Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Arrogance and Disloyalty Resurfaces: Mr. Green Got the Ax

I was at Borders Coffee Shop on Labor Day trying to formulate my thoughts about the recent resignation within President Obama’s Socialist Revolutionary Party. Van Jones. While there a homeless man asked me, “What do you think of Mr. Green. You know Van Jones?” An unlikely question coming from a homeless person. I usually get, ‘Do you have any change?’ Over the past year I have responded with, “Our President has a lot of Change that You can Believe In.” One of America’s “degenerates” told me in response one day, “Change my A**.”

Van Jones, a self described black nationalist is the most recent man, that America knows about, who has been exiled from his czar post as a result of our President’s persistence to maintain his political capital and cleanout his closet.

Is the Van Jones saga a turning point for Barack Obama?

Just by reading a few articles with Mr. Jones as the center of the commentary it was relatively easy for me to determine Van could be a ‘political liability’ for anyone in public office. If I, a man with a little intelligence, could make that determination - why couldn’t President Obama and his group of background checkers?

There are two reasons this slap in Van’s face has occurred.

Capitol Hill Arrogance:

Our president has become like his predecessor in that he may actually believe that the American people are clueless and do not pay attention to what occurs on The Hill. In this case, he for some arrogant reasoning thought that The Right would not find out about Mr. Jones. Now, please keep in mind that Van Jones has been connected to Marxist thought, communism in the so called Third World, and he has been an outspoken bullhorn for human rights. To add a career ending notation to his resume, Jones signed a petition that accuses the United States government of allowing the travesty of September 11, 2001 to occur. All eyebrow raisers for ultra conservatives. Mr. Van Jones was doomed from the beginning of his tenure with President Obama’s administration considering people like Glenn Beck is encouraging and inciting an all out ‘investigation’ of Barack’s associations. Lessons learned from Glenn Beck's media scalping of Van Jones


When it gets too hot in the kitchen, our President runs for the comforts of air conditioning. He disses those who have the same ideology: Black Radicalism. I wonder if he is prepared to divorce his once afro wearing wife. We (conservatives) may not be ready to accept it – but Barack Obama is radical. A man who has pushed the limits and who will continue to do so until he is stopped. He and Van are cut from the same fabric. Two men prepared to give their all for the cause. However, Mr. Obama is not like the Patrice Lumumba’s of the world: willing to remain loyal to those who have either helped him or those who are prepared to be maligned by the media all in his/her LOYALTY to the President. Barack Obama has proven that he cannot stand with us purposeful agitators when the pressure gets to a boiling point which prompts me to believe that he will not STAND with the common/everyday man and woman who voted for him when they need him to. He will be too busy protecting his political capital. Reputation…

What happened to the new politics that we were promised? Those politics will ruin you on The Hill. President Obama understands that. Unfortunately, our president has become what genuine-hearted men and women of The Right and The Left become:

Protectors of the Status Quo.

Rendering him without a real home. Soulfully homeless. No real place to sleep without guilt. In the end, the homeless man I exchanged words with on Labor Day 2009 will not be void of integrity. Defeated by politics. He has somewhere to sleep. Thankfully, it is NOT in the White House.

Degenerate - a person who has declined, as in morals or character, from a type or standard considered normal.

Written by Brian E. Payne.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

Brian...I'm in DC right now, looking at the White House. Wish I could go over and have a conversation with Mr. President. But the media here...is hanging this man, like in the 50's a man in a tree. It is lynching dressed up.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Muata responds to NJ:

yep, they are going to continue with their tactics. president obama had to know it would be tough. he looks beat down. too bad for him that this country is not ready for a man like him. the republicans will continue with their battle responses (they should) and the democrats will just sit on their hands. democrats rallied to get him elected - but a few are standing with him as he gets strung-up. i have always believed that the democrats are weak. no loyalty displayed when times get tough.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

I really don't agree with you on the Van Jones piece. I think we are all guilty of having things in our past that don't necessarily reflect who we are now. I use to sign everything on the street, not really knowing what it all meant, so his signing of the Sept 11th I don't buy into. I think it was a witchhunt in many ways, and I don't know how you expected Obama to stand by him when he didn't want to deal with it anymore. Too bad, especially because he was a fine looking man!