Saturday, February 12, 2011

 He is out. The US government is cheering and the White House is claiming "moral victory". Morals...??? Wow! The US gov always makes sure they come out on top after they bend ya over. They don't even pull out. No, they impregnate ya with their corrupt-ness. Isn't it interesting how the US government allows injustice to reign ...while it funnels money (1.5B per year/Egypt - US taxpayer dollars) to country dictators? Then yells "morals" when the foreign oppressed revolts against the US supported brute? Judas behavior! Sadly, the American masses do not realize that their government is the back stabber. The hypocrite. The Lucifer.

Mubarak with his former allies:

You are dead now...Mubarak:

Muata Nowe

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