Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Blessed and Highly Favored

The next time I hear someone say, ‘I am blessed and highly favored’- I might just regurgitate. You cannot imagine how disgusted I am about having this statement reach my ears.

What does this statement truly mean? I will tell you: 'We (Christians) are blessed because we are saved and God favors us because we have decided to be apart of His Christian church/religion/kingdom, and you are/have not.' Not many Christians will tell you this with humility or without arrogance. Unfortunately, when they do reveal this to you it is done on a level of 'you are down here and we are UP here'.

The funny thing is I NEVER hear Muslims, Buddhist, Taoist, and the numerous other “religious” folk answering the phone with this statement. Perhaps they are secure in their beliefs and don’t need to boastfully broadcast to the world their so call “position” with God. I am of the belief this statement is made out of insecurity by the average Christian.

Who are these Christians trying to convince of their favor? I don’t have a need to know where you (the Christian) THINK you stand with God. I can careless. What type of response are they expecting to receive? Does it make them feel better to declare their "made up" status with their Lord?

Question: I guess that child of Muslim parents dying of AIDS in Africa is not blessed and highly favored? Ya see, the way I see it God is not going around blessing and favoring people. If he is, he has left out that innocent child in Africa. Hasn’t he??? If he is, he is involved in this Freewill concept these Christ followers proclaim he "gave" to the world. According to Christian doctrine, God granted freewill and then said to us ‘Here you go, humans. Do what you will.’ Isn’t it obvious we are doing as we will i.e. chaos, war, destroying the environment?

Do we actually believe God is involved in the details of our lives? If he is, why isn’t he rescuing the millions of kids being sexually molested and killed by "praying" adults while "moral" people are praying to keep our kids safe?

Also, why is there a need to ‘hold onto the everlasting arm of Jesus’ if you have been blessed and favored? The way I see it there is no need to seek comfort or security from The Son of Man (hold on to the everlasting arm of Jesus) if you are covered with the blood of Jesus (blessed and favored).

I ain’t crazy and I ain’t mad with Christianity. I am being real with REAL questions, and NO one is answering or addressing them for us folk who are THINKING and SEARCHING for a new path that will possibly lead us to some level of intellectually understanding, and not understanding by faith. To understand via your faith means one cannot move from that understanding without fusing in the dogma that's apart of their anima.

Written by Muata. Inspired by the devoted Christians who forget that their religion states that they are SINNERS first and SAINTS later.


Muata said...

Reader Respones:

IGNORANCE AND FOOLISHNESS...There is a gospel song under this title.



AMEN Brother!

This statement from some irritates the hell out of me.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

Interesting dialogue. I acutally have no opinion because I find most people that talk about themsleves in high regard all of the time to be inadequate and boring. I also find that all of these sayings that people have are almost as manufactured as the daily grace. It's amazing how much rehearsed stuff people do. Where is the passion and sincerity?

-Larikus Scott

Muata said...

Reader Response:

All religions believe they are the chosen ones---it’s the human ego that drives us and what causes so much suffering…’s all about psychology.


Muata said...

Muata responds to DL:

Not all. If they do they do not BOAST about their so called “faith” like Christians.


Muata said...

DL responds to Muata:


I have encountered ego and humility among all religions…many Muslims in Cairo are Islam-centric in their views and believe that the rest of us are hopeless pagans---you would hear this message everyday in the mosques….even at the Zen center I occasionally pick up a Buddhists-centric manifestation….the difference with Evangelical Christians is that they are always throwing it in our faces—it’s a pathetic and maligned addiction to self.


Muata said...

Muata responds to DL:

Which means these evangelicals have made their religion more about them rather than about their God and Jesus. They have personalized their faith to fit their egos and pompous attitudes and behaviors. Thus the reason why they recite with egotistical pride: 'I am blessed and highly favored'. Behaving and reacting in this manner does nothing but promote exclusion, which is unlike the actions of the MAN I know by the name of Jesus.

Why is it that us non-believers are more in-tune (“get it”) with their religion than the Christians are? I will tell you: Because they somewhat recognize the bullet holes in their RELIGION.


Muata said...

Reader Responds:

I couldn't put it any better. As if the molested, raped, murdered, stabbed, drunk driver victims, and
all other crimes didn't happen to people who prayed and followed the christian path.



Muata said...

Reader response:

...interesting and very well-stated (and I say that without insult intended…I mean you have valid points given your observations and you’ve articulated your thoughts well without insulting the Christian who IS secure and steadfast in his/her faith. Your delivery also did not deter one from Christianity, making them question if Christianity was right or wrong. But it did, however, give me the desire to search and study -even deeper – my faith and the true meaning behind some of the statements I ‘acclaim’ in the name of my belief and faith as it relates to Christianity.)


FREEDOM said...

My thoughts on the phrase "Blessed and Highly Favored":

To say that I am “Blessed and Highly Favored” is a reminder to me, not an arrogant statement from me. I do not say this phrase all of the time.

As I was thinking about the times these words were uttered out of my mouth were at times when I needed to be Encouraged. Encouraged to know that God had ME in his arms and that I truly belonged to HIM regardless of my present mental, emotional, physical, financial, or spiritual state. It was at a time when I had to remind myself regardless of what life was dishing out I am continuously on God’s mind. I can get my shout on with just that thought!!! Even if I am broke and disgusted I am still blessed and I am still in the thoughts of the one who created me, and the one who loves ME unconditionally.

Again, I do not go around quoting this phrase often, but when I do it gives me comfort to know that God will bless ME right where I am, right in my present state. And, that He loves ME even in ALL my "dirty".

I am blessed so that I can be a blessing to others and myself. And, I have favor for no reason at all, just because, not for anything that I have or have not done just because I am Me, Freedom.

I am fully aware that I am not above or below any other human being. I know that I am not all that and a big of chips to think that my beliefs are more important than the views of another. Passing judgment of others is so played out. Am I right about it? However, if we can learn to meet each other right where we are, not trying to change each other, but rather trying to understand one another, life will be so much sweeter.


Muata said...
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Muata said...

Muata responds to fellow blogger Freedom:

"but when I do it gives me comfort to know that God will bless ME right where I am, right in my present state."-Freedom

This statement stands out. Blessed? What do you mean, "God will bless me right where I am..."?

Do you honestly believe God is randomly going around blessing folk? If He is it means that He shows favoritism, and if He is favoring folk it (in my mind) means your God is selective. He basically helps some folk and does not help others.

The God I know does not work this way. If He does, it proves the Christian's point that He is their God and not a non-believers God. This is what y’all want anyway. Pathetic!

Go back to your bible. God's son said he accepted all people initially. Right? Keep in mind that the Jesus you know went around trying his best to convince people to believe in him and His father. And, in my research of the bible God shunned folk who did not "come" to Him after the gospel/word was presented to them.

Your God is not tolerant/accepting. He is a divider and separator of the people He supposedly created. Your God basically hoodwinked folk. He bambozzled them. He is such a character!


You should be!


FREEDOM said...

Fellow Blogger Freedom responds to Muata:

Question: What do you mean about "God will bless me right where I am..."?

Answer: What I mean that God will bless me right where I am is that even though I have some character flaws that I am battling, NO human being on planet earth, can ever tell me that God will not bless me because of them. I am basically saying I do not have to be “white like snow” before I declare that I am blessed by God. God blesses me even with my imperfections. One thing that I know that I know is that even in all my “dirty” God loves me.

When I am talking about being blessed I am not talking about material things. I am talking about being blessed with a peace of mind even when my mind is troubled. I am talking about finally “seeing” myself the way God sees me. I am talking about being blessed with people that love me no matter what! Folks that will NEVER leave me even if I leave them they are there welcoming me back with open arms. You see, you have not been through what I have been through, and can’t nobody tell my story like I can tell it. So, I know where my help will ALWAYS COME FROM.

Human beings are the ones that are doing the shunning.

I have no reason to try to debate my God because He is your God as well as He is mine. Why would two children fight and argue over their same Father? Now that is Pathetic!

There is only ONE God. If man chooses to divide Him that’s man’s problem not God’s.
God is...........available to ALL.

Confused I am Not!!!


Muata said...

Muata responds to Freedom:

You have not said anything that any Believer should and can say. You have no proof whatsoever of your
"God" blessing. None. You have made the blessings come from God - when in fact you have been successful because of your hard work. Why in the world can't you Christians take responsibility for your accomplishments and successes? Didn't your god create you to be of success? Please give yourself
some credit. God won't kill you like he killed a few of those people in the bible because they rebuked him. And, you know why? Because God's has finish His job.


Muata said...

EJ ask Freedom a question:

Question...If God has blessed "you" with wonderful people in your life ...people who care for us...two
great parents and all of that....what is to be said about a child born to no parents...born to be raped...born to poverty? did God forget about them or did he just choose not to "bless" them? Maybe they are not old enough yet to earn his "favor"... My opinion is that on the 7th day, he was DONE! Why should he "bless you" and not others? Why does he have a need to continue to intervene with his own creation....Life is good and life is bad....Christians would kill themselves if God told them that this life was theirs to live with no help from him....the whole religion would die tomorrow!


Muata said...

Muata responds to Freedom again:

Other nationalities do not speak and believe in this ‘I am blessed’
terms. You know why? They were never American slaves and their people were never American slaves. It is the slave mentality that you, me, and others can't shake at times. It is difficult, but I suggest you work on shaking it once and for all. When will you discover that you are doing everything alone? You are making your own decisions. Forging your own success and failure! God’s job was done/finish/complete on the 7th day. It is okay to believe this way. Stop leaning on God when He actually wants you to do “it” for yourself.


FREEDOM said...

Freedom responds to Muata 5:21PM post:

You see it is like this with me. I will do my best to try to ALWAYS down play ME. I am just a mere vessel that I want God to use for his glory. I do give myself credit because God cannot make me do anything. It is up to me, Freedom! I truly believe whole-heartily that GOD deserves ALL the glory. I do accept my accomplishments and successes, but I know I will NEVER do them in my own strength alone. I will be brave and courageous to do those things God is trying to do through me, instead of trying to have Him do those things for me.

You see the thing you fail to realize about ME, not no other Christian, but me “Freedom”, is that I truly desire to be a blessing to others and myself. I will become free of my insecurities and weaknesses knowing that they will never be fully gone but I will do my best to try to overcome them when I see them or if they are pointed out to me. I am pursing peace. I have been through too much in my life to rob myself of not living out the rest of my days in peace.

So, will you please do me a favor and stop labeling me? Will you please “see” me, Freedom? It is just like you said in your commentary from Mr. White Guy; you would be offended if he grouped you with all other black people, so please do not group me with all other Christians.

FREEDOM said...

Freedom responds again to Muata's 5:36PM post:

I do not believe God has nothing else to do with ME! Do you really believe God is done with your life? Life will present itself with choices and tests. Yes, I do believe we are tested by God. However, it is up to us to do the right thing. Have a conscious. Treat others how we want to be treated.

Slave or not if we can just wrap our minds around treating ourselves with love and treating others how we want to be treated or how we want someone to treat our children, momma, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, daddy... etc.

Again, please see me Freedom.

FREEDOM said...

Freedom responds to EJ question and gives thanks to some Angels:

First of all, I was brought up in a single family home. My brother and I used to fight like cats and dogs. My mother had to work two jobs at times to help make ends meet. My father was nowhere to be found "(NWTBF)". My life has not been a smooth ride problem free. And, things I wanted were not always achieved.

During my worst and happiest times I believe God sent what I like to call angels into my life. They have touched my life in ways words cannot explain. I am thankful for what I have recognized to me as a blessing, or being blessed.

Being poor I know about that. Knowing someone that was raped, I know I about that. Feeling like God has left me I know about that too. However, I also know that God is REAL. He is REAL to me. I know he is REAL because he has sent you and Muata and others to give a word to those who will listen. I want you both to know that I am listening. I am digesting what you both humbly conveyed to me. Thank you both! I will take this information and apply it to my life. Peace be unto you all.