Thursday, June 21, 2007

Paris and Pacman are Dummies

Every time I press the channel button on my confusing remote control I hear or see the name Paris Hilton, and I am bound to be overloaded with Ms. Hilton since she is scheduled to be released from jail on Monday. One would think that I only get four or five stations. I don’t. I pay for well over one hundred channels (a waste of my unemployment dollars), but my interest is typically geared toward the news therefore I have numerous selections. Which is the reason why I continue to see some anorexic looking white chick on my television screen. A white chick who has not contributed anything of value to this society. A white chick that became known to the world just because her parents own hotels. She is nothing more than a spoiled white girl who was born into wealth. She is the pathetic white girl everyone wants to be around just so they can get freebies. Not because she has personality. She, in my world, is a glorified loser with money! I am not hatin’ on Paris, but I do despise what she represents: White Privilege.

Paris just happens to be one of the numerous celebs who received preferential treatment from our unfair judicial system- thus the reason why she is my target today. A target that I have no compassion for whatsoever. I don’t care if the pressure from being rich has “gotten to her”. My compassion will remain with the destitute and poor. Does this make me a hater? I would hope not. I am a man that respects authority, and wants everyone no matter how much money they are worth to respect the law. Paris Hilton and others like Pacman Jones have proven they do not. Both apparently think their status shields them from society’s rules and regulations, and some believe their fan created status has. But, Paris’s status in this case has somewhat helped Americans reevaluate. Despite the granted release from county lock-up, she is back in jail. This is an improvement for the racist and socio-economically biased justice system that America has created. I NEVER thought a judge would order her back to her cell. Once she was released I thought: This is America.

Paris is truly a waste of my writing and thinking time, but the actions of that celebrity kiss-up sheriff are not. While Ms. Hilton is back in jail, this sheriff continues to stand by his decision. It is this man’s thought process that’s disturbing. What Paris did on that whack sitcom is simple compared to the sheriffs’ actions. He defied a judge’s authority. He made a unilateral decision without considering the backlash. His decision was not out of concern for Paris it was made to placate to his mindset and the mindset of other well-to-do white folk: ‘Wealthy white girls should not be locked-up with scanty Hispanic and Black inmates. She is different.’ Different how? You know the answer to that: She is white!

Pacman Jones (a black man) will never receive this type of exclusive treatment. He can’t at this point considering his record and involvement in stupid activities. The latest addition to Pacman’s rap sheet is astonishing in the sense that Mr. Jones just pledged to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that he wanted to get his life together. He even dropped his baseless and ill-advised suspension appeal. It sounded to me that Pacman had learned the lesson the NFL and NBA has been trying to convey to all its million dollar jocks: ‘Either live by our rules or get kicked out of the league.’ I was wrong. Pacman decided to go to another strip club in Atlanta - and allegedly act like a N-word! Yep, I said it! He was acting like what most black people dislike. A damn N*%$@#.

No need to go into detail regarding his actions while in the strip club (“I am going to get my gun.”). No need to go into detail regarding his actions while outside the strip club (Shots fired from the car he was said to be in). I am certain the truth with this case will catch up with Mr. Jones, and then Mr. White man will ban him from the league. This will be his story while Ms. Hilton’s story will be laced with glamour. She will get out of jail and still be wealthy. Mr. Jones will be some dread head brotha in the hood telling stories that begin with, ‘I use to…’.

If only Pacman and his posse would act like responsible black people and not idiotic Negroes. If only Paris would drop the ‘I am a privileged white chick in America’ attitude. Both would be OUT of TROUBLE.

Written by Muata. Inspired by those black folk who still create irresponsible excuses for FOOLISH behavior perpetrated by N*%$@#!. Inspired by arrogant white folk who still believe they are entitled.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

In the black culture there is a war going on between the blacks and the N words. The N words are getting all the glory and media spotlight.


Muata said...

Muata responds to HJ:

They (N words) are easy targets for this white controlled media. I just wish we would understand that our behavior is scrutinized by a lot of powerful & influential people (black and white) in America. Unfortunately, N word behavior affects all of us black folk who work hard to do what is right - and not what's wrong, ignorant, and/or asinine.


Muata said...

Reader Responds:

I am confused at the point. Paris is rich and she does stupid
things. If she were your daughter and you were as rich as her parents would you not try your best effort to throw your money around to put her in the safest place possible? I would think you probably would. I understand that they need to teach her a lesson so maybe she will grow up. At this point they have already created a monster. She is dumb as a brick and rich. Blame it on bad parenting 100%. She is an adult now and the one thing that black people do wrong is they kick you out at 18. Go to college or get a job. Paris might be a wreck, but her parents support her and maybe she will get it together. Indian
families don't let their children leave home til they get married,
Asian families are the same. So of course Paris is spoiled but it
looks worse to us because most of our parents would have just said f*&# you by now.

As for Adam Jones. The guy is an idiot. He has low self esteem, and I don't feel sorry for HIM. My question is what are we gonna do about people like him. I own a small percentage of a sports agency and I work my ass off to help my clients not to become a Adam Jones. I will never call him Pacman.

They both can rot in jail for all I care. Please let's not give them
anymore press. There are more important things going on in the world.


Muata said...

Muata responds to reader:

The point is in the title of the commentary. Paris and Pacman are Dummies.

Your first question is answered with: Hell no! If my child continues to do STUPID and IMBECILIC things he may as well prepare to stay in jail and even prison if it comes to that. Ya see, this is the difference between most black people and rich white people. Yes, I know that there have been millions of black parents doing any and everything to come up with bond money i.e. mortgage their homes to save Little Baby Boy. However, a line is drawn eventually in our families because the loot runs out. Also, because I am certain that black parents at one time stressed personal responsibility. Not any longer thus the reason Pacman is acting like an idiot!

It appeared to me at HPU that none of those wealthy whites understood that their actions could get them in boiling water. And, I, on the other hand behaved like a saint so I would keep my scholarship. I remember a white boy telling a professor in class: "My father gives too much money to this school for you to kick me out of class." Then he sat down after being told to leave the classroom because he was tardy AGAIN. Money and privilege won that battle!!

I have to disagree. I have witnessed parents allow their children to stay in the home until the age of 30 and 40. We (black folk) have made horrendous mistakes when it comes to parenting, but most black mothers stood in there with the child to the end. As far as kicking their children out at 18, I must agree that there has to be a point when a child has to be an adult. 18 may not be the appropriate age according to other cultures, but I know that when you are 18 you clearly know right from wrong. You also know that you have to start thinking seriously about adulthood responsibility. Paris and Pacman have not thought about this, and now they expect to get "over". I say: The NFL should ban Mr. Jones and the judicial system should make Ms. Hilton's probation a living HELL.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

I know everybody has there own opinion about this type of thing but I’m going to go ahead and express mine….

This is a classic case of not knowing when to cut your boyz from the hood loose if they are f*cking with your livelihood. He is already suspended from the NFL for a year for other foolishness and now this. And I know some people will jump quick to say that he can’t control his boys (which he can’t) but he can control who he hangs around. When they kick his ass out of the NFL, those same boys (and PacMan himself) will be walking around talking about what he used to do and who he used to be.