Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Women are Becoming Bitch

I should not be surprised by much any longer. This world has been headed to hell for years. Long before I was born! But, there is one 'thing' I thought would never travel down the dark drain with no hope of rectification. 

It is apparent that the use of the word, Bitch, has evolved. Usually, when there is an evolution people connect it to 'For the Good'. Like cell phone and computer technology; without a doubt the cutting-edge technology of both have created a convenient method to not only communicate - but the cell phone and computer has become extremely versatile with enhancing life productivity.

Conversely, enhancement has not been the mode of improvement for face-to-face communication particularly with grammar usage. In-person communicating has become what I call text chatter. Actually, this mode of chatter irritates significantly repulsive! While I am not a Master of the English language, I do believe it should be used in a way that's conducive to understanding and indicates -not immaculate intelligence- but some smarts! As I permanently digress on that point hopefully I have been respectful with my communication. I should have been thought to have been Respectful considering that I have only used one word that's obviously meant to be offensive: Bitch

Well let me pump my breaks. Bitch has taken the lovingly acceptable place of Nigga used by females, but delivered in a verbal assault unlike Nigga: 

“I can’t stand that two-bit BITCH.” –Sentimentality from the Evolved Female
“What’s up, my Nigga? Long time no see.” –Endearing Mawkishness from the Caveman

As I prepared to watch Hell's Kitchen last night (Tuesday, 8PM EST on your local Fox station) I mentally positioned myself to see and hear women refer to each other as Bitch like one uses Sweetie or Honey. Sweetie and Honey are polite terms to use, however. 

What ever happened to women respecting each other or serving as the FIRST example of Decent Femininity to their FEMALE child or niece? 

Bitch was once the most disturbing utterance that could be lodged as a descriptive to a woman.  On the flip side, if a man is tagged as a Bitch -still to this day- he more than likely will respond as if he was called a Spineless Coward. Interesting, that the sting of the word is more venomous for men - and not for women? Ironic, horribly sad – and another example of Women Becoming Men

There is nothing endearing about Bitch or Nigga. Only African Americans have been 'so creative' to desensitize word labels that are self-concept and self-esteem defacing and demoralizing! I don't find that to be the is not ingenious like blacks of the past were. 

I find this new female-brutish behavior to be another example of the Self-Defeating Concept which is knowingly prevalent within the African American community. And, let me be clear, black women with citizenship within the United States are NOT the only females using the Bitch term so freely. Had to acknowledge that before some new Black Power Women’s Lib Type get on a rhetorical soapbox.
Apropos, what is liberating in Bitch

Removing skin color, using the word Bitch which is defined as a female dog... (yes, my dog Jessie is a Bitch) highlight insult or intensify an emotional sisterhood bond between feminine comrades is not only rash, it is a tell-tell sign that our world is not up for Restoration...

It Shall be Done…when Woman knowing disrespects Woman like it is Common Place. 

Without a doubt, Women are becoming Men…

Muata Nowe

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