Friday, August 15, 2008

Russia is Healthy, the United States is on Life Support

The medical professionals will tell you that the number one killer of men in the United States is cardiovascular disease; and there is significant research that will validate their assertion. Why anyone would challenge this fact is puzzling to me – but I definitely can understand the suspicion-oriented debate floating within the medical community: Isn’t stress and unhealthy eating habits the real cause? This question certainly lends support for us who believe that the root of the problem is based in the cause, and not the outcome which is heart disease.

With this understanding, I have recently questioned the cause vs. outcome dynamic. However, my mind dilemma has not been related to health. My struggle has been with a popular characteristic of men vs. outcome. One can safely surmise that in the United States the number one killer of men is arrogance; and the outcome is what we are witnessing and experiencing in the US at this very moment in history. Record foreclosures, the halt of home and business construction, job loss and layoff, fluctuating gas prices, and war are only a few outcomes of America’s big headed-ness.

Who ever thought the United States would begin to lose ground within their own land? Not to boast, but I had a moment of reflection years ago while back packing in a rain forest that enlighten me to this fact: The United States of America will inevitable display Third World tendencies while developing and developed countries will tout economic stability and trade strength. This leading the once lagging behind and manipulated nations to a very critical status among world leaders: Superpower!

Russia is a country that has positioned itself as a TRUE superpower over the years (China too). They have done this in not only abrasive discourse and diarrhea of the mouth. Unlike the US, Russia is not a bunch of talk! No, they have focused on THEIR development and decided not to meddle in other country’s business. Again, unlike the United States. While our narcissistic and deceitful leaders have been committing millions of dollars overseas in an effort to exert CONTROL, occupy land, and seek future FAVORS, the former U.S.S.R. has been:

*Becoming the world’s largest leader of natural gas production.
*Moving up in the ranks as the 8th largest oil reserve in the world.
*Exporting so much that they have earned billions of dollars in the past 20 years.

Russia is the new world “bully” according to Cowboy Bush. Nonetheless, they can afford to be without fear of retaliation from the US. They are fully confident that no president of the United States would be stupid enough to attack them in support of any country. Well, maybe we would for Israel. We always seem to have the crybaby Jews’ back. Russia is also aware that countries in liberal Europe and their Russian vodka drinking neighbors will not dare challenge them considering they hold the key to their energy ignitions e.g. oil.

Perhaps, this is the reason the world community is ignoring The Republic of Georgia’s president, Mikhail Saakashvili, plea’s for military assistance to stop the Russian army’s occupation. Unfortunately, Saakashvili is another puppet leader propped-up by the United States who has to learn the hard way. As I listened to him repeatedly rant, he looked so defeated and surprised that he is on an island all alone. No Bush, McCain, or Obama will come to his defense with strength e.g. military power. Nope, all three will sit back and talk tough. This is all they can do! While they grandstand for votes (Obama and McCain) and as Mr. Bush tries to salvage his legacy, don’t they understand that Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin are telling them to kiss their azzes? Yes, they realize that they are getting the middle finger – but they are in a bind: No military to commit to help the Georgian army, and no money to finance another war. We are stuck! Unable to help an ally who thought the Great United States had her back.

This is the outcome - and I really wish people would stop expecting America to do more to assist Georgia. We can’t! But, the Spartanic rhetoric will continue. Obama will finally have an opportunity to prove to his critics that he has testicular fortitude, but only with what he does best: speaking. McCain will be the typical Republican: publicly condemn Russia without thinking about the consequences. He may just add them to the “axis of evil”. The Georgians will be exterminated. Their forced-fed democracy will be toppled, and Russia will be what it has always been: Imperialistic. This, of course, they have in common with the United States.

And, guess what? The root, the cause, of this drama stems from… You guessed right: ARROGANCE.

Roost on, Chickens. Roost!

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. They never stopped following the ways of Joseph Stalin. America was naively tricked again!


Muata said...
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Muata said...

America will not listen to good ideas that will save them. Nope, America has done nothing but prepare for its suicide.

America is doomed, and the innocent will have to suffer for her evils.

Robert Nesta Marley said, "Time will tell."

I pray I am long gone when the bottom finally falls out.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

America, I have the solution to all of your problems:

*Foreclosures - buy 10 tax liens
*Mitigated construction - get a loan from Warren Buffett
*Job loss - start your own business
*Gas prices - use recycled potato chip oil
*War - dummies fight; so make peace
*Heart Problems - boil water in Hawthorne Berries, drink 3 times a day
*Arrogance - when one exalts themself they will be humbled, when
one humbles themself they will be exalted

...there...that should fix everything.


Muata said...

Reader Response;

Wait 'til biblical prophesy is brought into your discussion Brian. Gog, Magog. And I'm not trying to spark a religious discussion.

And the first shall be last...

I guess I've done that.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

There is a theory that the hand wringing and posturing is buying time because Russia is an ally with the US in the quest for oil...

grandstanding and public manipulation... before they lay down and control pipelines through afghanistan/Iran and manipulate Chinese desire for oil before the Chinese whup all our behinds...

There is a theory that this is a further neo-con operation because Russia (atheist) along with Islamic countries are "de debil..." and the Chinese are next...


Muata said...

Muata Responds to SK:

I find that theory extremely difficult to believe. Why would Russia want to get in bed with the US for oil? Russia has more than enough: 8th largest oil reserve in the world. Powerful military. And, most importantly, they are isolationist. They don't need the United States. That is apparent with their recent actions, and the evidence of what they have been doing for years to strengthening themselves proves it.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

I love the way you think. Great way to get people thinking about the bigger picture and examining the components.