Thursday, February 24, 2011

Street Sweeping My Way

In this life that I lived I have not planned too much. Seriously. I have lived my life in a way that mirrors: Just Living. The only adjustment I have made from time to time was that I listened to my inner self. Really listened – and heeded when the ‘voice’ lingered.

When my acknowledged spirit suggested that I go in a necessary direction I did. When my never-wrong spirit told me to slow down or stop I did. Not once have I said, 'this is my objective.' Not once!

Consequently, a retentive planner would peg me as an atrocious Life Manager which definitely gives some make-shift Life Coach justification to seek me as a client. By the way, what adult pays someone to 'coach' them on or through life? That's another intelligent but conniving method wastefully used to secure money from those who are incapable of 'ordering their steps' with or without the opiate, Religion.

Again, I have planned nothing!
Any of my academic and athletic accomplishments that are considered successes by others did not begin with a road map or an over zealous life coach. Simply put, I have worked hard and exercised some non-religious and unsanctified faith. Guess what? Life happened. What we experience everyday happened for me, Life! And of late - not praying for myself - but certainly living in the Spirit of Truth while striving to be what God expects: Golden, with a Rule. God did not sanction Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Jainism, or Hinduism! The Golden Rule was here…among us long before man drowned us with religion.

Remember, I have not prayed for myself…in the longest time!

As I close another unplanned chapter in my life, I am reminded of what my high school Black American History teacher whispered to me on jersey retirement day: "To those much is given much is required." –Luke 12:48. God has not, will not, and did not call, sanction, bishop-tize your priest/pastor! A blue suede shoe wearing man delivered an eight word sermon on that tremulous evening. He is not pictured…Mr. Watson!
I have been given so much. I cannot quantify the intangible gifts. Mr. Watson's words were more than a gift as a matter of fact. The words have been a subtle cautionary suggestion and a remarkable guiding light.

On this last day – February 25, 2011 - with Goodwill of North Georgia and the final day of indirect service with the Corporation for National and Community Service, I am not afraid of uncertainty, I am however contemplating a graceful exit from social service; and as a result I see myself in reflection asking

What are you going to do next? Do you plan to add another badge of honor to your cherished employment bag?
Not sure - but I know one thing, I am going to work so that I may live.

Thankfully - and a self-believed addiction from time to time - my living is connected to my passion for service despite the fleeting unfulfilled feelings that I have at the end of a tiring day. A day that in many ways may have been a waste considering the one needing the 'leg up' decided not to climb out of her apathy; refusing to embrace life's opportunity, Living.

Just live, People. Live in such a way that you can look back and be proud of what you have left behind. I am looking back on my most recent life contribution…I must admit with reservation and jaded exhaustion, I may have left my final humanitarian mark and effort at and with the Goodwill Career Services’ unit. I am tired…but for the sake of positive encouragement:

Let’s Put Someone to Work. Give him a broom! Ask him to Sweep up a Good Life! Let’s plan to leave behind nothing tangible as we sweep our street (life). Let’s leave those remaining after we are gone with one understanding:

'There was no plan...I just lived to Sweep My Street. They call me the Street Sweeper!'

Muata Nowe…is closing another door.
Sail Away

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