Friday, May 07, 2010

It is amazing to me the level of pervasive negative sentiment that has suddenly arisen and that has become nationalized and owned by the American political landscape. This landscape consists of conservatives, Republicans, and right-winged Americans. Mostly white people. The Tea Partiers and alike.

For the first time in my history as a ‘de facto’ American, Generation X-ers are experiencing the doom and gloom apocalypse rhetoric. The world is ending because of…

Prior to the 1970’s (my infant/juvenile decade), America’s most divisive time that my historical education and memory can fathom was the 60’s. Like the sixties, some overwhelmingly believed that the United States was going to hell in a hand basket while others of The Culture of Change boldly initiated the efforts of sacrifice with hope and dreams. Many believe that this violently explosive moment in time was well worth it. The German Sheppard attacks were proudly welcomed to solidify righteous defiance to injustice.

Now that real Americans, descendents of the Pilgrims, are experiencing financial hardship and mass unemployment, that aforementioned sentiment is unabashedly lurking - and in some ways on the verge of lynching America.

In my analysis of where America is headed, my question has been one of Constant Contemplation: Why has America Suddenly Become Hell Bound? Not completely hell bound in the minds of those who have bought into the most recent and necessary Change Mantra. No. These people have been sold with passionate conviction. Convinced Change is abound. And, several of the purchasers of the Change have believed for years that America’s chickens are roosting. So, the hint of Change is a welcoming concept. But, one can’t help but believe with caution considering the United States has proven time and time again that she is xenophobic.

My interest is with those men and women who have conveniently ‘reconsidered’ their optimism. Optimism that has drastically moved to pessimism simply because the Change Agent is mulatto. Yes, there have been numerous writers and commentators who have connected this thought and behavior to the most recent Black History, a true African American man elected president. However, those of us who are tuning-in may need to question the vehement disagreement and jaded thinking about the future of America. If not, the Doom and Gloom thought process may just infiltrate the thinking of those hoping for Change. Psychologically that can be an easy process. Negativity, not reality, seeks and breeds the weak-minded. And, from my ongoing perspective of those who own Change are cognitively manipulated with ease. Similarly to the Jewish men and women who were against the extermination of Jesus – but somehow became sideline supporters of Pontius Pilate’s indictment of the Messiah.

It is my hope democrats and liberals will not fold. Cave in as a result of the overbearing Weekly Standard chatter. It is my hope that the Change Acceptors will not sleep at the wheel. If they do, the Empire (America) will hold true to what it has always been:

Right without Righteousness

Written by Brian E. Payne.

Sunday Morning Contemplation

Topic: Does Brian E. Payne believe in God?

"The Christian Believer's business should be if they are adhering to what their jealous and vindictive Christian God has asked of them."

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I like this.


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Me too. Good stuff.


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Okay...I will answer my dare. A recent one!


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We are already in hell if allow your mind to take you there.

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