Friday, May 08, 2009

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep/Our Father, who art in Heaven

Obama to be prayer day no-show - Washington Times

Well, I can understand why there is so much uproar over President Obama “nixing” the National Day of Prayer: President Bush showed his allegiance to the Christian-backed day of recognition for eight years.

This man (Obama) can’t get a break.

Not that I am in support of him getting a free pass. Nope! He needs to be intelligently scrutinized. He’s one of my employees! Nonetheless, if he would have participated in the breakfast and/or the service factions of our populace would have complained that his participation only supports faiths that ‘value’ prayer. In essence, stating that his allegiance is with Christianity. The last time I checked most religions and spiritual walks have some form of prayer/meditation/sending up good thoughts. Right? Perhaps, this is why some are offended.

If President Obama does not believe in prayer, as some columnist declared today, he is doing a great job of pretending. The pictures (above) can be used as proof that our president cherishes the practice. (Well, he could have been sleep in one photo).

He best BELIEVE in PRAYER...a lot of people are PRAYING for his black/white behind!

Lord, doesn’t he need it?

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Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

He definitely believes in prayer!


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

President Obama is a busy man. He is bound to miss some events.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

No matter what he does or does not do during his term, President Obama will be scrutinized for it. I don't think either picture makes him look as though he is sleeping pix#2 and if he so what. The pictures are from his campaigning days and if we were hitting the road as hard as he did, we would be RESTING, PRAYING or whatever. I try not to play up to the media and their crazy ways. As long as he is in office, all eyes are watching him.

Just my POV..outta have a good w/e everyone and to all the Mother's Have a Great Mothers Day.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Muata responds to DM:

Maybe I am reading wrong - but you appear to be on the defense. Why?

It amazes me that the smallest criticize of President Obama brings such defense.

What does the media have to do with this posting?