Nowe

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