Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Forced Betrayal

A few weeks ago Barack Obama said in affect, "I can no more disown Jeremiah Wright than I can the black family/people." Yesterday, our hope for change turned his back on Jeremiah Wright and the black family. I gathered this from Barack’s words. I did not make this up. He said it. Re-read the quote I just typed.

Barack had to do this to maintain votes from the white family. Blacks will stay with him regardless. We have proven to stay when we probably should not. Remember OJ? I am upset and sadden that Barack had to do this - but he was forced to by the white man since he wants to be the president of these United States.

But then again, we (black folk) have been here before. We have had to disown each other to be accepted fully by the white man i.e. House Negro vs. Field Negro. Sad reality. Nonetheless, there have been courageous black men who sacrificed for us completely. Gave it all up to honor the truth i.e. Honorable Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, the list goes on and on.

Barack did not give up his bid for the presidency yesterday for what I believe to be the Greater Good. God’s Good: The Truth. I understand why. He running for president. Get it: RUNNING?? While he runs he is running from us, black folk, so he can win a seat that will stay the same while he is in it: CORRUPT.

We can blame Jeremiah Wright. This is what Mr. White Man wants us to do: Divide and Conquer. Willy Lynch.

The truth is we still have to bow down to the great White in order to get ahead in this union. This should be a learning experience for us. We need to get our own, and stop depending on this European power structure to take care of us.

At this point, we are nothing more than puppets.


Written by Muata. Inspired by Wright vs. Obama. A fight created by the media.


Muata said...

Reader RS Responds:

You make several valid points but I can't agree with everything. Barack stated a position that he had to, because of his Pastor's comments. In the quote you have down here he didn't dis own his pastor he took the high road and put the owness on the country to deal with the 1000lb elephant in the room. I also believe Jeremiah made some extremely valid points and was not out of line, but on maybe two points 1. The government is responsible for Aides 2. Barack is posturing as a politician and saying what he has to say; implying he doesn't truly believe what he's saying. Jeremiah Wright is intellectually bright and understands fully how this is being played out. He's defended himself fully know move on. White people will make up there own mind and vote there own values. We as a people need to stay focused and not pick sides. Its bigger than them both, UNITE" and move the country ahead and quit the bickering.


Muata said...

Reader EJ Responds to RS comment:

THANK YOU!!!! ENOUGH SAID!! !!! If Barak had come out and said...Yes, I agree with everything my pastor has said....we would be sitting here calling him ignorant.


Muata said...

Reader A Peaceful Journey Responds to Muata commentary:

i couldn't agree with you more. just finished talking to co-wrokers and expressing this same view point to them. but you know, muata, only a few of us see this. most black folks just choose to demonize wright and say obama made the right choice.

god help us!!

-A Peaceful Journey

Muata said...

Reader PM Responds to Muata Commentay:

Let's start in the mirror with change be it a good friend, parent, mate, neighbor, or citizen. WE HAVE CONTROL OVER THESE CHOICES.


Muata said...

Reader A Peaceful Journey Responds to RS:

i don't think that wright's statement regarding the government being responsible for aids is lunacy. remember the tuskeegee syphillis experiment? this country has the power to and history of spreading disease. i have not done the research to affrmitively say whether this country is responsible for aids, but it would not surprise me. and, if someone like jeremiah wright makes that statement, it would cause me to consider that possibility even more. we underestimate this government's evil. they have blood on their hands but because the things they do are so incredibly hateful and immoral, many choose to believe that it's not real. there is no greater example than slavery in america to teach me that. our history is a prime example of what will be done to impose the quality of life that they want to exist. we are slaves to the rhythm and once a black amn steps out and dares to speak out against it, they're villified. then, like the thoughtless race we have become, we don't scrutinize what the media feeds us. we just take it. we eat it like a daily meal and before we know it we are a byproduct of their thoughts.

i don't think that wright's comment about obama "saying what he has to say" is problematic. when i listened to wright say this, i didn't detect any malice. and, it's true. obama is saying what he has to say. i didn't see that as right denouncing obama, just him stating a truth.

-A Peaceful Journey

Muata said...

Reader EJ Responds again:

Wright is grandstanding and actually had the nerve to say that he would be against Barak if he were elected because he would be a part of this system. Barak is running on a platform of "change". This so called pastor spends so much time talking about what was......that he has lost site that we actually have a chance to see a well qualified black man as the president of the USA. Barak needed to disassociate himself from that grandstanding money making preacher!


Muata said...

Reader LS Responds:

It might look good to some but Wright is using this forum to promote himself and asserting that he will attack Barak. Why don't you see that he came all this way and put all this energy to win the presidency. He sure isn't in it for the money because the salary of an candidate who loses the presidenial race is far more lucrative the 250000 that you get paid as president. Barak actually believes he can change things. However, he Rev. Wright might not have said anything different but Barak never said before that he agreed with him. It is time for him to show what he believes and stands for and it is clear that they have different opinions thus he had to denounce him because he has taken the side of the Clinton's and the Republicans in an attempt to smear Obama. Why are you all on his nuts? You claim that Jesus was a failure and are the last one to credit and agent of the black church with an legitmacy. You will find that Wrigth is no different than Dollar or Jakes. They don't wish to help people. They desire power, glory, and fame.

Malcolm X preached the ideal of Elijah Muhammad until he took his pilgrimage to Mecca and saw that the world isnt' all black and white and his separtist comments were counter productive to the movement. THus he changed his message and his power scared Hoover and the Nation so they killed him.

People said that MLK couldn't change things because all he did was march and make trouble for black people. You know those people stuck in the 18th century.


Muata said...

Reader LS Responds again:

Barak presents and option for something way bigger than just change. Wright is just a selfish ex preacher looking to make a few bucks and sell his book. If you want to call anyone a sell out, ask him how much the Clinton's paid him.


Muata said...

Reader AJ Responds:

Rev. Wright has some valid points, true. But, the fact is, that he would never be elected as President of the United States because he does not have the finesse to do so. (Not that he would ever want to be), but the fact is, the White men that have been President of the US have said and done what ever they thought it would take to win the election or even steal the election. Why now that we have an honorable candidate, that happens to be a black man, are we being so judgmental and self (black) righteous?


Muata said...

Reader AJ Responds again:

This is why black people can't get anywhere! You have to know how to play the game. Yes, we're different. We all know that. Now is not the time to point that out. Not for Barack anyway. Rev. Wright in trying to show a divide, while Barack is trying to get votes from those who have to think twice to vote for a
Black man despite the fact that he is half white. Rev. Wright basically yesterday said that Barack is just another Politician saying what he needs to
say to get votes. Why shouldn't Barack speak out against him. Now is the time to play the game. Being self righteous is not going to get votes and standing behind Rev. Wright, no matter what he says, is not going to get votes. You know what you need to do to get a job. You're not going to go into a job interview speaking ebonics. Let the man do what he needs to do to get the job!


Muata said...

Muata responds to AJ - but to everyone else too:

you are right. we have to yes'em and mass'em to get the job. that's part of our problem too. ej and i just talked about that. i am so sick and tired of us having to bow down so we can get a damn job. yes, i know we need to do what is necessary to prevent this. like start our own businesses and build additional schools for our children. wright did not show a divide. please. the divide was created by mr. white man and his media. if that is blaming. so be it. but, stating a truth should not be worng at any time if the white people's support is not conditional. backstabbers when the truth comes out? timing is jacked-up but it was said and now we have to deal with it. "play the game" lord it is 2008 and we still have to play the game so they will honor and respect our truths. damn that. and barack is playing politician. he is a classic politician. isn't it obvious. what makes you and most of us think he is different? the man has had to jive for years to get where he is. that is the nature of politics. any time you have a chance to disown a man one week, don't do it, and then later when your core group of voters get upset more: YOU ARE PLAYING POLITICS. believe me i understand barack has to be like the rest. ask yourself: is he selling his soul to get the presidency? barack knows full well he believes he is in agreement with wright. too bad he is in a position not to stand up and say to the white man: YOU ARE WRONG and WRIGHT is RIGHT. and this for the presidency of this horrible nation? when and if barack wins he will not change a thing along the lines of race relations. they will kill him before they give up their stolen power. i am so surprised at some black people today. all this hope behind a man who is fighting against a machine. good luck, barack.


Muata said...

Reader AJ Responds to Muata:

So Sad.....

Let's just spend the rest of our lives in our black churches and neighborhoods and complain about our conditions.


Muata said...

Muata Responds to AJ again:

Now, you know I am the last one to suggest to go to church. I stay away from places like the church. By the way, at one time and for COUNTLESS blacks staying in our neighborhoods was/is okay. At least we were more together then. Owned our on businesses. You recall the history of Auburn Avenue? Complain - but do something. The first step is acknowledging all truth. This is what your Jesus did. He was armed with the truth and died for it. And for breaking the law, by the way. Be like Jesus. Stand up for truth. There was not an appropriate time for the truth with your Jesus. Come on, Christian!


Muata said...

Commentary from my boy AJ from the A Spot:

When I was a younger I often got beside myself. I’d read something somewhere and equipped with this new knowledge I thought I could tell my granny something. You see… she dropped out of 6th grade to take care of her siblings because her mother had passed away.

Back to the point.

I was a smart alecky ß (don’t know if that’s spelled right) kid and I thought I could exchange wit with virtually anyone. Especially if I felt I was right.

One Wednesday night in Bible study (I was in 11th grade) the subject was Idol Gods. And although I can’t remember all the details, I chimed in… “How do you know there’s only one God? What if those people didn’t have a chance to find the same God we’re talking about? Does that mean they go to hell? If a child dies before he meets our God are they pagan? Do they go to hell?”

My Grandma shot me a look that said, “When we get home I’ma light that azz up.”

But I kept going. “What about the Muslims? The Buddhists? Are they pagan?”

As the older church-goers tried to convince me that there was only one God… and you can’t worship any other God but him… I went back and forth until we were at an impasse.

I explained to them (the uninformed elders as far as I felt) that the Bible was written by men who wanted everyone to believe the same thing… and that they should read other books beside the Bible to see other people’s perspectives.

Now for the record, I went to one of the old school churches where you didn’t question stuff… you just did what you were told. Why? Because it was always done that way.

Anyways… I got home… spanked my Grandma’s switch with my butt and got a speech.

Yes I got spankings until I left my Grandma’s house. It’s not funny.

“Grandson, it doesn’t matter how much education you get; there is a time and a place for everything.”

Kenny Rogers said it best; “You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away and know when to run.”

So I checked out Reverend Wright’s “Scream” tour over the past few days.

I didn’t totally agree nor did I fully disagree with what he said. Actually, he said some of the same things other African-American preachers, Civil Rights leaders, etc. have said in the past. He hit on some good points… and missed the mark sometimes but here’s the biggest problem.

Wright is wrong.

Not necessarily in what he said, but in timing.

Barack Obama is trying to get into the White House and here comes the Reverend Wright Ego Reality Show… Season II. Not only was his timing bad, but he was smug, self-righteous, and calling anyone who questioned him uneducated.

Now… I totally disagree with how the media portrayed him, and the fact that his “Chickens coming home to roost…” was taken way out of context and done so to create a smoke screen, but slow your row Rev., your boy is trying to get into the White House.

The WHITE House.

Like I just said, it’s all a smoke screen, but here’s the point.

There are voters who are on the fence about Obama and you best believe Rev. Wright’s arrogant and cocky demeanor will push them away. When you tell someone they’re uneducated because they don’t agree with you, it makes them uncomfortable. It creates an ‘us vs. them’ mentality… and that goes against everything Barack Obama represents.

It is what it is. ß (What does that really mean???)

The damage is done now… so we’ll see in a week from today just how much Rev’s words have proven to be kryptonite to Superman’s run at the White House.

Lex Luthor is somewhere smiling.

And she has a wardrobe of endless pantsuits.

I’ll close with a scripture:

Open your Bible to Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3; verse 7.

Stand on your feet and read with me.

“…A time to tear apart and a time to sew together; a time to be silent and a time to speak.”

Read the entire Chapter when you get home.

Touch your neighbor and say Amen.

Now let’s raise an offering.

God bless you – good night.


Muata said...

Reader TM Responds:

'Jeremiah Wright' would not be a household name today if it weren't for the coattails of the Obama campaign in which he road in on- and quite possibly have destroyed- at this point. We (as black folk) can continue to point fingers and blame this country's politicians...the media...the justice system...collegiate institutions...........the tooth fairy....on our condition. But in doing so, we also have to acknowledge the 'crabs in the bucket' syndrome we currently and have always inflicted on ourselves. It's not the white man or the media that is damaging Obama's campaign right now- it's Jeremiah Wright. The media didn't have to look far- this man has volunteered at least 4-5 interviews in the last week. This retired preacher who baptized Obama's kids, officiated his wedding, served as his mentor for over 20 years, from whom Obama was inspired to titled his book after- is SURPRISE...the one who's hurting him now. This is not the time for him to seek his 15 minutes of fame. He needs to show some honor and loyalty and sit down shut the f*ck up!


Muata said...

Muata responds again (mainly to AJ from the A Spot):

it does not surprise me that religious people, mainly christians, are so concerned about what Wright is saying when in fact with faith and trust in what God has supposedly ordained they should not be too concern by what wright is saying. what he says will not hurt Barack if God has truly ordained Barack to be the nominee and then president. right? where is their faith? these christians are speaking in a contradictory circle. on one hand God is in control and on the other Barack cannot win if Wright continues to talk. which is it? believe or not? does not their God control everything? nothing can get in the way of divine providence. right?


Muata said...

Reader DM Responds:

All politicians do what is needed to get what is need for them (white or black). It doesn’t mean all of them use the same method, but ultimately this is a big stakes game and you have to do what’s best for self.

*Although we (Blacks) have every right to gripe about how we are viewed/treated, it’s obvious that we are not getting ahead by just griping about it. This is why the STATE OF THE BLACK UNION baffles me. While I respect them for creating a forum in which our plight can be seen/heard, I think we spend way to much time concentrating what they (Whites) should do for us or how they should treat us. I think the same coalition should focus on Teaching us, how to Teach us. Take back our own community by mentoring the youth and rolling up sleeves to get into the neighborhoods to empower our people. Not saying they aren’t valuable but I think we need to shift focus more into what can I do for my people.

*Lastly, I (for one) don’t blame Barack from distancing himself from Jeremiah Wright. Not dissing Wright but this man has to stay focused and can let pitfalls that his competitors devised slow him down. J. Wright has/had many valid points but his views should not be the determining factor as to whether or not this man becomes the next President. Unfortunately, America’s media has made it so that the two are closely entangled and Barack has to step back. Respect him for this move or not, the man has a goal and he is staying focused on that goal. I think so many of us (whether we know it or not) are holding Barack to standards that we wouldn’t even hold his white counterparts to just because he is a black man. Bottom line is, no one person is going to be perfect as the leader of the free world but I for one respect the fact that Barack made a bid for the position and is staying focused on accomplishing this goal whether it materializes or not. Not saying other people be damned by why should his goals be shot down because of someone else’s views.