Monday, June 11, 2007

The Governments Latest Waste of Time: Immigration Reform

Blogs, newspaper columns, magazine articles, and letters to the editor inbox’s are saturated with heated opinions on the new immigration reform bill. Meaningful and substantive talk radio has covered the subject. People are discussing the matter at salons, coffee shops, and at manicure and pedicure businesses. Well, I would imagine that the communication is done on the DL in these convenient store-looking nail places considering the Asian or Mexican massaging our feet are probably working illegally. No, not even on the DL because they don’t understand or speak the ‘should have been already’ official language of this country. ‘For English press or say 1.’
One - Damn it

While this chatter is taking place no one is really addressing the subject with a passion for what is right except Lou Dobbs. Lou for the past ten months has informed the world of his opinion and his objectives regarding illegal immigration in spite of criticism from alien sympathizers. Simply put, he believes the nation has taken the wrong turn. I must agree with Lou. We have been on this hazardous road that has led us to where we are now for decades. And now, the Bush administration along with a few “compassionate” democrats are trying to remedy a virus with cheap antibiotics. I cautiously applaud their efforts, but one must admit that this is so typical of the United States government.

Our elected officials have known for years that our border shields are relatively easy to infiltrate. We have been aware that in the early morning hours of darkness that packs of Mexicans are climbing fences, crawling in underground tunnels, and hiding underneath car seat covers attempting to get a taste of what America calls freedom ( A freedom that has been disguised as opportunity. An opportunity to have a better life on the mainland.

What I cannot understand is the zeal and dedication to get to these United States when in fact the law breakers lives are not significantly better than what they just experienced in El Salvador, Russia, and Senegal. They are still living like insects. They are still working for unfair wages. They are still struggling to feed their flock of children (someone needs to introduce them to birth control). And, even with all this familiar and routine drama they have become criminals. People who have boldly broken the law. I was always told if you break the law you should be charged with a crime and you could go to jail. With that information I have done my best to live like a good Negro so I would not become some jailhouse felon’s sugar plum. On the other hand, I guess Ricardo and Anastasia did not fear the laws that are/were legislated throughout capital cities in the United States. Actually, they have rebuked, mocked, and flat out disrespected the unions’ laws in an effort to breathe the disgusting American air.

This is an air that Babylon has blown into the “third world” for years. From television to print media, our way of life has been inhaled and exhaled by men/women who are socially and financially depressed. The American media and Hollywood have plastered this shallow lifestyle that many of us are guilty of living on the tube airwaves. On those Lilly white, superficial, and shallow soap operas we Americans live quite well. We have the finest clothes. We reside in elaborate homes. We have a lot of indiscriminate sex. Even on the African American’s primer channel (Black Entertainment Television) we live Young and Restless lives, but only in a different complexion of skin. On this mind destructive and culturally denigrating network we are viewed and assessed by desperate people crowding around a black and white 13 inch in small villages in India. People who, by the way, want to be Mr. Curtis Jackson, the self proclaimed Tupac! I wonder if these Indians know that Tupac had some poetic talent unlike 50 cent. Probably not. Amaru Shakur’s flamboyant gangsta lifestyle is what they would like to emulate. I just pray Indian men do not start wearing oversized white T’s. Can you see them with that red dot, Air Force Ones, and Big & Tall store blue jeans?

Emulation is certainly what the new niggers for the American government do when they get here. However, they do make every attempt to create their Mexican and Armenian culture with distorted mindsets. You know, the newly established American mindset that they have received from television exposure. This leads to a double mentality. While they fight to maintain some essence of their culture they are trying to be a Bold & the Beautiful character. This effort has to be difficult to manage. But, this is not too different from America’s Negroes reality. For years now we have been trying to be black while aspiring to be white like snow. The illegals should take some advice from us: You will always be a No Count in this capitalistic swamp. The reality is destined to smack them in the face, and then America will have a huge dilemma: More angry and resentful No Counts to deal with. Yep, just like the mad black man white and black America has failed to deal with appropriately because of the Shelby Steele described guilt (

So, I say to my elected official, ‘Vote for this crap of a bill. Give them amnesty. Give them what we (black folk) begged you for. Give them that path to become apart of the citizenry. An American. African Americans have this internationally hated title, and your “title gift” is questionable since you really did/do not want to give us what you are dying to give them: An opportunity. And, you would like to give them this so called privilege even after they have broken your laws.’ This is America.

Once again, Black America has been back-slapped. What is amazing to me is that not many of us black folk realize it. We must be too caught-up in scratching to be considered what the illegal alien will be after he pays the government $5,000: An American. If we were truly America’s American we would not be trying to “prove” our worth to the world’s new amnesty granting bully.

Written by Muata. Inspired by my desire for the criminals to be brought to justice. Inspired by this statement from the Freedom Chaser: “Round them all up and send them back! Isn’t this what they did to the black slave when he/she was captured after escaping from the 18th, 19th, and 20th century boss man (slave master)?”

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You sound so dis-heartened.The title American is just that: a title and nothing more. When you come into Christ's fold you no longer belong in essence to anyone's personal title and are thereby granted the new title of "God's child". Not to say that there is anything wrong with wanting to fight for a "just cause",it's just that one can easily lose his sense of true identity when getting lost in "the cause". It's not the same as fighting an ecumenical cause. Pulling out the race card is a failure on anyone's part. Paul said to "submit yourselves to the powers that be". We are not called to feel a part of any political game. Jesus Christ said "to him who overcomes I will give to eat of the tree of life", also "pick up your cross and follow me". The cross as signifying things pertaining to your personal burdens and also the crucifying of self. In our cause (Christians)we fight to "keep our eyes on the prize", to find our place in God's army, not any one particular race's. Once you have become one of God's own,skin colour means nothing,wouldn't you agree?