Thursday, December 27, 2012

No Blast, Journalistic Misrepresentation…DJANGO Unchained

Please Read the original article:

Sadly but typically, Your Black has mislead/misinformed its readers in a SUCCESSFUL attempt to people to its website. Spike Lee DID NOT "blast" the movie. After reading his comments you will agree...I am certain. Thanks, Your Black for doing what other irresponsible media outlets do on the regular: use outlandish baiting tactics to acquire website traffic! Damn. Just present information in its context - and then give people the opportunity to make an informed decision. What the writer’s with Your Black  have also done here is portrayed Spike Lee in a negative light in regards to Django Unchained...Once AGAIN another black person demonized by his/her very own! Shameful...

My response to the article:

I do have plans to go see Django Unchained. However, I am certainly aware that slavery was a horrific condition - and should not be taken lightly. Spike Lee actually did not "BLAST" the movie. The individual who wrote this article/statement used the word, blast as a description of Spike's comment. Lee's words were/are FAR from a blast...the user of the word, blast did a great job of attracting people to his/her piece. I wish I would have not been pulled in by the journalistic tactic. Anyway, Spike Lee has decided to not view the film based on his beliefs of what he thinks the movie will portray. That's his prerogative. And, finally, if the writer of this piece above is black he/she should know better...what he/she has done is created an environment that promotes discord among black people. Shameful...

Muata Nowe

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