Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When American Weapons Came Back

Someone help me with my history fact check...

Has not the United States militarily equipped the opposing arm within a foreign country before? Has not the United States traveled down this road before? What was the result in several ...instances: the same weapons given to the opposition (rebels) were later used to kill US military men/women. Yeah...this has happened before e.g. Desert Storm. There are more. How can the United States government be sure that the so called rebels in Libya are not terrorist that staged the turmoil in this African nation in an effort to receive/acquire weaponry/funding from the US – and then later use the weapons against the American people internationally and domestically? I have a justification for the White House’s thinking: they do not think the so called rebels are smart enough to orchestrate a plan of this caliber. Remember, September 11, 2001…? Yeah we do. That was a BRILLANT plan! The US government is that arrogant…still. SMDH! Thus the reason this country continues to fall. One thing about arrogance, it is all that is needed to destroy the carrier of the arrogant attitude. Remember the Hebrew Bible’s Pharaoh? He was so full of himself. What happened?

*Biblical reference used to connect the Believer’s logic to what is occurring at this moment in history.

Muata Nowe

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