Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Drill, Drill, Drill

is the title of a commentary I read a few days ago. After reading it, I am not sure why it has that aggressive title. It definitely does not reflect the message Eva Ensler was trying to forcefully DRILL. However, the article does a fantastic job of presenting a one-sided scatterbrained argument of why Sarah Palin supporters should not be in her corner.

What I have done is humbly responded to Ensler. Please read the article at the link below, and then read my letter of response to this ‘I am with Barack Obama in spite of the truth’ zany monologue.

Muata’s Response


Most Americans can care less about a polar bear. This is my assumption that will NOT make an ass out me. I am certain! But, I will go ahead and ask: Am I an ass?


Would I be wrong in saying that most Americans believe in the creation story, and not evolution? Just wondering because the majority of churches tell the Adam and Eve story all the time. The story is imbedded in Christianity’s dogma. It is a story that is recorded in Christianity’s book of sacred scripture. We are a Christian nation, right? The aforementioned facts leave me with: Most people can care less about evolution concepts especially if they cannot pay their utility bill.


Is global warming a priority concern for the average person who lives in a Battleground State? Those places of residence that will not only determine the next president – but those places where the employment industry has collapsed. You know those states where a huge portion of the population is having difficulties with purchasing food and putting gas in their modest cars? When has global warming ever been a concern that’s discussed in small rural town hall meetings? I agree it should - but it is definitely not a pressing issue among trailer park, lower middle class, and housing authority residents.


Palin is on the record stating that she personally does not believe in abortion, and that she will not allow her belief to affect her legislation. While I find that hard to believe, I must respect her position. If she decides to interject her personal opinion while serving as vice president that's when we should pull her on the carpet. Shouldn’t we respect a person’s beliefs on the topic of abortion as long as it is not hindering productive dialogue?

Why is it made to be a huge issue for Palin to declare, "It is God's plan" when so many mumble this on the daily? I have even heard saved church-going people say, “It was in God's plan for that eight year old to be killed by a drunk driver.” If Palin believes God has ordained/sanctioned the war in Iraq so be it. This is her religious/spiritual determination. It may not be accurate – but it is her belief. Who are we to judge such a personal understanding of God and His ‘work’?

That ridiculous rumor floating around out there that claims Palin tried to ban books from libraries is an untruth. Who in their right mind would conjure up such a foolish lie? Why would Eva even mention this when it is a known distortion?


Sarah Palin grew up in a state where guns are apart of the culture. Hunting is an extremely popular ‘sport’ in Alaska, by the way. Why is it so difficult to accept that Palin is an accomplished hunter who has taken on hunting practices that are common throughout the state? Besides, what is wrong with "bearing arms"? The constitution does give Americans this entitlement.

We need to stop with the irresponsible 'support of Barack Obama at all cost'. A perfect way to begin is to share Ensler’s letter and include a responsible and unbiased critique. The letter does nothing but create an atmosphere of ignorance if we, the commentators, forwarders of emails, political writers, and pundits, are not attempting to tell the complete story. And, I am sick and tired of everyday people ending up in the DARK as a result of them mentally ingesting crap like Eva Ensler’s one-sided letter.

For the record, I am not a supporter of the Republican ticket. I only support TRUTH and FAIRNESS. Two things that voters must seek and demand during a presidential election. You can begin by questioning Ensler’s findings.

Brian E. Payne


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

man she is a big ole distraction lets not take the bait
and have a great weekend

Muata said...

Reader AJ Responds:

You Know you might as well be a Republican and out campaigning for McCain and Palin. His/Her supporters are supporting them at all cost. It is at all cost.


Muata said...

Muata responds to AJ:

No one should support a candidate at all cost of what is right. It was not right or fair for Ensler to share that letter with the masses when her points were either false or baseless. I just presented a rebuttal that's secured in the facts that I researched.


Muata said...

AJ Responds to Muata:

Thoughts to ponder.

1 - No one is perfect. You take the good with the bad. But you only continue to associate with them if the good outweighs the bad.

2 - The good in Barack Obama's policies outweighs those of McCain. (My opinion - please don't respond with an attack.)

3 - You don't want to be in a relationship with someone who only points out the bad in you and everything else.

4 - You have a right to your opinion. I respect that. But, much of what you call the truth, is your opinion.

5 - McCain's / Palin's views and opinions are theirs - true. But, I totally disagree with them, thus I would not want them in a position that the they could inflict their views and opinions on me and make them laws that effect my life. I don't care what the average person believes, until they want to be in a position that they can effect my life and make decisions for me.

6 - Think about the things that you are defending and why.

7 - Michael Vick is a human being. He's made some mistakes. You're a human being, you've made mistakes. His are out there for all to see. You don't want anyone to know about yours. Do you want people to judge you and write negative articles about you? He's human. We are all Human with feelings. We're never going to be perfect.

8 - Why are you so hard on black people? Rhetorical - I don't want an answer. But think about why it is that you are.

9 - White people are just as bad, if not worse than black people.

10 - Instead of writing articles criticizing us, why not do something to bring us up? That is more effective. People are running from your articles because they are so negative.

11- Negativity has no place in my day to day life. Especially when it comes to someone and many that are trying to make it better.

Just some thoughts to ponder.


Muata said...

Muata Responds to AJ:

But, AJ, it is interesting that when I do blast white folk and the government - even Christianity folk (those folk who are critical of religion) some appear to be in my corner. That commentary I wrote recently about the government received applause - but when I present legitimate concerns and arguments about blacks and Barack I am the plagued child. That is not fair, and in my opinion it only displays an inability for some to ingest a different view.

Lord. It is negative when it makes one uncomfortable. But, as soon as I hit the government and white men I am a writing saint. Not fair AJ. Not fair. Let's at least attempt to be fair. I know life is not. Can we try?

Also, it appears to me that you may view me as judgmental. I try hard not to be. One thing I will not allow is for us to get out of what is right in the eyes of most. Vick was wrong, I just told him and the world so. I expect you to do the same when I am wrong.

I am not defending. I am just a black man that most expect to be fully supportive of Barack. A man with conservative views. A man who will not put my head in the sand when Sean Hannity or Rush Lambaugh speaks. Will not do it. I learn from those fools.

Ask yourself if you are open to hear the other sides' opinions and views.


Muata said...

Much appreciated insight and advice from Reader Baion:

I have been where E and A are before- completely turned off and annoyed...even angry- by your commentary. I don't believe there's anything wrong with you- or anyone, presenting a viewpoint that you feel is unbiased and fair.
But you have to understand that this is a very emotional and volatile political race. Lies will be told. Truths will be turned. People will be misquoted. It's just the nature of the beast. And although I'm don't necessarily feel as strongly as E and A, I understand. This response could quite possibly sway minds, and lead people to question their support of Obama, or persuade to give the Republican ticket another thought. Was that your goal with this response? Because it's possible, that that might be the result. Although I appreciate your attempt choose and judge fairly, words are very powerful. It is really doesn't appear as though you have any real allegiance towards either candidate...although you will probably cast your vote for Barack...because he's black. You've got be careful with your articles right now- the political client can be changed in an instant- and Obama could find himself completely out of it. My opinion: Right now, you should find a candidate to support and do it. And don't expect for people who are on the other side of your choice not to be upset about it. The race is too close in time and polls for people to be expected to be as 'fair' as you are. It might have been ok back in April...or even before the Palin curve ball, but shit is serious now...and expect people to respond that way. It's survival of the fittest - and you could potentially be damaging peoples' dream for this country if they support Obama.