Monday, May 11, 2009

I am so attracted to MOTHERHOOD

Lisa Leslie on her career and being a mother. I just love her! So smart, dynamic at her craft, and sexy!

Hope EVERYONE had a great Mother's Day.

Shared by Brian E. Payne


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

I can say that out of all the man made days of appreciation, Mothers Day is one that deserves Honor and Praise. Many of us take for granted what Mothers do for their children. Sacrifice, support, education, affection, understanding, patience, and inspiration are just a few attributes that most Mothers provide to such an uncivilized environment (This World).
I "actually" remember the lesson in church yesterday from Proverbs-"Who can find a virtuous woman?" was the question. Many of us look directly at our Mothers for the answer. I challenge all the ladies to be that answer for your children and your men. I challenge you men to acknowledge that attribute in the women you see this in. A virtous woman is so much more than her physical, educational, financial, and emotional traits. A virtuous woman commands rather than demands respect. Her actions speak so much louder than her words. Finally her spirit uplifts despite any circumstance. Ladies, if you feel this is you, Please know that You are the most beautiful thing that God ever graced this world with.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader responds to PM:


Somebody’s ate out of a DEEP bowl this morning!

Nicely worded and I agree 1000%


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

Profound! See Brian, going to church can teach you something! :-)


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Muata responds to AJ:

Going to church, IMO, is just a waste of MY time. I am emphatic about this. However, I will not knock those who go or feel a need to go. Go right ahead. And, this is not to say that I may not need some of the messages delivered at some churches (I can probably get the message in a regular conversation with ANYONE. Try talking to a homeless person one day). Nonetheless, church has proven to be a show/entertainment. I have learned all I need to know about Christianity via my upbringing, when I went to church for years, seminary, and from 'church stories'. Discovered a long time ago that church does not benefit me at all. And, I am not being arrogant...Nope, I just don't find church pleasing/productive any longer. The premise is that Christianity is the only RIGHTEOUS way. I cannot support that. Going to me shows support.Then they (church leaders) lie to the people: If you do this you will be saved. Saved from what? How about just doing what is right? We learned all I needed to know in kindergarten! I will forward an email to everyone that details my Saturday (it was my service to the community and God). I got more out of the time I spent with the people represented than I would have going to a church on Sunday.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Muata shares information:

Here are the details and outcomes of the event sponsored with my agency on Saturday. This is 'the work' Jesus did before he was slaughtered. Yes, some churches are in the trenches - but with thousands of churches in our communities w/ thousands of members we STILL cannot seem to get it right. We leave it to huge non-profits. We cannot even help lift people out of poverty with the "offerings". A few churches provide the assistance needed to have some impact and possibly eradication of the present ills - but guess what? Preachers are focusing on "saving souls" instead of doing the work of that man we call Jesus. A "saved soul" remains empty without food/housing/employment/medication. So, in affect we have people declaring that they are saved...but no changes are made in their every day life. We tell the Jesus' story and forget about His work. We need to be smacked. God wasted His time with human creation, and ultimately sacrificed His son for foolishness. Ain't nothing changed from the biblical times. Still the same crap. Just look at this holistically. Research and attempt to understand without ya faith lenses. If I were God I would blow-up this place we call a WORLD. We deserve it. Fitting of death for shyt-ing on His son. But, we go to church...Oh! and we have grace...whatever. God ain't happy with us. He/She can't me. Grace/Free will/Forgiveness or not! All excuses to water down the truth/reality so we can get into heaven...Lord Have Mercy. I am on a roll today. All this is communicated with LOVE.


Eye Openers

*The group from ChrisKids was surprised by the diversity of the Harvard alumni. While I was sitting with them and as the alums returned from the store tour (lead by Vernon Warren), I mentioned to the young people that the volunteers have arrived. James from ChrisKids (a participant) said/asked, "They are from Harvard? They don't look like they went to an Ivy League school." He was amazed by the diversity that was represented among the alums. That in itself was a 'break through'.

*One of the young men from the group shared his story with me:

Born in West Virginia. Was removed from his father's custody at the age of 3 because his father shot and killed the mother (on a Thanksgiving Day) in front of him. He was later adopted. Moved to Georgia with his new family. Was kicked out the new home at the age of 11. He was homeless for two weeks. Was later "found" by Social Services of Georgia. Now, he is a member of the ChrisKids program. He loves to work with his hands. Mentioned that those "who work behind desk are not tough". He wants a construction job. I encouraged him to seek our services. He promised he would come in next week. I plan to meet him here (NEP), actually.

Final Eye Opener

One customer who came in to use the computer services this morning overheard me indicate that lunch was ready. He asked, "May I have some." I told him if any was left I would come get him. Some food was remaining. I went out to get him. He joined the group and ate lunch. Afterwards, when everyone was gone, he told me: "I am a former employee of AIG. I lost my job. I am trying to find work. You offering me some pasta salad was nice... (he began to cry) I am sorry. I can't stop choking up. But, thank you for the lunch. I had not eaten in two days."

Well, JM, you know me well enough to know that this morning has been quite emotional. But, I am so thankful that I am in a position to have my Eyes Opened every day. Thanks for your leadership and encouragement!

We are making a difference!