Monday, June 05, 2006

The Latest Youth Craze

The Metro-Sexual commentary I wrote a week ago has sparked another conversation. One that I have been trying to stay away from for quite some time because I could not intelligently articulate my thoughts without becoming consumed with frustration. A conversation that’s sensitive and somewhat prevalent among women and men living in the Atlanta area. So, as I attempt to express my point of view please understand that I am trying my best to create a forum that’s caring, understanding, respectable, open, and bluntly honest.

Below is my response to another blogger who mentioned to me her concerns about homosexuality in Atlanta.

“...I find it highly pathetic that this city has become the Mecca for men who are not confused. They are exactly what you see: Gay. No confusion whatsoever.

I am perplexed by the number of youth who are embracing the homosexual lifestyle without a complete understanding of being gay. This attitude of being gay just because is ridiculous, and it gives some insight on the pathetic-ness of our society.”

Pathetic: Arousing or capable of arousing sympathetic sadness and compassion.

Fad: A fashion that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period of time.

For me to describe something as pathetic means I am upset, disappointed, and/or sad about the reality of that something. It is real that homosexuality exists all over the world, and that numerous countries consider it a crime and worthy of death. It is real that homosexuals have decided to select a lifestyle that has been aggressively criticized and denounced by the Church, it is real homosexual views are forced upon people who are not interested in the details of the gay lifestyle, it is real if you are gay you are threatened by hate groups, it is real homosexuals are permitted to adopt children without much regard to the effects it may have on the child, it is real gay men, like heterosexual men, practice unsafe sex, it is real homophobia incapacitates acceptance, it is real thousands of men are emotionally and psychologically battling their reality of being gay, it is real gay men are embarrassed to come out of the closet, and it is real homosexual men are deceiving women (on the Down Low). With all this realness, I ultimately find it pathetic our youth are embracing homosexuality like it is the latest pair of Allen Iverson shoes to hit the stores.

Many of us have concluded being gay today is a fad. It is something to do. It is an expression of our freedom. However, not many of us have openly discussed the magnitude of this “new thing” that our children are in a craze over.

What type of response were we expecting from our children when we have beaten into them that being gay is a sin and that being gay is disgusting? Did we not understand that all children gravity toward the so called forbidden? You remember when your mother and father told you to, “Stay away from that. It is not good for you.” Some of you responded under your breath, “Okay, but I am still going to try it.” At that very moment I and other kids were at a crossroad. We could have listened to our parents or we could have satisfied our curiosity. Well, hundreds upon hundreds of us did allow curiosity to win, and the result for some has been death.

Do I fault the kids? No, I do not. I place the blame on the parents and the village we supposedly live in: The world. Where are we to be found when the world is going to hell in a hand basket? Should we step in and say to our children, ‘Being gay does not fit into God’s natural order of things.’ Should we say, ‘It is okay. Be who you are. God accepts us all.’ Collectively, we have said NOTHING, but today is your chance. Continue to read.

The same sex male/female youth I witness kissing and groping each other as I ride the train and as I walk around downtown is overwhelming, alarming, and it is pathetic. I feel aroused with sadness that no one has impressed upon these youth that living a gay lifestyle is

I have purposefully left the above sentence for you (the reader) to complete.

Also, if you believe being gay has reached the level of a fad please enlighten others by helping me answer the following question: How will this reality benefit the society at large?

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by our confused and attention seeking youth.


FREEDOM said...
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Muata said...

Reader Respones:

This is a very sensitive topic for me so I'll respond with my thoughts.

My goddaughter who is 16 has decided she wants to try being "gay". Everyone around her is doing it and females are pressuring her for sex. She has dumped her boyfriend in my eyes because her mother has told her horror stories about how she has had to struggle with dead beat men. I do believe it is a fad that stems from many factors; just like the other fads we jump on the band wagon with to gratify our flesh. It could be cars, drugs, men, women, food etc.

Here is my feel in the blank:

I feel aroused with sadness that no one has impressed upon
these youth that living a gay lifestyle is SIN.

It should be addressed the same way we handle anything else. The person should never be attacked. The church has elevated the Gay lifestyle and forgot about things such as fornication, lying, cheating, gossip etc.


I feel aroused with sadness that no one has impressed upon these youth the importance of self respect, communication, safe sex practices, and learning about ones body. I think that your piece is forgetting that youth are going to "experiment" with everything and that we need to instill in them the responsibility to practice safe sex, that this does not just mean the traditional definition of sex (but other risky practices!) People are missing the boat on this one!!


Yesterday when you sent me this I could not put my response together and was almost speechless, but that didn't last long. With our youth today being raised by homosexual parents; this could be part of the reason for confusion. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that all gays are raised like that but I'm sure a big percentage of them may have been or know someone that was or is. You're right when you say that parents are not making this lifestyle seem wrong, society is also giving children too much authority and they are being allowed to make decisions very early in life. We can't even say that maybe they are not being raised with God in their life (because there is just as much going on in church as it is in the world)...what can we say, I don't know. I remember when people (especially youth) were ashamed for people to even think that they might be gay. Now (living in ATL) things are definitely different, they have their own church, club, and so on.....what can we say, I don't know...????


…I have met many women who have turned to women because of their past hurts by men.


We must not allow homosexuality to destroy our family units…


FREEDOM said...

I feel aroused with sadness that no one has impressed upon these youth that living a gay lifestyle is genocide to the human race. If the gay lifestyle takes over the world, then natural reproduction will cease to EXIST. We would truly start living in the age of the "test tube baby." The TEST TUBE BABIES will be the only way to replenish the earth with an overpowering GAY society.

To think of the next new craze being TEST TUBE BABIES is Pathetic to me. Our youth are the future. We, the members of SOCIETY have done a poor job educating our youth. We are letting our youth down and GOD.

God gave parents a gift, a child.

Psalms 127:3-5 [The Living Bible] Children are a gift from God; they are his reward. Children born to a young man are like sharp arrows to defend him. Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them. That man shall have the help he needs when arguing with his enemies.

Instead parents are dropping the ball. Remember parents; do not provoke your children to "wrath" which is intense anger or indignation.

Indignation: Anger aroused by injustice, unkindness, unwarranted accusation, meanness etc.

I believe parents are scare to talk to their children about homosexuality and sex. If any parent think I am wrong about this then think about the last time you engaged in a conversation with your child about homosexuality and sex. Remember, these discussions MUST be continuous in this dynamic environment. If parents are not REAL with their children now, in this era of darkness, then the youth will continue to embrace this lifestyle until destruction ultimately overtakes us ALL.

As a society we need to educate, educate, and educate our youth. Our children are crying out for help. They are looking to belong and finding comfort in places that sympathize with their issues. As adults, we need to start listening to our youth before this craze become the new NORM.

I believe this lifestyle is beyond a fad. As you mentioned, a fad is "a fashion that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period of time." The enthusiasm for homosexuality is lasting for more than a brief period of time. Unfortunately, the closet door started creeping open centuries ago. Now in the 21st century, the flood gates have opened.

When my 5th grade niece told me that one of her male classmates was gay I was stunned. A 5th grader embracing the lifestyle of a homosexual is alarming to me. We must start talking and listening to our youth fast quick and in a hurry!!!

Muata said...

Reader Response:

I agree with your assessment of the situation, I think too many people focus on the ACT of homosexuality and rarely stop to think about the people. Aside from the sexual intercourse, they are still living and breathing human beings, who, like all of us have issues we struggle with. Self-esteem, confusion, and all of the crazy emotions that come with growing and maturing. I am not saying this to condone it, I am just saying, please think about the big picture (the whole being) and stop judging and persecuting.


Muata said...

It was not my intention to judge. I certainly was not sitting back on a high horse condemning gay men and women. I just wanted to passionately convey to the readers a concern/situation that could have devastating effects on the mentality of our youth. Just because everybody is doing it, is not a sufficient reason for people to jump on the band wagon. We need to be cautious when it comes to our children. Giving them so much authority has been a mistake in my opinion. Yes, teenagers have minds, and they definitely think and contemplate. However, with adult guidance we can delicately combat attitudes and behaviors that could have lasting negative effects on them and the society at large. One negative result of this craze: consumed misinformation that leads to poor decision making i.e. “all men are dogs, so I am going to date women.”