Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Football, Men, and Guns...Violent Creations


NBC should replay this message from Bob Costas during the next Super Bowl. Perhaps, the subject matter will get more attention...?

I do know that millions will be watching the Super Bowl, and enjoying the commercials. It would be ideal if
a wealthy person purchased one minute and 30 seconds of commercial time to air the message.

Bob actually stepped out on a limb with his statement...and he did not have to say a word. But, Bob remained true to his character...Speak Out! And, Jason Whitlock, did what he has always done: Get Attention! This time a necessary attention!!

Guns are not killing people, people are - but the easy availability to acquire a handgun and the environmentally instability of mankind/womankind is entirely too prevalent to ignore that people are turning to gun violence to supposedly solve/address their problems, and in this case take life.

Finally, we should not be surprised by the violence connected to this unforgivable crime...Javon Belcher is a PRODUCT of a violent sport. He has been WITH violence for decades - and he ENDED his association with what?


Muata Nowe

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