Monday, October 22, 2012

Policy that's Not Policy

While I have NEVER supported the United States’ foreign policies, I will acknowledge as you republicans should – but you will not (HYPOCRISY), that President Obama has moved in the direction that the Republicans desired. President Obama recently signed off on sending US military personnel to Israel…his effort to appease the Jews that support him – and turning his back on the Palestinian people that he has aligned himself with for decades. Politician Move…Great timing for the Foreign Policy Debate tonight! President Obama gave the order for Osama to be taken out, along with anyone in the compound. Then you talking head Republicans blasted him for celebrating that maniacs killing knowing in your heart that you wanted Osama dead, and knowing that you would have celebrated in the End Zone too if Bush would have got him. President Obama heard and evidently felt the cries of rebellion in Egypt…he found some money that the government claimed that they did not have and provided military weapons to support the men that lead the revolt…that wanted Muhammad Hosni El Sayed Mubarak out of office. That was an asinine move considering the men he provided assistance to are now burning United States’ flags. President Obama did the same in Libya…he got rid of Muammar. He DID condemn the Libyan embassy attack too! He just did it in a way that is acceptable when a Republican does it: POLITICAL. Governor Romney has NO foreign affairs/policy experience. None! SO, tonight’s final pandering moment (debate) should be an ass kicking?? By the way, not one president has had the balls to deal with China…why would they deal with them considering without China the United States would be a void…eventually. We need them folk! A Romney/Ryan administration ain’t gonna do shit! Iran…SMH. No president since I been living has been tough…REAL tough with Iran. May be its a little guilt? The US government did help in taking down a former leader of Iran, and later installed puppet leader that sadly did the opposite of what the US wanted i.e. let his people starve. Dumb…

Muata Nowe

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