Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Controlled Violence, the Direction of Football

The swamp's trailer park quarterback does it again (Drew Brees). This time he did it against the NFL's Golden Boy and once unbeatable coach, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Two sparkling pristine figures and Goodell models for the new National Football League. Clean image player and a no nonsense coach!

Since Roger Goodell's arrival he has been on a mission to 'clean-up' the league. Some have not been appreciative of his efforts while others are thankful that someone has not played too many front office politics when it comes to the character of America's third best past time, football. Baseball still pulls at our patriotism and NASCAR, believe it or not, is the most watched sport in North America!

Professional football is not a sport that can be 409-ed. It is purposefully violent and unrelentingly poised for indecency. From the painful looking linebacker hits to the vile talk on the field there is not one element of this fanatically driven sport that leaves me with: 'Oh. What a sweet game.' There has never been sweetness:

Hard Hits Out on the Pee Wee Football Field « The Slanch Report

Football on all levels gives Pop Warner boys and draft-hopeful men the opportunity to freely act out their brutal physicality and unchecked machismo. As I typed that I had a vision of a cave man beating his chest in excitement from killing his week's dinner. Football players, particularly, Jack Lambert-types and including one offensive player, Hines Ward, are acting out their true rattlesnake natures. So when I hear that Goodell is "cleaning up the league" I question:

What can he tidy-up in a sport that requires its million dollar mules and end zone entertainers to behave like untamed mammals?

Bear strength coupled with cheetah speed and lion instinct is a ripe recipe that the NFL must have to appease its gladiator spectators.

Let's be honest, without the helmet to helmet hits and shit talking bravado the game would be boring for most Americans. We yearn to see the intellectual artist of the sport (the quarterback) helmet flying off and a good verbal back and forth that will hopeful encourage a left hook.


This is what America loves, violence. It is who we are, tamely crude animals. In this case, on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Thursday we have an opportunity to view what defines us for free. No pay for view and no all out brawl-like cage fighting: Ultimate Fighting. Who pays to watch this blood sport...anyway?

Professional football is in a peculiar situation. Will the leaders make way for what the fans want or will they really control the violence?

With Goodell as the commissioner I suspect that he will protect his investments. He is on a mission to get rid of the once upon a time TO's and silly Ocho Cinco's while ensuring his Roger Stabauch's of the game are protected.

I don't blame him: Clean House!

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by the Terry Bradsaw of the 21st century, Drew Brees Pumps Up the Saints


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

Football has it's hold on us in America. I am a die hard georgia fan. I grew up in AthenS Ga. But I didn't always bleed red and black as we say at home. I hated the town. It wasn't until I left thAt I becAme a ga fan. If you knee me well you'd be shocked that I loved Nebraska football. They played the line it up and shove it down your throAt style that I love. It doesn't fit my personality at all. Anyway, I hAte boxing and I hate UFC. I don't like Floyd or Tyson but I will watch TO Ocho and Brian Dawkins all day long. I don't like the violence in the fighting sports but the texas vs Nebraska 2000 game where Eric Crouch (the toughest white qb ever) rAn over two Texas defenders to score a td makes my heart race. I know Nfl guys that plAy down on the trenches. They aren't violent but just like us. They are just trying to feed their families. Hahha

I like the way Goodell is trying to cleAn up the league. But the explosive hits and the collisions aren't all that make it exciting. If you watched the giants vs pats super bowl and your heart raced each time Brady threw to Moss 50 yArds down field in triple coverage then you know football is way more than the big hits.
I'd like to see more work on the benefits side for the players. It's ashamed thAt the older guys often end up dying early because when they were playing no one cared about saftey. If the league is to be cleaned up it should focus on the afterlife as well as the guys playing currently.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Muata responds to LS:

Actually, Larikus, I never thought too much about the hits not until Judah started playing football . BTW, I hated that he played. Thank goodness he has decided not to play next year! Now, when I watch football I am always prepared to cover my eyes so that I will not see those hits that can be life altering/threatening. Football is too brutal, and there is entirely too much stress put on hitting another player HARD. The impacts have proven that. Also the stronger and faster these guys get the more preoccupation that needs to be considered. Goodell recognizes that he needs to 'protect' players. These guys need protection from themselves too. It is not the responsibility of the league to police them when it comes to their health. Barry Sanders was smart to retire. Tiki Barber was smart too. People called Deion Sanders a punk when he said, "I do everything possible to avoid contact." Smart Guy!