Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The NAACP is always begging for an apology from men/women who are systematically bred to believe that they are better than people of color. While this cover photo was created by a Latino does not dismiss the fact that the Latino has been exposed to Western/European efforts to demonize black and brown people. So, he -himself- has possibly been affected directly and/or indirectly by the Great Imperialization of the Mind. He may believe that he is better than his fellow brothers and sisters of Latino decent. This is what an imperialized mind produces. My ultimate concern is the We Shall Overcome, Woe is Me, Massa reactions from civil rights groups such as the NAACP...to seek an apology in many ways reveals that you are open game for insult. I am not at least bit offended by the cover photo. The photo would be more accurate if the artist would have included images of white people. They were also willingly irresponsible victims of the Home Ownership Boom too...
Muata Nowe

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