Friday, September 11, 2009

Why is it so hard for some black men to support the Black President?

In my experience, sometimes the biggest critics of Obama are black men. There's this, 'yeah, he's okay, BUT’, and the but's range from this to that. You yourself have been extremely harsh in some of your criticisms of him - and yet now you want others to rally behind him after a white guy disrespected him. No, Obama is not perfect, and yes, he is a politician. But he is a man, a black man for that matter, that represents values and character that I am proud of. Why is it so hard for other black men to see that? –White Girl

The majority of the black men that I associate with are Obama supports. Some are actually Obama-mania supporters. I support him along the lines of the character that I have been able to glean from his life story and numerous (sometimes unnecessary) speeches. As a politician, he is NO different than the Capitol Hill talking heads.

My criticism of the president stems from my conservative mindset, values, and disdain for the United States government. He is a liberal with socialistic tendencies. I was not raised to accept liberalism wholesale; and I have always been told that I need to work for what I need and want and do not expect any handouts. Some socialism tenets are a handouts…let’s stop denying that!

To be quite frank, MOST black people are conservative. Some ultra conservative. Isn’t that interesting, conservative but Democrats? Is that an oxymoron?


Blacks are for the MOST part unacceptable of homosexual behavior as a result of what the Bible and Church says (this is where the condemnation of a gay lifestyle began), anti-abortion, anti-immigration ("Mexicans come over here and take the jobs."), separatist (prefer to live among each other), unacknowledged and uncommitted racist (what do you expect we have been treated like crap by an overly oppressive RACIST system), and ridiculously religious (this one has completely destroyed our common sense). All contradictory to where President Obama stands!

Now, yes President Obama is a black man. That is obvious – or is it? LOL! His half African-ness does not mean that black men will support his policy. Should we just because he has some black blood running through his veins? I certainly don’t. Also, when I think about this question without my commentary mind, I am reminded that many of us black men are insecure (a designed/planned outcome by Mr. White Man). Insecurity is a byproduct of self-hatred. For some of us, seeing President Obama conjures feelings of hate: If ya hate the skin you are in - you are bound to hate those in identical skin. You have to understand: when there is a black man killed the killer 86% of the time is/was black. That is self-hatred at its BEST.

I will offer up one last reason from my mind:

President Obama may remind some black men of a preacher with his emotionally driven speeches (euphoric). Countless black men are not too fond of black preachers. Why? A friend of mine gave me a justification one day:

“I don’t respect a lot of black preachers because I am not fooled by the religious rhetoric. I can see past the fluff of Christianity. These preachers are no different than me. Plagued with issue after issue. And yet, he is up in a pulpit telling me how I should live. Damn that!”

I will stop here.

Some will find my response EXTREMELY full of generalities. However, I am a black man. I don’t speak for all – but my response comes from not just me. It comes from the sentiments of black men I communicate with in commentary/dialogue from all across the nation and even in the Caribbean. Just my take...

Being a Black Man (

Brian E. Payne


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader response:

This has to be your best post ever.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

Obama is not a liberal with Socialist tendancies, he is a U.S. President that is working for the interested of the major corporations. He got elected because of the fact that he is a damn good speaker and had views that were fresh and at the time seemed feasible. What is unfortunate is that Aficans in particular and "Americans" in general do not read and do not understand the political process. Many believe because Obama said we would have universal health care then that meant that he would somehow not still have to abide by the rules of the capitalist economic system. (Driven by major corporations and 5% of the world population). If you don't believe me, ask yourself howcome there will be no public option in the healthcare bill. Why has he softened his tone about what is acceptable and what will be measured as success? This my friend is because those major corporations who helped get him elected, which include pharm companies have started to remind him of his allegiance.

In a Socialist society people would receive based on their contributions. Everyone would have to work, everyone yes would have access to health care, shelter, education and employment. But make no mistake everyone would have to contribute to the well-being of society. Most importantly, the people would control the resources. Now make no mistake there will be struggles under a Socialist economic system (which is what drives the political and social system) but hopefully the ideology of society will be less about individual economic gain and more about collective prosperity and development. Finally, for critics of Socialism I ask is Capitalism really working for the majority of the people? Does everyone around the world have access to food, shelter, education and healthcare? What will happen to the majority of people who are employed now when they get layed off and cannot find a job? They will find that the day to day struggles that they faced living check to check is nothing compared to hunger.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

To add one more thing: in American politricks, whether they claim left-wing or right, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, they're all the same. We are the ones who are expected to believe there is a difference.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Muata responds:

From what I gather, the election of a good man to the presidential institution does not mean a thing. In the end, the office will be what it is because of the foundation its built upon: corrupt? Further, if this is the case why such a good man like President Obama selected to seek the seat? He had to know that no matter where he stands he will never change the institution. Right? Wrong? His platform was change the politics of yesterday. His efforts have been blocked and diverted since day one. Yes, dissension and differences of opinion and policy are a part of the system - but damn this man is, in his mind, trying to help all-and yet he gets treated like an old sambo statue. Sad. Sad case for America. This place has had opportunity after opportunity to change its ways: no dice. America must be burned. Purified.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

So first and foremost: I'm WHITE GIRL? That's all I get? Not "white girl that I"m fond of", or "white girl that believes in love," or "optimistic white girl," or even "white girl that I secretly lust after?" Nooooo, I'm just "white girl." Very disappointing.

And I must say that I have thought about many of the reasons that you threw out there, especially the conservative angle, as well as self-hatred. My friend Kathy's husband has been afraid to get behind Obama because he is thinks that whatever Obama does, black men are going to get punished for. Sad. But appreciated your commentary, and it did give me some insight.

But I've been listening to your anti-Obama, anti-American, anti-establishment for some time now. And here's my question: What change are you making? Instead of bitching about the problems, what are you proposing as far as making things different? I appreciate and value your "voice" Payne, but if that's all that it's going to ain't much.

Part of my love of Obama is that he offers ideas and attempts to try and think AND incorporate solutions to problems that we have. Whether you disagree or agree with his Health Care plan, he is the first in a long time to actually balls up and put himself out there to try and make it different. And you can accuse of him of socialism, but if you really get down to it, his ideas and idealism is firmly rooted in the democratic process, AND the whole public option aspect is only to encourage Capitalism.

Whatever, I know I'm not going to swing you on these things. But I'm going to say something and you're not going to like. If you dislike American so much, get the fuck out!!! I use to bitch and complain about America ALL of the time, until I traveled. And I can honestly say, there is no other country that I'd rather be a female in. Yes, we have many problems, and yes we have corruption and our demons. But you know DAMN well that any Antiguan that you knew would have gladly traded your passport for theirs. And no, I'm not this ultra-patriotic American, but I do believe that there is something important about being able to appreciate the good as well as recognize the bad. It's what sparks our compassion, our integrity, as well as builds our character. Obama speaks to me as an American, and I'm just sad...and a little tired...that you refuse to let him speak to you.

Phew, it's exhausting on that soapbox! You know I love ya Payne, but this cynical side has always got in my kitchen, even when you HATED Antigua! :) Now it's cuddle time on the PC couches...


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Muata Responds to SN:

Okay, you know you my special white girl.

Obama has spoke to me. Dynamic orator. I just don't get church happy when he speaks! I just do not see him as the Great Savior. He is a politician. A good one. Does he care? I believe he does wholeheartedly. Plus I am a conservative. I can't deal with this liberal crap. It is taking us straight to HELL.

He is fighting a battle that has been lost time and time again: To Change America.

Think about every man and woman who put their heart into changing the American ways. They were killed or treated like shit! This is not pessimism. It is truth. Just think about it. Think about those men and women who tried and tried...

America will not change because of its foundation. It started wrong and will end bad. Actually, it started EVIL. Remember the Native Americans? Where they at? In graves. A right needs to be rectified with truth, compassion, and understanding. The political structure of the US is far from this! Also, think about what your government has PRESENTLY done to people worldwide: lack of response to atrocities.

My issue with America is that some of us (including the government) promotes this country as the moral best. The righteous. Really? We are not moral. Look at our history and the present.

Don' t dismiss this. Think about it. And try to understand where I speak from. The black man has been treated like crap since those Euro's brought the Africans to this place.

You don't live in my shoes. You have not seen or witnessed what I experienced.

America actually is a hell hole for millions of Americans.

Have you left the people with your PhD?

Who are your serving?

To say to me LEAVE is ridiculous. Those who dissent and speak truths about this nation are heroes. Again, think about these men and women.