Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Day...Another Day of Reality

*In this case 'observation' should replaced with Reality*
I applied for two jobs today that mirror my experience and training. This was after searching and adhering to other job seeking responsibilities for five hours -and after spending two hours working in a capacity that will help me pay my rent.

A couple of weeks ago a random person and I were talking. He asked, "Do you really look for a job/job hunt every single day?" I stared at him...speechless until my mind caught up with his question. "Of course I do. Everyday I spend 3-5 hours looking and applying for jobs. Why?" He answered, "Because most people give up. They either retire themselves to the reality that they may never get a job within their field or they completely do something else that's plentiful. Like laborer type jobs."

That conversation has stayed with me.

First, I wonder why I have not given up. I have every reason to quit! I am quite tired and frustrated...so why not quit? It will be two years come February 24, 2013. Two years. But, I rise each and every morning hoping the reality of yesterday will not be my reality for today. And, on most days by 2PM I am reminded that my reality is what it is...Reality.

I have tried to extend faith in believing that I will get a job that matches my former professional life. But, faith believing that a change in my employment status only disappoints me. So, I select to be in reality understanding that reality is all I have to hold onto. No elusive faith.

Besides, asking God to help me find a job is selfish, self-serving, and self-centered. What reason would God help me...I am one of millions without employment?

Knowing The Reality only makes me feel guilty when I think about dropping to my knees in prayer request for a Job. So, I pray -not extend faith- that I will make it financially and emotionally one more day at the conclusion of A Day of Reality.

Muata Nowe

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