Monday, April 13, 2009

Let the Praises Commence

3 'phenomenal shots' ended pirate hostage crisis -

We should expect to receive an onslaught of media coverage that will honor the specially trained and highly disciplined covert tactic group, US Navy Seals. The military is also experiencing a surge in web site hits. All of this attention will keep the Captain of Maersk Alabama in the news too. We should be prepared to watch his first primetime interview with Charles Gibson or some other popular news anchor. He will receive an award for bravery. Commendations from the navy. H*ll, President Obama, the man who gave an order to shoot the Somali pirates if visible danger was imminent, has already called Captain Phillips congratulating him on his heroic actions.

What will be forgotten are the men who were more than likely under orders of a deranged militia leader. Men who probably have not reached the age of 20. Men who were likely taken under a controlling spell at the age of 13. They are better known as Child Soldiers.

“Approximately 250,000 children under the age of 18 are thought to be fighting in conflicts around the world, and hundreds of thousands more are members of armed forces who could be sent into combat at any time.” -Amnesty International

As we (Americans), go about our week, we will also fail to acknowledge the possible reason why this piracy activity is taking place:

A Desperate Attempt of African Retribution

Whether we want to admit it or not, there are men and women all across this world who believe that the United States and its destructively “evil” cohort, Europe, are deserving of any illegal and/or deadly reprisal as a result of their pillage of African nations. Even the perpetrators feel justified in their, in many cases, asininely backwards actions.

While I do not condone the behavior, I do understand where the ‘get-back’ impetus stems. When I think of what Africa could have been, I think about all the white men who have capitalized off the welcoming spirit and the humble nature of African people. These men have stolen land and assets that they have used in many cases to pit one African ethnic group against another.

No, this (child soldiers/understandable African retaliation) will not be discussed this week. Instead the American people will be flooded with misplaced heroism, additional military recruitment ads, and glorification of US bravado.

I ain’t falling for it!

Written by Brian E. Payne.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

I feel you Brian, but it's not until you've had an AK47, RPG, or QTQ pointed in your direction that an exploited child soldier becomes a hostile very quickly. I pray that none of you face this life or death choice in your lifetime!


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Muata asks questions:

I wonder if the United States and Europe made an amends if this activity would cease? What would the 'amends' have to look like? In what form?


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

TJW responds to Muata:


I am not convinced that even if the U.S. and Europe changed their economic and trade policies today and some restitution was made to begin to make amends and address the current state of inequality that the armed groups in Africa would cease their activities.

You made reference earlier to the militia groups which exploit child / youth and kidnapped / conscripted "soliders" ... in nearly 40 years of such activities from Southern Africa to Central continent to the East, the vicious cycle of child armies and warring militias and submilitias continues and nation after nation continues to perpetrate its own oppression.

Many of these armed groups use the funds or resources they obtain to smuggle drugs and other contraband "good" around Africa and the world but where is the advancement in such trade for the common African? Other groups hijack foreign food and medical aid and sell it on the open market while their countrymen continue to die from starvation and disease. I do not support Western policy toward "developing nations" but when the U.S. sends food into a nation, I would at least like someone who is actually hungry to get it ... not a group of armed renegades (sometimes forcibly) hyped up on drugs.

Yes, the strategies being undertaken by these Somali and other African groups "are valid to them" but still and all, not improving their overall status in the least. This is realization has been reached by the disperate groups in Iraq, for instance. In that case, the religious and ethic groups are deciding not to fight amongst themselves and blow each other up in a vain effort to tug on Superman's Cape (to borrow William's allusion).

I just hope that after this current incident, a Somalian leader (or group of leaders) will arise who is acting upon a different set of motivators. Being smarter and not stronger will be the only way they will prevail because militarily, they are no match for U.S. / Western power ... as demonstrated by the death / capture of these Somalis.

I still say they should have taken the original pot of money and RAN!


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader TJW responds:

Regarding President Obama giving the order for the Navy SEAL operation....

I knew this issue would come up amongst "progressive" folks sooner or later. Because President Obama indeed approved and had knowledge of this naval / military operation since he is President of the United States and all, the debate is about to commence hot and heavy. The reality of the matter is one I tried to communicate in various forums throughout the election: Barack Obama was then running to be and is now President of the United States ... not President of Black America, or Leader of All Oppressed People of Color Everywhere, not a fighter for justice and peace on earth. He is now and for the next four years will be the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States plus the FBI, CIA and all the other secret para-military intelligence organizations which operate under the United States flag.

If and when a United States President does not take his charge to "defend and protect" the United States seriously, he doesn't remain President very long....

Can you spell J-I-M-M-Y-C-A-R-T-E-R?

4 years of President Carter + 1 Major Foreign Affairs Pfuck-Up (the Iran Hostage Crisis)
= 12 years of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George GW Bush.

Conservatives and Obama opponents far and wide have been waiting for, praying for, yea, even fomenting a major international incident in hopes that President Obama would demonstrate weakness in the area of foreign policy. But Boo-Boo The Fool on them because President Obama has just demonstrated that he understands his job description quite well and intends to fulfill it. And President Obama will sign off on many military actions that progressively minded folks oppose throughout his administration. The power the President of the United States holds is awesomely terrible, and just because the President is now a Black man does not mean that the rules of engagement have changed.

At the same time, his foreign policy approach DOES represent a change of directions, for example, he is today taking steps to shift our policy toward Cuba which considering the power of the Cuban immigrant lobby, a risky step for him to take-

Again, the fact of the matter is that if President Obama does not show himself as strong in international affairs, he will not win a second term and our next President will be a conservative.

There are many here in the U.S. and around the world active with human rights issues in Africa and those activists are involved in the issue of child soldiers and the myriad issues which adversely affect The Continent. Alternative media outlets like NPR (which is heard by more Americans than you would suspect) discuss the issue of child soldiers often. Although the issue will not be discussed this week, it is being addressed by many NGOs and faith based organizations.

I do not praise and celebrate the armed retaliation which occurred today in Mogadishu because I do not wish violence on both sides does not escalate. I hope that efforts no matter how trivial to restore stability in Somalia will be successful in the long run. Congressman Ronald Payne of New Jersey had gone to Somalia despite the ongoing pirate crisis to meet with the Somalian president and others leaders and was leaving the county as the plane fired upon … but perhaps the efforts of this congressman plus other efforts will achieve a positive outcome in the end.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Muata responds to TJW:

President Obama did what most US presidents would have done:

Show the world that we are 'tough'. That we got 'balls'.

Yeah, right. This nation is cowardice. Yella I say, YELLA! Black President or not.

Thank God for Rep. Payne for seeking a peaceful solution. But, he could have gotten himself killed...He crazy. LOL!

Seriously, I am not in support of the pirates' actions, and I am definitely not in support of this racist regime and fake democracy spreading machine (US government) killing men that they are calling savages. Who responsible for being the root of the savagery?

-Brian E. Payne

Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

I'm glad to see you aren't falling for the booby trap. This whole "incident" was a setup, meant to open an avenue for greedy europeans to control the horn of afrika. They've been after it for a long time, which is how they got their azzes wiped out during so-called black hawk down.

Observing the history of this latest bloodbath--all thanks be to father god Obama--it's not too farfetched to arrive at the conclusion that Amerikka purposely placed the ship where it was in hopes it would become a target. Why else would a cargo ship sail into such "dangerous" waters, knowing the history of "hi-jacks" in the area?

Obama continues to prove who he is and who he is not. When do we, as a whole, wake up to where the real power lies and the fact that just because somebody appears Black doesn't mean their minds and loyalties are?

The "captain" ain't no hero, but he'll be played as one at the same time our Afrikan brothers are played as savages, therefore deserving of savage deaths. But, of course, the european has to always be painted as the savior of mankind, as the true super hero, willing to give his life for the greater good. True fiction at its best!

If the Somalians were out of ammo as it is said they were, why were they gunned down? Can we not also question what gave the US the right to fire or be in another country's waters? Why aren't we asking the simplest questions? Is it due to our own cowardice, ignorance or the fact that we don't even know to care? Has the spell of Obama been worked so well over us that we are nothing but figments of the world's imagination and operating as such?

If the european and his associated interests would stop dumping toxic waste off the coast of Somalia and sending in mercenaries to create chaos there, we wouldn't see the Somalians having to hand them their azzes like they're doing. Amerikka is the instigator, as always.

I can only advise that many more of us, especially oblivious Blacks, stop walking around in a bubble; otherwise, the decisions being made by these evildoers will come to pay us a visit quite soon AND we won't be ready AND Obama and his posse won't be coming to save us.

Every time I step into a gunstore, there are white folks in there buying up guns and ammo. While they're buying these items, we're ignorantly chanting for the implementation of more gun control. I just heard D.L. Hughley spitting that ignorant crap the other day.

Do we really believe we're better off without guns or that we'd be better off providing our children with more love, guidance and time so that when and if they use weapons, they do it responsibly and in defense of themselves and their loved ones? Do we think the Blacks who were gunned down in Algiers Point following Katrina were better off unarmed? When do we stop living true to someone else's deceitfully placed fears?

We'd be foolish to demand the abolishment of our right to bear arms or even more stringent laws. Put simply, even if we don't have weapons, the criminal will--and the criminal element is much larger and more dangerous than Pookie standing around on the corner. Matter of fact, I see one type of this criminal element every day driving around in a vehicle with the lettering "To Protect and Serve." This criminal element is also in the waters off Somalia, and I'm not talking about the Somalians.



Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader LS responds to NY:

Interesting commentary. I will just like to point out a few points. If you expected Obama to agree with you then you probably should have voted for someone else. HEHE. As the president of the US he is the commander and chief of the military. Clearly he has to congratulate this man. While I don't like the drama of it all either I think it necessary to understand that this is not just about some retribution. This is just about the other side of greed. It's true tha Africa could have been great. Or it could have not been. You can't argue the point with empirical data to suggest the former or the latter. Thus, there is no reason to really go into detail in thinking about it. If you just want to be pissed of then go right ahead. Limbaugh and Jindal(sp?) are lurking in the shadows trying to develop a way to demonize the president and make him fail. We have a war on hand in America and that's a war against common sense and truth and the smart people are losing to the idiots because the idiots at least have focus.

As for the latter response to your email, this quote is quite entertaining:
Obama continues to prove who he is and who he is not. When do we, as a whole, wake up to where the real power lies and the fact that just because somebody appears Black doesn't mean their minds and loyalties are?
Is this an attack on his "blackness" or loyalty to black people? Seriously? He is president of the United States, not president of black America. We have Al, Jesse and Louis to represent our cause is that not enough? lol. I am kidding. Obama is a politician. He can't be anything but a politician because those of you who understand Washington realize that only as a politician can you navigate the Hill and get things done. At the end of the day he is commander in chief of the military. He did the right thing in this situation. Clearly everyday of your presidency is another chance to campaign for the next election. I think he plays Washington quite well. I only wish he would just govern from the left and tell the conservatives F U.

This also grabbed my attention:
Do we really believe we're better off without guns or that we'd be better off providing our children with more love, guidance and time so that when and if they use weapons, they do it responsibly and in defense of themselves and their loved ones? Do we think the Blacks who were gunned down in Algiers Point following Katrina were better off unarmed? When do we stop living true to someone else's deceitfully placed fears?

More guns on the street does not solve problems. I think more love in the homes and more education of our kids will arm them with tools much greater than those of semi automatic weapon. Education never killed anyone but plenty die accidentally due to guns in the home and others die as well due to gun violence. It's amazing that you would assert this.

The panthers had a similar ideology for adults because they were being gunned down in Oakland left and right. But for kids they taught them to read and had education programs. I say we arm them with common sense and financial literacy. I have seen nothing to suggest that more guns help solve gun violence. Texas and Vermont have the least restricted laws and Texas is among the top in gun violence. And really who lives in Vermont?

Lastly, According to the Kenyan foreign minister, Somali pirates have received over US$150 million during the 12 months prior to November 2008. Seems to me that these guys are hindering aid to people who need it. Why? Because as long as Somali stays the same they have relevance and power.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

NY responds to LS:

I think you misunderstood some of my points. For one, I am not pissed--at least, not with Obama. I am neither democrat or republican, right or left. I don't buy into the whole political labeling. Like I said, Obama is who he is and I never voted for him, so I have no reason to expect him to do anything for me or any other Black person. But many Black people voted for him because they blindly thought he would change things that they aren't trying to change through their own actions. Accountability is about the only "policy" or shall I say campaign platform of Obama's that I agree with. Our people aren't accountable and we live in an unaccountable country.

As for Afrika, it enjoyed centuries of greatness, but also at that time Afrikans, as a collective, saw themselves as great. Today, the average Black is far removed from what their people were capable and are capable of. Hell, we live in Amerikka. We're free. What a joke! We don't even have the right mind to care about anybody but ourselves. We buy into any and everything that we see in the media, on the store rack, in the rim shop. We bask in our ignorance which has been made worse by our arrogance. Do we really think we're any safer from the bombs and bullets of these warmongers, with their self-created wars, than the Somali people?

And I never said that more guns on the street would solve problems. What I did say was that if we loved, guided and spent time and taught our children responsibility that we'd see less destructive behavior from them--and not just where guns are concerned. There is nothing wrong with training our children to use weapons, IF we have first off taught them responsibility--but that means we would have to be responsible, too. Each of my children are trained and you cannot pay them to play with weapons, because they know the irrefutable damage they can do. But taking the guns from those who obey the law is not the answer. It does nothing to get the guns out of the hand of the criminal. Never has, never will.

A man cannot call himself a man if he has no sufficient method of protecting his family, therefore, every RESPONSIBLE man and woman in Amerikka has a right to be armed because, again, the criminal surely will be. And despite what you seem to suggest, you can't expect to take a baseball bat to a gunfight. How did that turn out for Sean Taylor? Financial literacy, logical in its own time and place, won't protect you from bullets. Gun laws won't either. Didn't Clinton's ban prove that?

On the subject of lives lost to gun violence, it pales in comparison to death brought on by unhealthy eating, iatrogenics, genetically modified foods offering little-to-no nutritional value and prescription drug side effects. What are we doing to stem this rising tide in our communities? Where are the laws protecting us from this? Why aren't the laws already in existence doing anything to reduce this? Where are the marches and protests? Why haven't any manufacturers, drug dealers (pharmaceutical companies) and physicians been jailed or executed? The answer is simple: it makes money.

Of course, the media is going to speak constantly on every incident of gun violence, because that's where they want your focus to be. They're good at what they do. Weapons of mass distraction. By the time they're done, you're ready to sign away even more of your freedoms, while they sit around their boardrooms and country clubs laughing at your ignorance and how it gets easier and easier every generation to mold you into nothing more than robots who eagerly await their next command.

And when we talk about Somalia, let's speak reality. Those millions would never have fallen into the hands of the Somali people, and if it had it would have been a double-edged sword in the form of tainted food, toxic AIDS drugs, experimental vaccines, Christian proselytizing, etc.

The european cares nothing about the plight of the Somali people or any other people on that continent. Their goal is to maintain chaos, while they seize and rape the country of its resources. Please do not speak as if the US or any of its allies are out to "save" Somalia. Reading and watching US news you might think that, but speaking with the people and being on the ground you'd see something much more different, which I have.

Ask an Amerikkan politician to tell you how the so-called piracy started and why. I bet he won't tell you about all the illegal toxic waste dumping that has occurred and is still occurring along the coast of Somalia. He won't tell you about the people dying from the toxic leaching into the ground water from this dumping. He won't tell you that the so-called pirates began taking over these ships so that they could clean up their coastlines. He'll only tell you that they are savages. While there are going to be some who are as self-absorbed as Blacks in Amerikka, we can't say that for all of them.