Friday, March 04, 2011

The New Face of Revolution is Clear

 When it is time for the Revolution - the Face of the Revolution will not be black. It will not rise up from the Souls of Black Folk. It will not originate from the frustrations El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz so eloquently and passionately expressed:

It will not begin in the boroughs of Atlanta, Chicago, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Jackson, Houston…No! The Revolution will reach BBC and CNN for television viewing from the discontentment of White America.

White America is boiling. The flame is near the powder keg! The ancestors of pilgrims and Britain’s throwaways are rightfully and boldly challenging their state and federal governments. They are charging and have indicted their chiefs in charge with negligence and incompetence.

It is them who are preparing to fight the Roman Government of the 21st century. They are in the streets with purposely poignant placards. It is the white female teacher who is standing in the rain yelling, “Unionize for Unity.” They are the men and women literally taking over capital buildings in the Midwest. It is the white - and mad middle class that seeks a Change that They Can Believe In. Unlike the yuppie white Ikea shoppers, Leviticus 18:22 rejecters, and black skin Obama loyalist – the Middle of White America has had enough of the political diarrhea that actually comes from their elected e.g. lawmakers. Makers of law who happen to be shepherded by the Head Nigger In-Charge, President Barack Hussein Obama.
Ironically, the men featured in the picture (above) were never controlled by Capitol Hill antics e.g. lobbyist domination. They were in fact doing what today’s Black Americans do not have the testicular fortitude to do. Present day Negroes are satisfied like the pleased darkie who fails to understand that he CAN be The Spook Who Sat by the Door, a novel.

“…the purpose of the book was to encourage blacks to create an action plan to ‘survive in the belly of the beast’ rather than always reacting as victims of a racist society…” –Author Sam Greenlee

Blacks from America in the collective are pretty much content. Blacks have become chicken wing gluttons. Blacks are in a state of euphoria from wine flavored Black and Milds. They have nothing to fight for. No cause. Well…they will most definitely STAND if a cop of Irish decent uses righteous force to protect himself from a black boy who has no respect for himself, his children, or his community. Yes…blacks within America will go to bat…toe-to-toe with the White power structure to defend a parasite. A pariah.

Then they will claim with homophobic Eddie Long Religious authority, “I am not the Man that I am being Made to be in the Media” - and claim with rhetorical pro-blackness that the white man is the ‘devilish’ reason that their sons are behaving badly. Never willing to take responsibility for their tragic failure! Leaving the once highly esteemed and highly regarded Harlem Renaissance, Washington Drive, and Auburn Avenue black heritage for desperate Wanting. But, never willing to really WANT to be out of the self created Christianized Woe unto Me despair, Job 10:15.

I write this posing as a transparent man. I am fake ivory. I may as well be white. You, the reader, cannot see me…but I can see you. Some of you are of Negroid, Western, Asian, and Latino bloodlines. Some of you are the white world’s Coons, Camel Jockeys, Oreos, Rice Eaters, and Wetbacks. Yes…you are what the Cracker made via the image and reflection of your behavior.

The insults are strategic thought diversions utilized to highjack the moment. He (Mr. White Man) controls the darker people of the world with this tactic. Thus the reason it is Whitey’s fault…

You, The Wanderer, have become what has been long ago and most recently defined by those marching and protesting. Strategically calculated, with predictability in that you will ferociously fight the insult assassins in a futile effort to not be what they dictate instead of fighting with this man’s legacy,
They, the White Revolutionaries, have become what you, the receiver of empty inflammatory, fail to exemplify: New Thought, New Direction, New Genesis, New Revolution. They are now fighting for what you once held for yourself, Definition.
In this defining moment in US History, you lost all respect when you - AFRICAN Americans – began to say with emphatic attitude, “White people do it.” As if the white behavior which you most of the time un-Christianly tagged as ‘evil’ is okay to emulate. As if your church-feverish hypocrisy is not/was not contagious.

By any means necessarily at your Judas disposal you are convicted. Trapped by
Yeah…you, America’s manufacturer clones (black men/women) have become the opposite of Revolutionary Thought. - White America’s black pretentious class are a symbol of bar coded weakness. You have been bought and sold - as your ancestors fought not to become and died for you not to become. You, Black America, are sitting at home. You are 'I am this and that’in' at the nightclub on black night after waiting in line to pay for escalated priced Hennessy. And, foolishly purchasing what you cannot afford while the Revolution is Televised….with no signs of a New Sacrifice. No…we still are literally waiting on this Defeated Lamb,
while singing:

With HATED predictability from my unwanted wanting to be a perversion of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, me -Muata Nowe- WE (the Black Homo sapiens) have become so unlike the recent human impetus of rebellion being displayed by what some of us (blacks) label as Clear People,
The Clear People are CLEARLY doing something…

Signed while SMDH,

Muata Nowe

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