Monday, February 11, 2013

I read somewhere today someone make a reference…a comparison that initially startled me. If you know anything about Nat Turner, you know that he was a rebel. I brutally deviant rebel! He decided to secure some justice for his people. It was the same zeal that was used during slavery to maintain order among the slaves. Castration, removing a fetus from a womb by cutting the female’s belly open, hangings, raping, beating, drowning, overworking, the denial of proper medical attention…all of this were evils committed by white men while their wives remained silent. The viciousness of slavery is unimaginable. I for one would not have made it through the cultural destruction, and I definitely would have not been able to endure the God permitted punishment of slavery. Nat Turner decided one day that he was going to behave like his captives…evil as a Devil. He went on a killing spree committing the same atrocities as his masters. He was known to butcher white women and children. He actually tortured many of the white men that were responsible for slaughtering his people which ultimately permanently destroyed the mental psyche of black men and women of today. So, when I stumbled across a Photoshop portrait of Nat Turner and Chris Dorner, the maniac that’s on the run in California, I suddenly became enraged that there are some people rooting for Dorner. These people want him to continue his mayhem that has seeds of perceived righteous indignation. Dorner’s so called manifesto has been interjected into the atmosphere as a justification for his actions. That’s sad. The non-rambling parts of Dorner’s manifesto that has understandable complaints of racism and systematic mistreatment is not reason for murder and payback. Dorner is no Nat Turner. Turner lived during a time that justified his actions. There was no way out…no way to get the attention of the white man manning the Slave System. Today, here in the 21st century, there are non-violent vehicles to voice concerns and address the evils of the System. There is a process that has worked for countless black and brown people…brown people were the couple that Dorner killed, by the way! During slavery there was not a means to object…there was simply not a choice other than suicide, continuation of your slave confinement, or behaving as Nat did.

I condemn the photograph I saw, and I condemn Chris Dorner. He is wrong, and does not deserve Face book recognition and Tweets littered with support:

As for the LAPD...smh...this police department over the past three decades has been at the root of sanctioned disorder. But, its chickens should not come home to roost in this fashion.

Muata Nowe

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