Friday, January 21, 2011

'Without means of subsistence; lacking food, clothing, and shelter. Deprived of, devoid of, or lacking: destitute of children.'

In my recent stint of humanitarian work below the
I have often been painfully reminded that "this is Georgia". Reminded that mind sets for some are 'locked'. Shackled with old time ways. High-jacked by what the media spews. Frozen in opinion by what THEY see day to day. And, what THEY see is clouded by images of a sensitive struggle and dominating despair. A despair that dates back to an atrocity inflicted on innocent men, women, and child from Africa.
*Note the baby in the picture*
In all that we do as darker people nothing will change the mind of those who refuse to address THEIR internal conflict. And, believe me, one can be this racially and stereotypically conflicted - and still help those who do not look like THEM. It can be labeled,
Not that racism or cultural ignorance was the root of the comments made yesterday during a useless diversity training: "Columbus discovered America", "When I go there" (as if to say 'those people' or ‘that place’). And, these comments came from ‘the liberal evolved’ – men and women who spend their days adhering to their guilt at non-profit organizations. Men and women, who ‘oversee’ the work of Jesus for the disadvantaged, disabled, unemployed, and DEFEATED. Defeated by the lingering affects of slavery, discrimination, stereotyping, and – yes – deep-seated hidden hatred.

I refuse to label it Racism! That is an easy way to dismiss the shallowness of yesterday's destitute description.

No, yesterday was a conscientious word choice (destitute) that explains and solidifies what is in the mind of so many we want to believe have our (darker people) best interest at heart.

Speaking of the heart, hearts have to be changed - THEIRS - ...but I am done with trying to change the heart of those who really do not understand me or any other emotionally and psychologically raped African American.

But we are destitute. SMH!

Destitute? is destitute:
Be mindful that this so called destitute continued when Christopher Columbus and his entourage ravished country after country while on his stumbling trip of adventure that has added to the Lies of America. Lies that became justifications to cripple nations from all around the times in the name of America’s unsanitary religion, Christianity.

Another lie: Muata Nowe is full of anger…Nope! I am full of disdain for a systematic structure that was/is used to dehumanize. And, our President has the audacity to ‘push and challenge’ China’s leaders on human rights. Hypocrites!

Muata Nowe

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