Friday, November 09, 2012

The Chinese Professor, America's Principles

Posting the commercial (view before reading) does not mean that I support what is detailed throughout/within. I must admit that I understand why those who have viewed/will view it are alarmed. What I don’t understand is why the US government has not done enough to combat the inevitable...pre-President Obama and during his presidency. The federal government –all of it- is responsible!   

One line is imprinted in my brain, "turning their back on the principles that made them great.”. The Chinese Professor is referring to the United States of America – and it is quite interesting that I came across the commercial the morning after President Obama defeated Governor Romney. 
The morning (November 7, 2012) definitely brought joy. I remain elated. Pleased. I am standing and surviving this week on an enthusiastic adrenaline. That's a good thing. I have yet to nap this week, so I will be a walking caffeine zombie. 

Zombie I will be! 

Nonetheless, I have been able to –with painful regret- process all the hatred that's in the air...on Facebook...written in blogs…surfacing at the grocery store...lingering in tea shops. The intensity of the detestation stems from a deep-seated infectious racism that has yet to completely evaporate from the soul of the American landscape. 

With an African American president elected…Again; America still has the problem that Malcolm X predicted would ultimately suffocate this, 

"…turning their back on the principles that made them great.”

Principles are not always right...legitimate...consecrated with equality...forged with fairness. Remember, the devilish Christian Missionaries had ‘principles’.  

The so called Founding Fathers of the USA did not view anyone with darker skin tone as equal. They did not treat the darkies –not even their white women- with fairness. Principles...??? 

Similarly, these are the principles that are based in the same wicked intent of the Pharaoh’s Egypt and the Roman Empire. 

The Americans that are so concerned about Judeo-Christian principles are in essence saying and supporting their crooked Constitution: 

'We rebuke equality for all thus the reason we are AGAINST Gay Marriage. We rebuke fairness for the poor thus the reason we NEVER mention socio-economic underprivileged people. We rebuke dignity for men/women/children who come to this country for the SAME reasons that our forefathers came thus the reason we are pissed off that the Dream Act will eventually make its way to all the states that makeup the Union.’ We REBUKE what America has become…” 
-Descendants of the Founding Fathers

These white men are petrified. They are losing everything that their grandfather’s fathers fought to maintain. I in point of fact understand that garners desperation…it eats away at the decency of mankind…it encourages violence. 

BUT - I will not accept that their principles are not worthy of changing and/or eradicating…considering what was acquired was forcefully taken without any regard for Humanity.
In their hellacious zeal they ignored what connects us all,

 America will perish. 

Muata Nowe

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