Wednesday, October 03, 2012

My Viewership Opinion…ESPN 30 for 30, Broke 


First, I was not impressed by the production. It was like watching a ninety minute music video with a bunch of men setting in/on a cheap-looking porn set. Of course being interviewed, not participating in sex acts. LOL! Well, perhaps not being interviewed because there was not an interviewer. The professional –former- athletes were just talking without any form of reciprocal conversation. 

I should have used the remote...

Second, the ENTIRE 90 minutes was an opportunity for reckless athletes who are broke or going broke to BLAME...POINT THE FINGER at someone for their unscrupulous decisions.

Not one soul legitimately acknowledged their atrocious decision making. No one humbled himself by owning up to their lack of personal responsibility! The blame was directed toward a host of characters who THEY ALLOWED to enter THEIR lives for the long term and/or temporarily.

The usual list of unscrupulous characters was in play:

Questionable sport agents, unqualified financial advisers, money hungry family members...the list goes on and on - but not one 'I' on the list. Again, not ONE man said, 'I am blameworthy for my present predicament...’

Thankfully, I was finally moved by two points:

(1) Bernie Kosar describes his childhood and adulthood relationship with this father. He talks about how he was essentially terrified to fail - or not do something for his father -like go get his father a beer from the refrigerator. Bernie went on to explain the persistent horror that plagued him. Basically, Bernie ended-up giving all of his money to his father because it was his father's it was for Bernie to ALWAYS go get the beer from the frig.

That story was emotional for me. Not sure why...when I figure out why I will share.

(2) I found it completely chauvinistic for the featured men to speak about women the way that they did. As if the females had a magical power over them. A power that forced them to give up their money. As if the women that they paid to sex or date were villains. As if women are by nature looking to get pregnant by a millionaire.

My recurring thought while viewing this mannish segment, ‘Women typically become what men have forced them to become.’

Jamal Mashburn's statement concluded my viewership, 

"Men get flashy to attract women...they give up their loot to get something from females that are after loot. So, why accuse the females of being 'money hungry ho's'...the players entered the relationship transaction knowing the intentions of the women…which by the way are not all women.”   
-Jamal Mashburn

If you have not seen the episode please watch without misplaced compassion…these men were employees who failed to manage their money because of their vanity and stupidity. 

Muata Nowe

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