Thursday, August 28, 2008

An Urban Business Proposition

What you are reading may be determined as a tired duplication. A re-hashing of the same ole same ole. Nevertheless, any discussion where individuals are able to express themselves with the hope it will reveal a little healthy frustration and assist in starting or re-igniting a dialogue that will provide constructive guidance on how to solve what MANY of us believe to be a problem is and will be productive. Right?

With that let’s begin with a discussion that occurred at a high-end barber shop, (black owned) in Atlanta’s very own posh and trendy Buckhead District. Just wanted to point that out considering it may make a difference for you, the reader.

The Discussion

Dr. John Jones, MD:
Hey. What’s up? Cut a little off the top, and fade out the sides. Trying to hide all this gray. Man, I have a business idea that you may find interesting. Another doctor and I have been conducting some research. The research indicates that hip replacements will be in an increased demand within the next 5-10 years,

Hip replacements?? Why? Don’t mostly old people get those?

Dr. John Jones, MD:
Well, one study points to an on-going fashion trend. I think black people call it saggin. These men walking around here with their pants below their buttocks will need hip replacements because of the way they are walking 24/7 to keep their pants up. The walking from side to side actually puts unnecessary and disproportionate stress on the hip joints which leads to bone deterioration.

Dr. John Jones, MD:
You would not believe the amount of years this stress is putting on that joint socket. The studies show that a 16 year old who walks in this unnatural state for more than 5yrs adds 15-20 years to the hip area. I am excited about this. An easy way to make some money! Are you interested in investing in this venture with me and my colleague? We are partnering with a nursing home that primarily works with African Americans. And, guess what, my friend is the head doctor on call for three of the nursing homes in the Atlanta area. They may just see an increase in hip replacement surgeries…if you know what I mean.

You are kidding.

Dr. John Jones, MD:
No I am not. We may just make more money for a more fabulous retirement. Try walking with your pants that way. You will notice not only a discomfort in your hips but in the lower back and groin area. No joke! These guys may not be able to walk at 40. Let me know if you are willing to join us. Here is my card.

This discussion was not juicy. Unlike the average barber shop and hair salon gossip – but it is interesting and it definitely bleeds a possible unethical activity that may take place.

If this doctor is serious, he is about to capitalize off what I believe to be stupidity and what some believe is a fashion statement that’s expressing rebellion. Much like what many of us thirty-something’s did when we were teeny-boppers: wearing of apparel inside out or refusing to lace up our shoes.

Someone will always find a way to make some money from our ingeniousness and/or ridiculous behavior. This has always been ‘their’ way of exploiting and raking in huge profits as a result of…you guessed my answer: Our inability to see past tomorrow. What do I mean by that? We rarely look to the days ahead in effort to protect our families from governmental genocidal antics e.g. health departments encouraging black women to abort their babies, from the bombardment of irresponsible marketing e.g. Colt 45 commercials (thank you, Billy D. Williams), and from our lack of individual responsibility to be good stewards of our health e.g. walking around bow-legged when you don’t have bowed legs.

Who da fool?

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by Eric A. Johnson and that white medical doctor. He is on to something. I am in!!


RealWill said...

Brotha Muata I'm feelin ya big time on this, we have allowed a group of youth and young adults to feel like its anything goes in life. They don't want to see tomorrow, just today, their mindset on how to dress, act, talk and treat each other has our future going down hill fast!!! When I hear so-called mature grown folks say leave em alone, let em express themselves I want to throw-up. People over forty had to pay their dues for the most part and learn to work the system not just come up with any ole mess and say we are rebels.... We still can's see the forest for the trees.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

yep im with will.

when u can folk, stop by my store for dogs 572 edgewood, suite 117 and we can talk and drink some vino
ps i blog rolled u

Muata said...

I am amazed by the amount of time some of our people put in being social outcast. Like it is cool. I certainly understand when one is a teenager, and he/she goes through that period where rebellion is the order of the day. However, some of these guys are in their twenties.

When will the destructive behavior cease?

I am so tired of pleading with our people to do what is right. Some of us are. A lot of us - but there are ENTIRELY TOO MANY FOLK acting a fool. Just outright cuttin' up!


Muata said...

Reader Response:

I'm tired of people's underwear and the way they talk to and about women(our women). Whatever happen to respect and treating each other like human beings?


FREEDOM said...

Wow, that was deep! We need to pass this research information on to our young and older black men who rarely go to the doctor nor can afford to go. Black males are prone to neglecting their health by not visiting a healthcare provider on a regular basis. Thus, only being treated for and illness in its finally stages rather than participating in preventive care. Many people, especially black males use the ER as their healthcare providers, which oftentimes results in not having adequate and informative information about how their lives will/might be affected by a simple gesture of....PULLING UP YO DAMN PANTS PLEASE

FREEDOM said...

In addition, when I worked at a Nursing Home more and more of the patients admitted were younger adults, not the typical senior citizens. But people in their late 20's and 30 something year olds. So that doctor has a vaild investing scheme. I just wish that white doctor banked more on getting that research information out to our black and white children to "Profit" on Educating them on this new discovery!

Muata said...

That white doctor is only thinking of himself and what America has designed: Capitalism. And, why should he be responsible for educating these black men? You know as well as I do that we need to be more responsible for ourselves. I am not sure what it will take anymore. Getting our men to the doctor is like pulling teeth! But, ultimately that decision not to get a simple physical ends up affecting the entire black community, and then the healthcare system. When will we learn?

Thanks for referencing that overall health aspect!