Thursday, May 17, 2007

Either he really does not get it or he is simply playing politics

“I don’t think white people will not vote for me because I am black. If they don’t vote for me it is because I have not demonstrated to them the leadership qualities that they desire.”

This is a direct quote from an interview transcript Barack Obama had with George Stephanopoulos. This statement alone confirms my germinal belief about Barack: He simply is not prepared for the garbage that comes with the presidency of the United States. A black man who believes he is going to get the majority of the white vote because of his leadership capabilities is demonstrating to the world he is either clueless or trying his best to be positive. Being positive is perfectly okay. We all need to be now and then; while never forgetting about REALITY.

What real world does Barack live in? Does he understand that America is still a racist society? Does he realize that he is just another Negro with a suit and tie? Is Barack that naïve to think his blackness does not play a role in a white person’s decision? Doesn’t he comprehend that some black people will not vote for him because they subconsciously believe he is the color of incompetence? (similar to some blacks deciding not to seek the services of a black doctor or dentist because the physician is that “dreadful” color: BLACK)

Of course I was floored by his assessment as I listened to him do everything possible to convince the viewing population that he is the best Democratic candidate and will be the best president post Bush. I was even getting excited about him for once until he decided to be “positive” and/or politically correct. Initially, I said that Barack is not ready to be the president of the United States. But, over the past few months I have listened to him clarify his position on a few extremely important matters and detail a plan for his stint as the Commander and Chief. From my re-analysis of Mr. Obama’s verbiage I was starting to lean his way. Just a little. However, I could never get pass my suspicion that he does not display to me that he is really ready to sleep in the white house with an authoritative personality. I kept thinking: Does he have the balls to be the president of this conflicted country and will he be another Peace Corps-type for a president like James Earl Carter, Jr.? I just believe Barack Obama is too good for the US presidency, like the former peanut farmer proved to be. Too good in character. And, too vulnerable to be corrupted by the heavy weight-ness of Americas’ ferocious politics.

The last thing I would like to witness is Barack Obama get engulfed by the fecal matter that comes with attempting to be a good president. Good president? What does it take to be a good president anyway? President Walker Bush was a decent president for millions of people before he decided to annihilate Iraq and later support the Shiites. President Jefferson Clinton was a good president until he decided to receive blow jobs in the oval office. President Milhous Nixon was a good president until he ordered someone to eavesdrop. President Wilson Reagan was a good president until his War on Drugs Initiative revealed the alarming differences in prison sentencing for crack vs. powder cocaine offenders. My point is that we, the America voters, can never tell who will be a good president because of changing and evolving circumstances. All it takes to be black listed by voters is one mishap (Howard Dean episode). Just one because of our inability to see past the here and now.

All we have in our intellectual arsenals to make our decisions is the candidate’s scripted political history and their manufactured responses to critical questions. We have nothing that helps us understand them as people first and candidates second which leaves us with what we want them to be for us. Yes, even with voting we have made our selections based on what we personally believe we need. Not on what the country needs.

Evidently, Americans feel we need a change. The people have spoken. Both democrats and republicans. But, what will change? No, a better question - what has changed? We will still be entrenched in Iraq. We are not just going to precipitously leave the Iraqi people high and dry. If you believe these democratic law makers are willing to step-up and jump ship you may be just as naïve as Mr. Obama. We will still have no solution to the ever growing problems within the healthcare system. We will continue to put education at the bottom of the agenda. We definitely will not have an answer for the social security crisis our administrations dating back to Ford have created. Finally, we will NEVER have a solution to America’s race problem until both white and black people are honest with themselves and each other. Barack was not honest with Stephanopoulos. He gave the correct answer to appease America so he can get votes for a position his personality is not ready for, while surely not saying this truth to white and black America: ‘I am aware many of you have issues with my skin color. I am aware some of you will not vote for me because of your racist and self-hatred beliefs, but America needs me because I am the BEST leader in this pack of perpetrators.’ Nope, this sincerity and honesty will not come from Barrack because he is doing and saying what he believes he needs to as a result of PLAYING POLITICS.

As these power thirsty white men, one innocently callow black man, one ambassador-type American of Mexican decent, and one hardboiled white woman are saying what we want them to say so we can feel better the country is falling apart:

-Illegal immigrants are bankrupting the social services. (something I have a great deal of abhorrence towards) -The American Dream of purchasing a home has become nightmares for those bamboozled by sharks who the government failed to regulate.
-Companies are exporting their businesses leaving thousands of hard working blue collar folk jobless.
-The American family is under assault because of reckless liberalism e.g. gay marriage & carefree abortion.
-Our youth are on self destructive rampages i.e. using hard drugs (meth) & participating in real dangerous coition, and not clothes up grinding.

Written by Muata. Inspired by the reaction my younger sister had after a white man called her and her friend black nappy-headed niggers. Welcome to reality, Melanie! Inspired by the need for someone to tell Barrack Obama that the hearts and minds of most Americans have not changed. We just do a better job of hiding our contempt for each other now! And, if you don’t believe me ask the average black person what they really think about those Napoleon-complex brown skin brothers crossing the border illegally. We (black folk) have become the new George Wallace-type.


Azikiwe Chandler said...

So if Peace Corps were to offer you $200,000 to recruit 20,000 volunteers in 1 year, and you were asked the question, "Do you think your race will keep you from achieving the goal?", you're telling me that you would forfeit the job?! Essentially, if you answered, "Yes, may race will be an obstacle..." you're forcing the hiring committee choose someone who is more confident in their abilities.

Sure Obama knows that race is an issue. You can't be a Black man in the US and not know race is an issue. But acknowledging that some white people won't vote for him because of the color of his skin does NOTHING to help his cause. He'd come across as too concerned with worrying if people think he's qualified to actually get the job done. However, by saying people will vote for him because of his leadership, he is staying positive and confident. Traits which every good leader must possess.

I don't understand what you mean by "scripted political history". You may be leery of a candidate's scripted remarks during an interview, but his voting record is proof of what he has done and will most likely continue doing. You can also look at his resume. And with 2 books on the shelves of your local books stores, I'd say that Obama is the candidate offering you the most complete picture of who he is. That is, if you care to delve so deeply.

But quite frankly, even if I didn't have all that to go on. NO OTHER candidate is as attractive to me, because, with the possible exception of Kucenich, none of them have a track record, nor are they saying things which resonate more with me than Obama's record and statements.

Again, I ask you, Mr. Payne, of all the candidates running for office, who is better than Obama, and why?

Obama will make a difference, just like Clinton did.

Clinton was a good president even after receiving blow jobs. Under his leadership there was better health care, more people were employed, and there was more money for people to attend universities. Through programs like AmeriCorps-NCCC he made it possible young US citizens from different walks of life to work together to overcome racism while earning money for college and making the US a better place by tutoring in under-resourced schools, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, and working on environmental protection projects. AmeriCorps was only one of Clinton's initiatives to address racism and poor education. President Clinton brought solutions that changed the lives of many citizens and left our nation with the biggest surplus in US history.

Bush was NEVER a good president! He is a thief who got into the White House by illegitimate means, disrespects world opinions and routinely wipes his @ss with the US Constitution. By the halfway mark of his dictatorship 1.8 million jobs were lost and 4 million people had lost health care. And he turned the biggest surplus in history into the biggest deficit in history! He gave the biggest tax breaks to the wealthiest people while federal financial aid dried up and he cut funding to programs like Peace Corps and the aforementioned AmeriCorps. Why? Because without university, Peace Corps or AmeriCorps as options, young people who aren't as rich as him, are forced to flip burgers or join the military. Either option is fine with him, because he is working to benefit corporations, rather than for the good of the people.

Yeah, the US is in pretty bad shape right now, but it was when Clinton took the reins too. His leadership and initiatives made a difference in my life as well as in the lives of countless average citizens. Obama's track record and vision gives me hope that this country can be a shining democracy again. The Brother Obama gets this Brother's vote. Who are you voting for, brother? More importantly, why?

PS - Perhaps I'm not your average brother, because I have nothing but love for mi hermanos Latinos!

Muata said...

Muata responds to felloe Blogger, Azikiwe:

You know full well that I am aware of Obama's record/history. You should know by now that I have read his books. I would be a fool not to equip myself with the knowledge.

As I mentioned in the commentary, I am leaning Barack's way. But, I am because of doing something not many of us have done. I continued my research on his voting record; I listen when he speaks; I have debated with others; I have read other opinions from NUMEROUS commentators and talking heads; I have basically prepared myself to be where I am without jumping on Barack's wagon without proper assessment. One thing about me, Zik, is I want to submit an INFORMED vote. I owe this to my ancestors. By the way, our ancestors did not throw themselves behind a man/woman because they were black. No, they put their feet to the FIRE. I plan to hold Obama's feet to the fire. He has to earn my vote! And, he should have to!!

But, I am extremely concerned by the attack committees that will come hunting for him when and if he gets in office. During the times of being hunted and tempted to do wrong - then we will see what type of leader he is. As they say, "Capitol Hill will change the best of them." It is my pray he does not fold.


Muata said...

Response from a reader:

Why are bashing a black man that could possibly be our only possible chance of ever having a Black President. Was/Is George Bush EVER CAPABLE or PREPARED to be President. Hell NO!

But he was elected and re-elected and still is not prepared or capable of being a Good President.

Are you saying that any of the other White candidates are better prepared?

I'd rather have Barack Obama in office than any of these other ill-prepared candidates.

His statement is true to some extent. He does have to prove his leadership qualities. If he can do this effectively enough, then yes, some white people will vote on him based on the content of his character and not by the color of his skin.

Come on Brian, you are tearing the man down based on what? A statement that you don't agree with.

Are you ever floored with anything that Bush has said or done? What about any of the other Candidates?


Muata said...

Muata responds to Reader:

Bashing? Tearing down?

No where in this commentary did I tear down or bash Barack.

If you read the piece again you may notice that I am being critical of the campaigning and election process. I am also critical of the way we (American voters) come to our decisions on who we support. We really don't think about our selections. We are a bunch of sheep wanting and searching for a leader.

The truth is not one of them is prepared when you factor in changing and evolving circumstances. Not one! Presidents become good presidents based on what we think or not think. We love President Kennedy because our parents believed he was a GREAT president and others believe Reagan was the BEST president ever.

My purpose is to get us to think, and stop supporting someone who is actually doing what the rest of them are doing: PLAYING POLITICS with no REAL answers to the problems. America needs sound and strong leadership. We don't have it in GW. From his record Barack is a good leader.

Let’s see, I don't care too much for Rudy. McCain is another undercover Bush. Clinton is... well, might have the best experience. Barrack is not ready in my opinion. That's not tearing him down. Actually, he is TOO GOOD to be the president of these corrupt United States. He is better off working on changing things outside of the white house. Do you see how effective Jimmy Carter, Bush senior, Al Gore, and Bill Clinton are out of that house?

If I was white you and others would not say I was tearing Barack down. I would be just another white person who wants to vote for someone else. Just because Obama is of black skin does not automatically put me in his corner. Nope, I am too intelligent to immediately jump behind him in support because he is black. We have done this too many times and we have been burned. Burned bad! As I mentioned in the commentary, I am slowly leaning toward Barrack. His naive statement just threw me, and it gave me fuel to piss you and others off.

I have done my job, I guess. At least we are talking.

By the way, I have torn down Mr. Bush and his government while working for the United States government. I did it for years!

Is it really going to matter if we get a black president? There will be no drastic changes. We will have a black as president. Great!! Is it going to change the problems in Dafur, in the hood, etc. Change will come when, we the people, demand it! I say revolt!


Muata said...

Reader responds:

Wow, Brian. That paragraph beginning, "All we have in our intellectual arsenals is..." commands attention. The message and expression are well done.

Have you met Barack in person? I would like to and wonder how that would affect my impressions now.


Muata said...

Muata responds to CS:

Thanks, CS. I have not met him. I would like to. So many folk believe I am a Barack hater. I am not. I am just being critical of him with the hopes we will look into him deeper.

As a result of my continued assessment of him, I am leaning his way despite his naiveté and/or political posturing.


Muata said...

MJ responds:


I agree that nothing has really changed. But if Barack doesn’t play politics, he will never get in office to make changes that will benefit our people!! He may have to be very careful with his words right now, but I truly believe when he gets in office, he will do what is needed to put the policies in place that will not only benefit black people, but Americans as a whole. I don’t know if anyone who is TRUE with their views will ever rise to national office. However, I don’t believe that vocal opposition is all that important now. People like Al Sharpton can talk until they are blue in the face – and what has changed – nothing substantial. Yeah he may have small victories here and there, but nothing is really changed that will benefit black people in the long run. I feel that Barack can make institutional changes from the inside. And even if he doesn’t, I believe that he will have my people’s back much more than any white man or woman. People loved Clinton, but if you look at his policies – they were just as detrimental as many of those pushed by Bush. I would at least want to have a BLACK MAN in office who will, if nothing else, open the door for future generations that can make a difference. We, as a people, are always so much harder on our own people than we are on Whites!!! We will scrutinize every little thing they say. Let’s at least give him a chance to show what he can do. As long as he is not a step-fetching Uncle Tom, I am going to support him.


Muata said...

Muata responds to MJ-

We need to be critical of each other. We need to scrutinize comments and behaviors of our leaders. We do this analysis when we purchase a car, a home, etc. Why not with someone who is running for president? Am I not suppose to because Barack is black and I am black?

I can guarantee you that Obama will not be the president most blacks are looking for. We are searching for someone to represent us and be this and that for us (black people). You know as well as I do that Barack cannot and will not function that way. He will not be allowed. Every time he introduces legislation to "do for black people" it will be shot out the air.

It is almost like we are thinking he will save us from something. Yes, he is a dynamic leader, and was once a GREAT community organizer, but he will be the president for all people. Not just for us black folk.

The one thing I can say about Al Sharpton is he always says what needs to be said without fear of repercussions. Malcolm X did the same thing. Farrakhan does the same thing. Will they ever get in the white house? Nope. You know why! Because those men/women who say the TRUTH and do what is right for the poor and oppressed are shunned/killed/marginalized.

MJ, we need truth talk. I have respect for the person who tells the truth. I respect Rudy for not playing around with his abortion stance!!! He is being TRUTHFUL, and guess what - he will loose partially because of his honesty. At least he can sleep at night!

The idea of Barack playing politics is insulting, and a waste of time because once he gets in office he will be forced to be the people's president, not the black president.

By the way, Clinton was effective at "doing for black folk" because he is WHITE. When have you ever known of a time when a black leader was able to "do for black folk" without being removed from office or take down? Think about it. With that said it may be best for H. Clinton to get in that white house so she can follow behind her husbands "do for black folk" footsteps.

I bet my life on this prediction:

If Barack Obama gets in office he will try to do for black folk, and he will be unsuccessful. The Republicans will block him every time. And, then we (black folk) will (at the end of 4 years) refer to him as an UNCLE TOM because he could not "save" us.

Lord, help Barack!