Thursday, May 31, 2007

Choice: Abortion should not be politicized, liberalized, or right-winged

There have not been too many times that I apprehensively pranced around a subject. A subject that Rudy Giuliani cannot shake. A subject that’s clearly decisive. It is a subject that most men never chat about while having a good CAO with a Cameroon wrap and a taste of Kentucky’s finest, Knob Creek. We just don’t feel a need to debate or dialogue about abortion. Men typically find themselves talking about sports, their high school/college days, who we had sex with last week, last night, or twenty years ago, and even religion. Abortion is too heavy for us modern day cavemen, but now and then we will state our peace on the subject. And, today is my day to give my reverential two cents with the hopes I will not be perceived as judgmental, nescient, shallow, and/or self-righteous. Nevertheless, I must admit that I plan to be unabashedly frank. I cannot tip-toe around this hot subject any longer. Muata must speak – with the hope no one will personalize this commentary.

Experiencing the death of a child, I am told, is one of the most difficult travesties both men and women could possibly face and work through. Some say one never gets pass the unexpected shock and piercing pain, which means that these parents are forever changed by what the Christian God has guaranteed: DEATH. But, no one expects for God’s death angel to strike the most innocent of us. Or, is it the devil’s death angel? I have always been confused by this. Maybe some Christian reader will help me understand. Anyway, there is one thing I am not addled by, and that is the aborting of a life. defines abort in this clear, concise, and non-circuitous way:

*to bring forth a fetus from the uterus before the fetus is viable; miscarry.
*to develop incompletely; remain in a rudimentary or undeveloped state.
*to fail, cease, or stop at an early or premature stage.

I know several women who have had miscarriages. A few of them probably did not initially know that they miscarried considering it can occur without the female being aware. I know a couple of women who knows someone who had to deliver a baby with no heartbeat. And, I do know some women who terminated their pregnancies. They decided to do what the third definition states. Not one of the listed occurrences is easy to deal with. Nonetheless, statistics report that terminating pregnancies is the most popular of the situations. The numbers and research also indicate that abortion is readily presented as an option by doctors and counselors more so to African American women in comparison to Caucasian women. Funny how this advice appears not to be given to the influx of Hispanic female illegal immigrants considering they are having babies just so their offsprings can gain American citizenship; and then we (tax payers & legally working people) have to take care of their children via the social services that we RARELY use. This is America!

Reasons why women go to abortion clinics seeking that $300-$1200 service are vast. Roe v. Wade has given women the opportunity to make their own decisions on what to do with their undeveloped, but really “developed” fetuses (if there is a pulse it is developed). Pro-Choice is what we call it, and today’s climate threatens its existence. Presently, this choice is what a few presidential hopefuls (white men) are debating all across the country on the “behalf” of all American women within the United States. They are making an attempt to appease their constituents and other people who want to know where they stand on this topic that’s truly perceived as the moral standard question. By the way, who determines what a moral standard is and can be? Some say the church and others believe it is our conscience. I prefer my conscience. But, what if my sister was faced with the illness that’s detailed in this video clip? Please watch:

I guess if Mitt, Huckabee, Christopher, or Kucinich becomes president of the United States they will either put forth legislation to reverse Roe v. Wade or keep it the way it is, a woman’s choice. The choice that flat lines heartbeats and brainwave activity.

Isn’t it ironic, and worldly typical that the gender that will ultimately have the final say on a female decision is MALE? Actually, I find it insulting to women that these blue suit wearing 50 plus age white men are swimming upstream when asked a question on abortion. The only one who is adamant about his position is Mr. 911 Savior, Rudy. He has said on countless occasions that abortion is morally wrong, but he has also conveyed to the nation that the act is a female’s choice. You have to respect a man that tells his truth!

Choice, is where I would like to passionately hone in on. We all make decisions. Some are more important than others, and some of our decisions are run of the mill. Routine and not that significant. But, abortion has proven to be in the category of IMPORTANT. At least that’s what I would like to believe, but living on earth has proven otherwise. While abortion is an option for Cindy, Julie, Shaquita, and Lexus perhaps it should not be. Just think about that for a moment before you turn this commentary into, A Passing Judgment Referendum. What if abortion was only an option for those cases that are critical i.e. mother could die, child could be born with a debilating disease or birth defect, you know those incidents a few of the presidential candidates are willing to grant pardons for?

Why aren’t our boxers and panties in a knot when healthy, young, middle-age women break one of the Christian’s Ten Commandments? Are we so far to the left that we feel a need to be silent? Well, some of us are harping. But, where is the uproar like we hear and see during Pro-Choice rallies? Yes, we have those fanatics standing outside abortion clinics causing psychological harm to the “mentally prepared” women who plan to allow Dr. Dawkins assist them with aborting a life. We also have Mr. Boyfriend who is in most cases supporting the young lady’s termination decision at her side. Well, to be fair, some of these male baby makers may not be in agreement of the decision. They may want the child to be a future city council woman, surgeon, athlete, etc.

Abortion, a decision that is NOT easy for MOST women. The decision is made for various reasons. It just so happens that right or wrong is the judgment that has been applied to it. Did we think judgment would not surface regarding an act that affects a life that has no say in the matter? Would we feel better if the following was not a reality?: aborting a fetus has become a brand of allergy medication on aisle eight at Walgreens. It is a choice. Unfortunately, the over-the-counter brand is a generic one, not top of the line like Claritin. For some, top of the line are of the ideals of Pro-Life.

Choice. We make the hot and steamy decision to pull or pants down. Have unprotected sex, and then we, both men and women, are in a panic because Aunt Flow has not appeared. So panicky that it appears that pastor has just announced Jesus is returning tomorrow. Oh! I forgot that pastor has said, ‘Behold, Jesus is returning’ before on NUMEROUS occasions. Jesus is such a character! It is almost like we did not know there was the miracle known as pregnancy. But, we are definitely - without a doubt aware that abortion can fix our poor choice which is supported by this “appropriately” selfish decision we call Pro Choice.

There would be no need for these presidential puppets to talk and talk about the moral standard of abortion if we made better choices. Most people know right from wrong. We just refuse to mention what is right and wrong out of fear of being labeled a conservative or liberal. It is a travesty that Americans choose to placate and compromise rather than stand up for values and righteousness.

The grey area and PC is killing us! How I wish someone would tell it like it is without fear of being labeled bleeding heart or ultra conservative!

Call me what you want. I select to be a realist with fuddy-duddy views and opinions on this matter.

Written by Muata. Inspired my efforts not to offend; and if I did please accept my apology for saying what I believe needs to be said.

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pk61 said...

Brian--you are obviously a very intelligent man, but you missed out on one incredibly major point in your blog about Mike Vick, and that is this: while making a statement about the cruelty of boxing or cagefighting, and why isn't everyone up in arms about this----DUH!!! Boxers and cagefighters do those sports OF THEIR OWN VOLITION AND FREE WILL AND DOGS DO NOT!!! Why is this constantly overlooked? It is so incredibly obvious.

There is no--I repeat--NO comparison at all between the sports of boxing, cagefighting and that of dogfighting--which is about as defensible as incest, kiddie porn, or running a meth lab. I mean, how in the hell could anyone defend it???