Sunday, May 04, 2008

America: A Big Fat Azz Lie

Perhaps Jeremiah Wright's truthful and hoity-toity way of speaking which is littered with black liberation theology and nationalism will spread to other black churches? It needs to. We need to be fired-up about our socio-economic lot. How we are viewed by the United States government. What we should be doing to rectify our condition. Where the responsibility should be placed. And, most importantly we must identify and encourage responsible preachers to shout from the mountain tops like Moses did on Mt. Sinai: “You, Nation of Israelites, are forsaking God.” But in this contemporary day the following will be more accurate: ‘America is a big fat azz lie!’

Everything about this devious country began with lies and betrayal e.g. eradication of the Native Americans and their culture. Maybe if the black church takes this uncharted road we will have more educated blacks than so called saved blacks. Now, ask yourself which one is more beneficial and valuable to the race: Saved or Educated? In my small, egotistical, and antagonistic frame of reference education should be your answer! Black people do not need another person to run to the altar after the Doors of the Church are opened. It will be just another lost soul seeking Jesus’ saving grace with no substance. However, think about the gained strength and power one has when they receive the truth pertaining to America and its evils. No more will you trust an oppressive system that gives you nothing but grief. No more will you wonder why other countries hate Americans. No more will you be tricked into believing that this government really wants your opinion via a vote. No more will you be a hypnotized zombie walking around here believing America is the next best thing since Kentucky Fried Chicken. You will be equipped with useful knowledge and/or rhetoric that has more thump than most Psalms reading.

Before this becomes and all out blast of the church let me shift back to my Rage Against the Machine.

America in all her glory cannot shake the truth. The truth always comes in the most unique and incapacious forms e.g. Jesus. And, the truth is usually connected to the most controversial and unwelcoming figures e.g. Muhammad Ali, Farrakhan, and Wright. One, in particular, was Jeremiah, the biblical prophet. He was known for his prophetic message not being heard by those Israelites. They were so stubborn! The children of Israel did not take heed to Jeremiah. No, they disregarded what he divinely predicted. God even warned Jeremiah, "You will go to them; but for their ego, they will not listen to you.”

How fitting. How perfect the story of Jeremiah is considering the most recent news surrounding Jeremiah Wright?

“They will not listen.” If you are a believer in the bible please note that this is God talking.

So many detractors of Wright claim he is seeking attention. Searching for the spotlight. Grandstanding. The biblical Jeremiah was rightfully accused of wanting attention also. He went so far as to walk around with yoke on his upper body with the intention to attract attention. I guess both Jeremiahs were/are wanting to be heard. Heard in a way where a change will come. Unfortunately, white 'conditional change-seekers' who were fully behind Barack Obama are now re-thinking their allegiance. While black people stand and shout: 'We believe what Jeremiah Wright is saying and we select to stay in Barack's corner.'

Meanwhile, those flaky white backers of Barack are upset. Offended by the TRUTH. My momma always told me, "if the truth makes you angry you are guilty."

Hermeneutic Transfer:

Today America is the modern day Israelite nation. Not listening to the broken hearted prophet, Jeremiah Wright. Mr. Wright’s heart is shattered. He loved his country as a Marine and as a Navy Seaman – but what did America do: Turned her back on him and all the other black men who signed-up for this terrorist organization we call the United States Armed Forces. So, when Jeremiah Wright links America to the KKK white people and some blacks should not be offended. The KKK has functioned as a terrorist group for years. The KKK is racist. The KKK does not care about anyone who believes differently than them. The KKK is pompous. The KKK are oppressors. They both - appear to have similar traits and behaviors. Right?

America is a big fat azz lie. Nothing will change that. But, what will help is the prophetic voice of Jeremiah Wright, others like him, and the Book of Jeremiah. I suggest America’s gatekeepers read this story of a man who was told by God to pray no more for His people. This simply indicates that God was frustrated with His people then; and He continues to be frustrated because they, white America, will not listen to today’s Jeremiah.

So, the question could be:

Should Wright sit down and shut-up like Jeremiah eventually did?

Another question:

Why are we, black folk, still sneaking around like scared slaves with our true feelings in order to be accepted by the White Man? So sad!

Written by Muata. Inspired by Larikus.

Mr. Larikus, America has not reconciled or changed the lie. And, Barack Obama will NOT change anything until they do!


Muata said...

Reader A Peaceful Journey Responds:

i didn't even finish reading your commentary yet, but i'm gonna get back to that. i am soooo disgusted right now. this country is so divisive and so insidious, i just wanna scream...loud! in the end, it seems like the sould mission has been to break anybody who dares, on a small or large level, to contradict them. barack is a perfect example of that to me. i was so proud when he did not denounce wright initially, so proud. now he's put into a position where, if he wants to be president, he has to. there's no other choice if his goals are going to be the same...sittin in the big ass white house. ultimately, this is just another attempt for this country to put black man against black man, so once again we can appear to the masses that we are not unified. talk about compromising positions. i would love for barack to stand by jeremiah, but i undersatnd that if he's trying to run this nation, he can't. that gets me so heated. isn't this just like the inner workings of slavery in america. if you are trying to get to a certain level, then you're gonna have to take the house nigga route and agree with and epitomize everything this country represents. otherwise, you ain't goinna join the higher ranks of theses crackers. they don't want us anyway. how can we have the audacity to think that wright should be demonized if we actually listen to the shit he's true! but people don't want to hear the truth...not just americans, but people in general. the truth wounds us in places that some of us can't heal. people wanna be lied to. look at medicine. they fill it with sugar and alcohol, so we can feel good when we take it. fixing the problem is not the primary concern, because if it was medicine would not be diluted. instead, it's all manipulated untio it's something that won't feel so bad upon intake. this country is the same. we want something that ain't gon hurt. yet the truth of the matter is, there are so many years of fuckin shit up, to be real has to be painful. but people will not accept that. black man against blac man. that's what it's moving toward. give it a few weeks and a bunch of black folks will switch gears to a point where there main focus is how eveil wright is. are we the only group of people that have not learned how eveil this country is based on history?

Muata, i don't know what else to say except i'm pissed the fuck off. there's a poem that talks about a black man getting pushed to a point where he's gonna hurt somebody. did all the right things, made all the right moves and got pissed on each time by the rule makers. maybe i'm wrting in circles here, but i'm angry, and like marvin gaye said--it makes me wanna holla!!!

-A Peaceful Journey

Muata said...

Reader DL Responds:

Brian—not all of us white guys are frightened by the truth. I am more fired up about Obama than ever before---as are many of my friends, including almost everyone in this office. I have already offered some help and will increase my efforts.

What’s also trouoblesome is that there are growing numbers of blacks moving over to Clinton.

This country needs a wake-up call. We have been sleeping for so long, I am not convinced we will wake up until it’s too late.


Muata said...

Muata Responds to DL:

I did not intend to generalize. I know that there are COUNTLESS white folk out there accepting of the truth.

Take a listen to this white man:

Muata said...

Reader JS Responds:

You and I have never been so far apart on any topic than we are on this one.

First of all, Jeremiah Wright, gives a new meaning to "bitchassness"!!He is an egotistical, self-centered, Jim Crow acting fool!!!!

As he discussed in "talk" the white media, the National Press Club, he told Mr. Obama when they discussed him running for President, if you win I am coming after you too! As a member of his congregation and a U.S. Senator, he did not come after him!! Mr. Wright has issues with the U.S. government, obviously, but he had no issues with Senator Obama. When it appears that a sheep in his flock will become the most powerful man on the planet, he says I am gonna come after you? Young folks call that hatin', some call it bitchassness, you and I can just agree to call it jealously!

Its the whole reason black folks have a hard succeeding in this country!

Malcolm X was stabbed in his back by his mentor, Muhammed Ali had millions stolen from him by another brother, and this goes on and on a regular basis!

Black men undermine black men all the time in this country because of jealousy and hate!! Whether its through back stabbing or bringing crack into our neighborhoods, or fathering children and neglecting them, or killing each others
family members, more direct harm is done to black families and black people in 2008, not 1858, 2008 than anyone!!!

Its a self-destructive nature that many blacks have, a self-hate syndrome!! Jeremiah Wright is filled with it!!! So are the black churches!!!

As far as the Armed Forces being a terrorist group, the Buffalo Soldiers, Tuskeegee Airman, the Triple Nickels, and all the brave black women and men that are today valiently serving the greatest country in the world are heroes!!!! They have more bravery, honor, convinction, fortitude than any baggy pant drug dealing, baby neglecting, gun slinging thug walk many streets of urban America today!! And I aint counting the ones in prison!! Self-hating wanna be soldiers!! Your idea of victims of a system, are your real terrorist!!

Hopefully you and Jeremiah can save them since black folks have already turned their backs on them, but I am sure you will say "America" turned their backs on them and not accept the real responsibilty that "America" is made up of people and if people choose to buy nice homes, cars, clothes, and all the luxury items that come along with keeping up with the Jones's but dont help people in need, it aint the governments fault!!!

I am sure Jeremiah is mad at America that turned its back on him after it gave him money for college, VA loans to purchase a home or two, and tax exemptions for his faith-based organization!! He cashed in on it all, now he wants to talk
crap, and that's bitchassness!!!!


Muata said...

Muata Responds to JS:

Why is it "hatin" or "bitchassness"? Could it be that Wright was saying, 'Barack, I am going to hold you accountable when you become president?' I definitely will do what I can to hold Barack accountable. We all should.

Why are we automatically assuming Wright is jealous? We don't know that for certain?

I don't get self-hate from Wright. I get: a man telling the truth. He has not lied. Everything he has said has truth in it or the possibility of truth.

We are missing the point from Wright. Yeah, it may not be the right time to voice it. I somewhat agree. However, why can't we focus on what he is saying: America is jacked-up. You know that, Jay. Harvey knows that. EJ knows that. The issue is America and it's current policy against the poor. Blacks. Anyone not fitting the status quo.

America, in my mind, is not innocent. They are wrong, and have been for years. Just review our foreign policy. Look at how we allow corporations to destroy families with layoffs and destructions of businesses and communities i.e. TFI.

The armed forces has blood on their hands. Not the soldiers. I respect them - but not the system. You have not forgotten what this country has done and continues to do militarily. Have you? We can have nuclear weapons and other countries cannot. Grenada? Iraq? Rwanda? South Africa? America even let Jews be killed for years without saying a word. Selma, AL? All of the deep south? Current policy on education? We the richest - but fall behind in education. Healthcare: Old people are having to chose medicine or food?

America is an insecure nation, and unfortunately but rightfully will suffer from their past and present deeds. And, you and our families will have to suffer as a result i.e. high gas prices, terrorist attacks, unemployment.

Richest country in the world that does not take care of its elderly, veterans, homeless, mental ill, etc. But we are the best.

Wright is right. Just wrong with timing. And, if these white folk who are in Barack's corner really stand with him they should understand the plight of blacks and the poor in general - but no they are conditional supporters. When the truth comes out they flee. That is cowardice to me!!

Of course you may see this as blaming. I am not. Just putting the truth on the animal/machine. Besides, I, myself, have been able to navigate through this shyt. Somewhat 'make it". So, I should not complain. Right? Can't do it, Jay. I am dedicated to pointing out the wrongs/evils of America so that I can honor my ancestors. They want is to be truthful at all cost. While condemning black foolishness too. I do both.


Muata said...

Reader Ant Responds"

Payne, I've been working on a response to your email since yesterday. I've got to tell you, you're hitting some good spots; however what I'm about to say may have you label me as a house negro. Two words here; Jackie Robinson.

When white folk allowed him into the majors the didn't do it because he was the best; they did this because he allowed them to govern him.

Obama's aproach to this race is stay cool & let's keep it politics. However I believe that once said & done the brother is going to show his horns. Part of the politic game is political.

Fight the fights you can win and deny & detach any possible liabilities.

The problem with that; is that many of us "African Americans" don't understand that white man's game. We see a door open & try to shove as many of us through as possible or we try to snatch up all we can. Sad to say that we end up not leaving any assets on the other side of the door that can be used to open it
back up.


Muata said...

Muata Responds to Ant:

I am so tied of playing the white man's game. I wish we would be more nationalistic focused. Somewhat like Jewish communities. Like the Nation of Islam. Buford HWY Mexico (Atlanta). LOL! African Americans depend entirely too much on this corrupt system. Priot to integration we had flourishing communities. Had our own. Auburn Avenue was all black!! Our own!


Muata said...

Reader Ant responds to Muata:

Like you I'm tired of playing the white man's game. But the problem with that is that our own game forces us to sells our own kind out. Whether it be from the perspective of the pro-black or the "uncle-tom" we fail to stand on our common ground. One thing the white man knows how to use better than anything is his

Muata said...

Muata with a continued RANT:

i can't understand why so many more of us do not understand what is going on here. here we are blaming jeremiah wright for barack losing white supporters when in fact we should call these fleeting white folk what they are: UNLOYAL persons who are not facing the truth! he too busy trying to be president. i respect that - but the truth will not remain silenced. it sure did not with Martin! he died for it. we so busy enjoying the fact that a black man is running for president - but we are forgetting the facts. one fact is barack is a damn politician. i don't doubt he cares - but he has proven to me that he will distanct himself from his on truths to pander to these white folk who will in the end flee from him if he does not "change" anything. just wait. if he becomes president they are going to call for an impeachment if he does not change what they want. he ain't going to abandon Iraq. what is he going to do about Iran? he cannot control inflation. he cannot lower gas prices. he cannot stop big business from shipping their work overseas. he cannot put a cap on the borders. if he does those same white liberials will start to cry for those illegal immigrants who broke the law to get here! he will not change the healthcare system to a socialistic system. by the way, who in the hell is going to pay for universal healthcare? a great idea, but who going to pay for it? also, why in the world would we trust the United States government with our healthcare management? our politicians cannot even manage a damn budget i.e Shirley Franklin. we (americans) will buy into anything. change will come when the rich are willing to give up control. no government in history (worldwide) gave it up without force, and we (common folk) are too damn satisfied/comfortable to revolt. america is what it is: a country that is moving towards third world tendencies and characteristics. what we have done is coming full circle. this is america's destiny. saying "destiny" for some reason is softer than saying "the chickens are coming home to roost". america cannot even take bluntness chatter. no, we have to be Political Correct with the TRUTH.


Muata said...

A Peaceful Journey Responds to Muata's Rant:

i tried to look at things from the vantage point of those who don't agree with me, but i don't see it. i can't figure out how they don't see what seems to be so obvious. i asked a woman who always wears a barck t-shirt what she thought of teh controversies surrounding obama. she said that she doesn't know much about wright, but they say he's bad so she wishes he'd shut up. how fuckin stupid can you get? so many people think like that. we don't question and speculate. i find it extremely frustrating. i've accepted that there are some battles i cannot win, so i try to be as conscious as possible in an unjust and brain dead society. it's tough cuz i know that i will rarely be part of majority thought. i've accepted that. that's the price i pay, but i am willing. that's the least i can do on behalf of my ancestsors and today's revolutionary doers.

-A Peaceful Journey

Muata said...

Reader 'sends' a letter to Jeremiah Wright:

Dear Reverend Wright,

The latest polls show Hillary Clinton has taken a lead in Indiana. Obama once owned a double digit lead there. The polls indicate that since the day you went on American Idol and taught the world about how wonderful you are รข€“ Obama support has steadily declined amongst white voters.

Polls also indicate that she is closing the gap in North Carolina.

I hope you are proud of yourself.

Hillary is definitely proud.

You are such a patriot.



Muata said...

Muata Responds to AJ's letter to Jeremiah Wright:

I am so surprised that so many of us are 'blaming/pointing the finger' at Wright when in fact it is these white folk who are jumping ship because Reverend Wright said some things that most black people believe. It never fails, some white people are only loyal to blacks when you are speaking their language and when you do not make them feel uncomfortable. Now, they are feeling bent out of shape and it is Wright's fault?? His only wrong: Bad Timing. These white people are not loyal thus the reason the polls are reflecting differently? I doubt blacks are fleeing.



Muata said...

AJ Responds to Muata:

that's why he was so wrong. he is a smart man, and he said a lot of truths, but why sabotage obama in the process?


Muata said...

Muata Responds to AJ:

I don't think it was a purposeful sabotage. Perhaps, we need to look at this from Wright's point a view: In his mind what he said should not have affected the opinions of white people who have supposedly invested in Barack. In his mind if they do abandon Barack he is/was RIGHT the entire time about the white voters who claimed allegiance to Barack. Also, in his mind he might have been thinking, 'I have said these things before (the world heard them on the news spliced together), and Barack did not disown me then.' Barack even said, "I can no more disown him than I can the black community...". Let's be fair here, Barack is being a politician, saying/doing what needs to be said/done to get or maintain votes. So typical. But, he is a politician: Not to be trusted, and this is classic pandering. Just because he talks about hope and change does not make him a Political Saint. He is like all the rest. Can't you tell with his most recent dismissal of Jeremiah Wright?


FREEDOM said...

I agree 100% about America. We black folks really need to go back and look at some documentaries about AMERICAN history, not african but American. Just go to library they have plenty and they are FREE!

Check out the documentary on the Black Wallstreet, Tulsa 1921. The systmatic massacre of an affluent black community up and coming and its destruction and slaughter of Black Americans will turn your stomach.

America has a lot to play for!