Monday, August 11, 2008

Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes Remembered, Really Remembered!

I mentioned to a group of my peers earlier today that there is "no need for a commentary to remember Mac and Hayes" when all you have to do is navigate to You Tube. There we can pull-up numerous videos starring the comedian and musician. Below I have made it a little easier for you by sharing one of my favorite stand-up comedy routines and by including a video for that world famous theme song from the hit movie, Shaft.

Now, if you have already viewed the Bernie Mac stand-up from Def Comedy Jam I have a question: Did you notice that he pleaded with the audience to "stop the crime"? He even went a little further, and addressed this "no snitching" issue that is still prevalent today. So damn common that there is a No Snitching Campaign. That’s what these gangsta fools are calling it! Both, notations from Bernie Mac hit me (stopped me dead in my tracks) because people are dying (good people) and their messages are not embraced/being heard. If they were getting a little of our attention, why is the crime committed against a black person in the black community perpetrated by another black person i.e. home invasions, murder, robberies, etc.?

It just makes me wonder why aren't we (black community) getting the message after so many black men and women have begged black folk to ‘get it together’.

It is disappointing to think that I may die tomorrow or a month from today; and the LITTLE that I have done to encourage or create change will not be heard or acted on. Does that concern you for yourself? I have not done a great deal - but I would like to go to my grave knowing that we GOT THE MESSAGE. Bernie and Isaac did not!

As I reflected on the death of these two black men after listening to the Mac stand-up, I have thought about nothing but this question: When will Black America reach its FULL potential? Full to me is not having a black president or a huge home. No, FULL is when we begin to respect each other. When will we not have to worry about another brother stabbing another brotha in the back over something trivial?

Finally, as I listened to Isaac's hit play in the background while I typed, I heard him say/sing, "Who is the man who will risk his neck for his brother man?" Not too many of them anymore, either.

Bernie Mac on Def Comedy Jam:
One of Isaac Hayes' Classics (he has plenty):

Written by Muata. Inspired by:

We need to make a change TOGETHER. We are perishing as a black man runs for president. We are perishing as we move into multi-million dollar sub-divisions. We are perishing as we... What does this reveal to you?

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