Monday, January 04, 2010

Outside the Lines: Cleaning House

For years now I have had countless arguments with men and women who are NOT athletes on the subject of college players getting financially compensated for their talents; like most entertainers and craftsmen. While watching Outside the Lines this Sunday I am even more convinced of this:

If the NCAA and the college athletic programs are going to function as a business they should do what businessmen do to keep their business in business: PAY THEIR EMPLOYEES - not with some worthless degree either.

Have you read the stats on how much your degree is worth? Pathetic...

Business Transaction (below)

“John Calipari inherited a Kentucky basketball roster from Billy Gillispie. Having recruited a handful of players, including freshman John Wall, Calipari needed roster room. A half dozen players from Gillispie's tenure say they were encouraged to leave. "Outside the Lines" tracked down four of those players, who said Calipari told them they were unlikely to get much playing time. Kentucky officials say Calipari just wanted players who fit his style. Tom Farrey reports Sunday on "Outside the Lines."

OTL: Cleaning House Promo - ESPN Video - ESPN:

*There is a white college quarterback who has filed a lawsuit against the NCAA for using his likeness in a video game.
Good for him!

*These black athletes need to support the HBCU's by going to the HBCU's. I bet my last dollar that if over 45%of these black jocks start going to HBCU's a new process will take place.

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Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

Bobby Knight has said what I've been saying for years. John Callipari is a coach without integrity. In this case he is doing what has been the norm for years. But please look at the young man in this expose that transferred from Hampton, to Kentucky, to Oklahoma State and they can't find a major for him because all he has taken are electives.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Muata responds to MRT:

I believe the NCAA lacks integrity considering they allow for the system to function this way. Life is not fair. However, functioning in appropriate/decent morality is paramount...when dealing with young people's lives.

In this case, the business of this business is unethical: Millions are made, and the ones making the millions for the universities do not get squat. Wait...they get an education. Education vs. Millions...

Millions for me!

Yes, I noticed the 'elective man'. He is responsible for his education: what to take to graduate. Where were the advisors that ALL students are assigned? Why was he allowed to play if he was not advancing toward a degree? So, the schools can make loot or gain recognition off his athleticism!

In the end, these guys were/are pimped. It is OUR responsibility to operate in a way that will put us ahead of THEIR games. We need to look out for ourselves (the collective). One way is to go to a HBCU. If we do this 'the system' will change. As it stands now, we are the losers in the end.

Just imagine all these high-powered athletes at HBCU's. What a lovely dream...