Monday, September 10, 2007

The letter in the form of a commentary below has been sent to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and numerous other media outlets. The letter is not intended to insult R.L. White (President of the Atlanta Branch of the NAACP) and it is in no way intended to disrespect one of the once well respected organizations of the United States. It is my hope and prayer Mr. White and/or someone within the Atlanta Branch of the NAACP will respond not only to me (no one has returned my call), but to all their supporters! A response would be nice considering there is not one mention of the Jena 6 case on the Atlanta Branch web site. Unbelievable. We have to be the army for justice if our national and local self-made leaders, pimps for preachers, and established by the people organizations will not step-up. Power to the People!! -Muata

Where is R. L. White? - The Jena 6 needs his Support

Growing up in the seventies and eighties gave me a great sense of insight on how we should learn from history. Really learn from history. Think about it. The turbulent sixties had just ended. There was so much promise and expectation. Most Americans anticipated change. This is what blacks and whites stood side by side fighting off German shepherds and dodging water from fire trucks for. They wanted change, and we the babies of the bell-bottoms era are now benefactors of that sacrifice.

Where would we be without sacrifices from these noble human beings? They decided to give part of themselves so we can live a comfortable life. As I reflect on the Martin’s and Medgar’s I think of the NAACP. An organization that has been in the forefront defending the continued wrongs that are perpetrated by men who can care less about the sacrifices. These men are hurdles that have been difficult to clear, but the NAACP has somehow managed to defeat the perceived enemy of progress. It makes me proud when regular citizens decide to contribute time and money to this agency of change: The NAACP.

We all know change can be assessed in numerous ways. Typically, change is deemed worthwhile if a fair amount of people are affected. For example, eliminating legalized segregation was a remarkable advancement for African Americans. Not only, did this legislative mandate begin to permit more opportunity for black people on so many levels, it was a victory for countless civil rights groups including the NAACP.

When Michael Vick was alleged to be the mastermind behind a hideous crime the NAACP of Atlanta was there to support him. Even after Mr. Vick pleaded guilty for his foolish involvement with the despicable act of dog fighting the NAACP of Atlanta still remained by his side to provide support. Now, as a man who grew-up in those two decades while learning from the history of the 60’s I was pretty much flabbergasted by the allegiance Mr. R.L. White, the president of the Atlanta Chapter of the NAACP, committed to a man who clearly dishonored those ancestors who died so Michael Vick could play the sport of football on a national level. I began to question, ‘Is this what whites and blacks died to protect? and Isn’t Michael Vick someone the NAACP should lovingly condemn considering the circumstances of the crimes committed against America’s pet?’

This is where I was with my feeling concerning R.L. White and his NAACP. I was disappointed in his unilateral actions, and embarrassed for the change agency that I grew to respect. However, I began to reevaluate my emotions. I started to give White the benefit of doubt. He was just trying to protect the following: “All men and women are innocent until proven guilty” so he received a pass from me. But then, the case of six young men facing prison time for a school yard fight in Jena, Louisiana began to make the news in Atlanta and throughout the southeast. Another injustice is a brewing against the black man in the south. Was my first thought. And, of course my old time cherished memories began to flare: This travesty of justice will be handled appropriately by the plethora of black organizations within the United States. No worries.

I also thought about R.L. White, our so called leader. I have not heard anything from this man concerning the Jena 6. No news conference. No press release from his office. No return call from his office providing me with details of a NAACP of Atlanta chartered Greyhound to bus people down to Jena on September 20, the day of the rally and sentencing of Mychal Bell (one of the Jena 6). Nothing from R.L. White and his staff! But yet, he was in front of every camera supporting a man who REALLY did something wrong. The Jena 6 did nothing wrong. As a matter of fact, they have been wronged by the system.

We need you, R.L. White! You are supposed to be the people’s president. Where are you? We need your resources in Atlanta, and not the national chapter of the NAACP’s resources. Although they are assisting with the Jena 6 legal defense and promoting a petition, this is the same organization that nominated R. Kelly, the child molester and pornographer, for an Image Award after he was seen on a sex tape urinating on a 13 year old girl. I guess the apples are not falling too far from the tree?

Message to R.L. White:

We need a few buses to transport the real protesters of injustice down to Jena, LA. And, while you are working on that please contact and collaborate with some of these filthy rich and out of touch pastors of mega churches in the Atlanta area. They appear to be MIA also. I will be waiting for your returned call.

Written by Muata. Inspired by R.L. White's support of Michael Vick. Inspired by R.L. White's hush-hush on Jena 6.

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Muata said...

The NAACP's Response:

I can't believe it. They did not address anything. Pathetic. I am done with the NAACP of Atlanta.

Did I sound like an idiot in my email letter? They have to know that if I was smart enough to write a letter of that caliber that I certainly went to the national web site. Ridiculous.

Our NAACP's response is below:

Please go to our national website at and you will find an article there about the Jena 6 case. Cases such as this are always posted on the aforementioned website.