Friday, March 18, 2011

The NAACP Continues to Receive a Failing GPA

The Georgia Chapter of the NAACP is at it again.

No matter how much I try to ignore this useless organization nationally and locally I get pulled back in with an unwanted opportunity to challenge their misguided but ultimately spineless leadership. This time they are yelling, kicking, and screaming about the Georgia based HOPE Scholarship revamping. Changes to the awarding of the scholarship have been made to address the state’s budget shortfalls.

While I am vehemently against overcompensated and out of touched lawmakers seeking to slash elements of education and other vital services e.g. law enforcement, I have unfortunately come to the position that something has to be done to get this Red State out of the Red. Yes, other avenues can be chopped…like salaries that are significantly unearned by men and women who report daily to the Gold Dome. We all know that will never happen!

In their lack of legitimate and worthy complaining, the NAACP of Georgia is proving to the state of Georgia residents that they are clueless and drastically impotent. They are threatening to stage a boycott of the lottery. Lord…I can’t stop laughing! 

Who are these idiots? President Edward Dubose, who? Black people in MASS number play the lottery. White people too! Do these democrat weaklings really believe that poor people are going to stop throwing away their slightly above minimum wage earnings, and support the NAACP’s president? Who in their right mind would cosign on this less than erect cause that Mr. Dubose is exploring?

Lottery sales fund the HOPE Scholarship!

To boycott the lottery, of course would hurt, damage, and punish in a sense those people who are presently being helped by the lottery." - Father of son who received the HOPE Scholarship

Isn't that kind of shooting themselves in the foot, because if they boycott the lottery then the funding isn't going to be there for the HOPE scholarship to begin with?” –Degree earned student who received the HOPE Scholarship

What good will another limp protest serve? Do the appointed NAACP leaders know that – if by the grace of THEIR weak God – there is a slowdown in lottery ticket sales that the benefits of the HOPE privilege will be decreased more for students already receiving this precious gift?

Mr. Dubose’s ridiculous comments regarding HOPE Scholarship disbursement read like this:

‘We want the scholarship to be for all, and not just the wealthy.’

Mr. Dubose can’t be serious. This statement implies that only rich people can and is benefiting from HOPE. Additionally, and also pathetically – his diarrhea-laced comments imply that rich people are the only men and women capable of acquiring the required grade point average.

The requirements are detailed at the link:

HOPE is a merit based program. Nothing racial or socio economic about it! If one does not make the grade they should not get the scholarship!

Again, if I have not been clear, striving to be the BEST has nothing to do with demographics. If no one believes me or supports my raging rant, ask

Dr. Benjamin Carson. Ask him what he had to endure to be the BEST coming out of Detroit, Michigan. Ask him if he believes that his race was a factor in his remarkable success. It was not! He is the best neurosurgeon because he was youthfully challenged living under challenging conditions and because he aspired to be high achieving! He made it without any baseless complaints from the NAACP.

And, speaking of complaints, I wonder why the NAACP has yet to strategically address black on black crime. Just the other day a black female STUDENT was shot in the head after a black savage (boy) fired and unloaded a handgun into a car filled with black female STUDENTS. I wonder if the bullet wounded young lady who is presently in the ICU as a result of being struck in her intelligence capsule (head) will regain consciousness so she can be awarded a HOPE Scholarship.

Once again, I rightfully attack the NAACP. Once again, I boldly challenge the NAACP to stand for a cause that honors the intelligent orchestrators of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Why should anyone revere, follow, or take advice from an organization that STILL sings?

Muata Nowe

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spayne1130 said...

Boycotting it is only going to hurt the education only more since they started in the first place using the money for education. It is not only going to hurt HOPE scholarships, it is going to hurt Pre-K programs even further. Lord, have mercy on it. They are cutting off the head and the rest of the body.