Friday, November 02, 2012

The Statement on the T-shirt is a Damn Lie

Jay Z, P Diddy, and several other black rappers mobilized to raise money and encourage black people to donate to the hurricane Katrina/Haiti earthquake recovery. The NAACP issued statement after statement addressing Katrina/Haiti (mostly to condemn what the government was not doing). Black-oriented television networks planned and facilitated benefit concerts for Haiti and Katrina recovery. The black churches FINALLY came together to raise funds for a catastrophe, Haiti earthquake and hurricane Katrina...


of raising money for a building fund or for an addition wing to be added to the sanctuary. The Urban League did the same as the NAACP. Black people from all across the United States were screaming and demanding MORE be done for the men/women/children affected by the Haiti earthquake and hurricane Katrina.


When it was time to go to Haiti and New Orleans after the storms MOSTLY WHITE people were the ones leaving the comforts of their homes to go help. I don't recall not one black fraternity/sorority or civic group loading buses/planes to go provide the much needed assistance.

It is plain and simple:

Black people in the COLLECTIVE do not respond the way they should when tragedy strikes MOSTLY white people. EVERYONE READING KNOWS THIS IS A TRUTH. It was a tough tough tough pill for me to swallow.


I have been on the front lines serving and giving back - and to be HONEST and CLEAR: I was sharing water bottles with white people from all social economic backgrounds, not many blacks.

And get this, the places that I have been to help out were BLACK countries with BLACK governmental systems.

Black people must do a better job...we can't sit back and do NOTHING simply because we don't see many of us affected. It is racist and is a symbol of an uncaring attitude...

Humanitarian efforts are here for all to participate!

Being EXTREMELY selective with race as a factor is dead WRONG. And, black folk have been wrong time after time in this regard.


White people in HUGE numbers come running with genuineness to help out poor little black boy/girl/man/woman.

Muata Nowe

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