Thursday, June 29, 2006

Declaration of Their Independence

As I sat here wondering what my message will be for the upcoming holiday. I slowly navigated to Internet Explorer, clicked on the desktop icon, and then I moved the mouse arrow to my favorites. I proceeded to click on the Google link, placed the mouse arrow in the space provided to type, and then I typed the History of Independence Day. While waiting to click Google Search, I thought about what would come up on the screen. I immediately envisioned links to websites that would resemble my search criteria. Of course I was right. So, I clicked on the first one I saw: Independence Day on the Net–Story. Well, I definitely got what I asked for. The history of America’s birthday is in big fonts, stars are all over the page, firework graphics are protruding, and that song I despise is playing. What is it? America, America... Somebody help me. By the way, the song repeats itself over and over again. That was irritating me as I tried to continue my research.

Eventually, I clicked on the icon that read: Declaration of Independence. I have read the document before. However, this time around I read it without trying to memorize selected areas of it. Then it finally hit me that the most quoted sentence of the document (We hold these truths...) precedes two extremely important sentences. Read below. Pay close attention to the second and third sentence.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Since the day this so called Declaration of Their Independence was written we (black folk) were not included. We were property then. I ask, what are we considered now? Answer: Since this document has not been amended and never will be we are still technically speaking, property. However, today we have been given a status to have unalienable rights. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. I have my life. I am breathing. I guess I have liberty. I am considered free from restriction and control. Wait, is this true? Anyway, I do have the opportunity to be happy. I am happy.

Being happy is great, but why don’t I feel included? I feel like this holiday is not for me. I have asked myself time and time again, why in the world am I celebrating this holiday that does not pertain to me? My answer: “Why not? The steaks, hotdogs, and ribs I eat on the 4th of July are always good!” The 4th is just like Thanksgiving for me. I drink and eat until I get sleepy. Then I wake-up, drink, and eat some more.

Plain and simple, Independence Day is another ridiculous day that our government has sanctioned to celebrate under the auspice of a few alienable rights. It is among numerous other holidays that we claim are our reasons to be thankful and joyous i.e. the birth celebration of Jesus Christ (not sure why this is so important. I guess he ranks up there with George Washington). Anyway, I will eat a steak on the government and I will probably stand with hundreds of other people to watch the sky light up with the colors of America via fireworks. But there is one thing I will not forget, and maybe you should not either. Read below.

"That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

We should take heed to what we are summoned to do since the present government has become destructive. It is in our rights to abolish the government and institute a new one considering the elected officials have created an environment where our safety is in jeopardy i.e. terrorist attacks, and considering many of us are having difficulties pursuing happiness on several fronts because of our governmental policies.

I am ready to rebel. Are you? The young man pictured in the portrait was ready. Click on this link to view the picture (to the right of page):

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by that sickening flag I am bound to see waving in the sky for the next few days. The Red, White, Blue, Stars and Stripes. This flag has a similar psychological effect on me after visualizing or seeing a symbol of hatred such as the Nazi used swastika or the Klansmen’s uniform: DISGUST.


FamnBlan said...

Ironically you work for an agency that promotes America and its freedom!

Muata said...

I work for an agency that stands for peace, friendship, and understanding. My agency is one of the last governmental beacons of hope for America along the lines of sincere humanitarian assistance. The people we send overseas to help the poor, uneducated, mal nutritioned, and unhealthy are Americans best ambassadors. The heart of the volunteer exemplifies love and compassion. I am sure you remember this. I do.

My agency's mission has never been to promote the ideals of America and the so called freedom you refer to. The mission is soaked with humility i.e. understanding, helping, etc. American ideals: Step on whomever to get to the top, Lie, Cheat, Kill, and Steal! This is what those blond head blue-eyed white men did to conquer this land we call the United States.

Promoting America is crazy to me especially when we have homeless men and women living on the block next to the White House, when women and children in Baltimore and Atlanta do not have health insurance, when being black is still a disadvantage! Now, why would I or anyone with good sense promote this place? What can we say? "Oh! We are free." That is a lie, anyone who thinks critically will know that freedom is not the ability to walk around or go to the movies. Freedom is obtained in the mind. How can I be free when my mind is littered with deceit? We are free under false pretense.

America has done a fantastic job of hoodwinking us into this "We have freedom" mentality. Try voicing a word of opposition that attracts millions of followers. This so called freedom you and others mentioned will slowly dissipate. Call the 1960's Black Panthers, call Angela Davis, call Assata Shakur, call Malcolm X, call Farrakhan, call Jesse Jackson, call anyone who has mobilized a rebellion. They will tell you where their freedom is. It is monitored by the boys with letters written across their chest. In the hood we call them the alphabet boys: The FBI.

Muata said...

Conversation with Muata and HJ:

Try living in Cuba, China, or North Korea and post this type of message. You don't have to like everything about America but you should appreciate it for what it has to offer. The beauty of the Declaration of Independence is that it does not have to be modified...just interpreted properly. Remember, Heaven is the only utopia.


I appreciate what my people were able to gain while living under a government that poses itself to be a democracy. Just because I am American does not mean I have to respect or like this place. I don’t and never will. We need voices of rebellion to change things. Remember Martin, Malcolm, Medgar, Muhammad, Farrakhan, Randolph, Seale, Newton,… I can go on. The fact of the matter is America is a bully. All that they have acquired has been under false pretense, destruction, deceit, murder,… I can go on.


Name one place you respect more and would rather live than the good ole' USA. While your opportunity may not be as great as others here because of the color of your skin you still have just that; an opportunity. Each of us must accept responsibility for what you do with it, similar to the parable of the talents. I agree we need voices for change. Positive voices,... where are they? Do we as a people listen to the voices we have these days. I seriously question in today's time would our people even respond to the leaders you listed.


London! Ghana! Antigua!

Positive Voices of Change: Smiley, Belafonte, Jackson, Farrakhan, Gordon, West, Davis, Glover, Sharpton, Obama, Dyson, Angelou, Fauntroy, Williams, Morial, Lowery, Young,.. Do I need to go on? I am able to list these names because I and numerous other people listen to them. They are our modern day rebels. They are fighting for us while MILLIONS of us are sitting back doing nothing. We will not even vote, write a letter of complaint to our representatives, and we won’t even speak a word of opposition via a commentary.

You might be right. Our people probably will not receive the Malcolm and Martin voices. If that is a reality… Lord Help Us! Because I ain’t satisfied with this crap we have been told to believe in. They (American government) taught us to hate Russia, Cuba, and all the other countries that told America to go to %*#. Why? Because those countries did not cave in to the bully tactics. What we (black folk) today have done is CAVED IN. We have given up! We are behaving like pathetic robots. I refuse to be a robot for America. I plan to die for the cause of justice and righteousness/meaningful rebellion.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

That’s some very powerful rhetoric you are speaking there. While you pointed out much truth, I question your readiness to rebel as well as my own. We live good lives as young, intelligent, successful men. We have accomplished many with miles to go before we sleep. Why should we mess that up? Whom would we represent?

The issue I have is that our culture has evolved into a group that at its lowest class levels (financially and socially) not worth fighting for. We have seen the fruits of our grandfathers and grandmothers struggles. We have seen us take the economic boom of the mid to late 90’s (Clinton years) and advance economically but not socially. We have been divided by our own and blame it on William Lynch as if he is God almighty.

Black elites,
And pro athletes,
One overwhelming, the other too damn discreet.
Both selling out, might as well wear white sheets.

SO I say HELL NO! I am not ready or willing to revolt. There is truth in the fact that the Declaration of Independence was not written for us. Nor the Constitution. The truth about these laws and doctrines is not so much in who wrote them and their intentions but the interpretation. The interpretation is KEY. Thus, we are fully represented by both doctrines. As we are human beings (man) not in the literal sense but nevertheless man. And these truths are inherent by virtue of our being and existence.

If you want to change things then you have to learn the system and then learn how to topple it from within. You have to get invited to the country club in order to burn it down without a single person knowing who did it. If you sneak in through the front door your chances of getting caught are less. Remember that someone is always watching. So before you rush to rebel. Let’s create culture of people worth rebelling for.

-Larikus Scott

Muata said...

Reader Response:

Let the revolution begin, my brother!

Muata said...

Responding to fellow Blogger:

Larikus Scott-
You posed a interesting question offline: Would I rebel and give up all I have for my fellow brothers and sisters? This question stopped me dead in my tracks. Why? The truth of the matter is I had to debate if my people are worth fighting for. Sad! This debate is an internal struggle because I love my people, but I am afraid my people are not there to support me fully or respect my efforts. What makes me think they will ever be, while in fact us modern day Negroes have $%#@ on the ancestors who died for us to have what they did not? I find this to be a disappointing commentary/reality. However, I would not be who I am if I did not fight for justice and righteousness. Therefore, I will go to my grave doing a job that could be unappreciated by a people who have succumbed to FOOLISHNESS. God help us!


FREEDOM said...
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FREEDOM said...

I for one totally appreciate America. When I was in High School I had the privilege of going on a European trip with my school. I visited Munich, Germany. Salzburg, Austria (where part of the Sound of Music was filmed). Rome, Venice, and Florence all in Italy. And Paris, France and London, England by way of the English Channel.

When I visited Munich, Germany. I saw the concentration camps that the Jews were imprisoned in. It was horrible. I also saw the gas chambers where many Jews were killed, along with fingernail markings in the gas chamber. I saw the place where massive graves were dug to bury the Jews. My heart was overwhelmed with pain and sorrow.

While in Austria and Italy I could not drink the public water for fear of parasites. Many Austrians stared at me and other black students because they had never seen Black people before. Strange, yet real. While in France I had to pay to use the public restrooms. I had a bad experience in Paris at the Palace of Versailles that took away the splendor of the palace, because of my race. My black skin follows me everywhere I go. However, I am proud to be Black, African American however you want to say it. The United Kingdom (London) was the only place like America, but better. The currency was higher the people were friendly.

After my tour I was happy to be back in America. I appreciated America more. America has its issues, but we can make a difference as Black people if we really want to. Why does it have to come to a teenager age 14 (young Martin) being beaten and killed at a boot camp in Panama City, FL for us to rally against injustice on the steps of the Florida capitol? Why haven’t we demanded Pres. Bush to sign the Voters Right Act once it expired, giving Black people the right to vote? So many whys?

This generation and every generation of black people to come are worth saving; if we would only educate them on our Black history. Let our children know what their ancestors have achieved and sacrifice for them. Let them know these so-call good times are here by the shedding of innocent blood. Our ancestors were conditioned, humble, and sacrifice their lives for us. If we, Black America, do not study and know our history, we and the next generation to come will repeat our history and become enslaved again. Don’t you want to come with me, and let’s fight for FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of HAPPINESS, but don’t you come if you are scared to fight, scared to stand-up for justice for ALL man kind.

We celebrate Jesus’ birthday because he is God’s Son. We celebrate your birthday because you’re God’s Son too.

Happy Birthday, Muata.

“Can’t we ALL just get along!!!?”

Muata said...

Reader Responses:

I found this commentary to be very enlightening.

We march to the beat of the elected leader in the White House and other government officials. Our power lies in casting our ballots for those candidates who we believe will help our cause. We enjoyed prosperity with Bill Clinton's tenure despite his social activities. God must be in the midst of all that is occurring.