Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Reflections from a Blind Man and Demonized Man

Rumbles of thunder, a slight breeze, 45 degrees, and rain...

Exactly what we needed on Election Day. And, I am not using sarcasm. Sarcasm is not my forte!

The weather may not be 'good' for standing in line waiting to honor your civil right. In fact, this is an ideal opportunity to prove that you are fully committed to what assisted you in acquiring your Freedom. 
James Farmer, one of the architects, of the infamous Freedom Rides told me…yes, I met him and served as his guide for 48 hours (High Point University, February 1992)…

“Brian Eugene, black people today have no reason not to vote. It does not matter if it is cold, hot, raining, snowing, hailing, lightening, apathy, have a disability, some ill-advised allegiance to a Black Power that does not empower us to hold the government accountable…black people today have no real justification to sit at home on Election Day.” 

Rumbles of thunder, a slight breeze, 45 degrees, and rain...

is what I heard this AM after a sleepless night. I could not sleep. Definitely, not surprised! I have not slept well for two years now.

After the second sound of “God at work”, I got up. Pulled the curtains back. Gave Jessie some attention. She so damn needy. Walked into my living room. Grabbed the remote. The Today Show had just come on. I sat there listening and watching the Talking Heads talk. Jessie sniffed around searching for crumbs that may have fell to the floor during my 2AM snack. A few moments later, Mr. Tavis Smiley was front and center on my tube television screen. I was elated to see him among other Talking Heads on this expected remarkable day

James Farmer -among other tidbits of knowledge told me on our memorable day

“Brian Eugene, we black people need to stop discrediting each other. Especially, if a fellow brother or sister has been down in the trenches working on the behalf of black people.”
That’s what came to mind when Tavis began to speak. 

Unfortunately, Tavis has been demonized by his very own, Black People. Most of it as a result of his criticism of President Obama’s last four years of leadership. Most of the condemnation is completely unwarranted.  Actually, it has been ass-backward criticism…what man/woman should not be critical of government? 

Without a doubt Tavis Smiley has been a soldier. He has given his life to the Black Cause.
After a commercial break for local traffic reports and the blue weather forecast, Tavis and his buddies reappeared on my tube television screen. Everyone was given an opportunity to articulate their response to this question: “Will Americans know who won the election by the end of the night?” Only David Gregory believes that the winner will be re-crowned or crowned tonight.
*Protestors in Birmingham, Alabama, were hit by a high-pressure water hose, NOT rain. All the wanted to do was vote.*

Tavis Smiley ended his stint on the Today Show with what I needed to hear and after coming to a complete stop in my Civil Rights Book of Images (picture above),

“It would be absolutely disappointing if the President loses this election as a result of a lackluster turnout from the black voting community. After acquiring their vote last election, many believe that the black vote is a guarantee today. A great number of black people are frustrated with the process, and with the results of President Obama’s presidency. And, as I look at the North America weather map the weather may be a self-induced barrier for black people. Nonetheless, there is not much of an excuse not to vote today.”

Then he was rudely interrupted by someone that has that F*ck You disposition,

Tavis Smiley is no James Farmer – but they have something in common on November 6, 2012. Both agree that gloomy weather, an F*ck You attitude and irresponsible ennui are illegitimate rationalizations for sitting at home while Americans cast ballots. 

Muata Nowe

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