Friday, May 09, 2008

What would you have done if you were present?

Part 1

I have decided to use this question that actually began as an email survey and a YouTube video as my 'commentary' for this week. Please watch the video and then submit your answer/response in the comment section.

When we have a moment to ingest this pathetic scene of disrespect, ‘people paralysis’, and a possible moment to converse I will later share another video that will probably help us with putting human/animal behavior and reasoning, the past, and the present in context.

My intentions are good:

Hopefully, this effort will start a meaningful conversation, encourage someone to be a better parent, and/or become a mentor for our troubled youth.

The Video:


What would you have done if you were present?

Multiple Choices:

A. Beat that girls behind
B. Call the Police
C. Intervened to assist
D. Nothing

Be honest.

*By the way, feel free to submit a combination of answers, or a commentary.

Part 2

No Mo Buffaloes

First, let me inform you that the response from the video of the young lady who terrorized the elderly woman was overwhelming. I, honestly, could not keep up with the varying responses. Some of you decided to comment with your own commentary. That I thoroughly enjoyed! And, the majority of you selected to respond with A, B, C, D, or a combination of all multiple choices. Results below.

On this one I was not trying to single out negative behavior. Promote “black foolishness” – like I was accused of doing. All I wanted us to do was analyze the details of the video. For example, the freestyle rap lyrics from the obvious Lost Soul, her clothing, the body language of others on the train, and the old woman’s demeanor – but what surprised me the most was the following blurt from the deranged or possibly SANE female:

“You that same Ni**er I been looking for who raped me.”

What was that allegation all about?

I definitely was not surprised by the inactivity of the other riders. Nope, not at all. Not responding to this type of behavior is common place on Marta and various other public transportation systems. I believe most of us are just afraid to utter a word. Afraid our life will be snuffed-out by a fool. I can read the headline, ‘John Smith tries to save old lady from attack on train. Killed in process.’ Who wants to die on a dirty train? No one on that train was interested in protecting or dying for the elderly lady. Even the young man that ended up mushing the girl did not – but he was quick to respond when he felt ‘disrespected’. So, in fact, not one single person actively intervened on the behalf of the woman who could have been your mother or grandmother. NO ONE.

The final reminder of how disturbed some of our mental consciousness can be was when the girl began to shout Glenwood, and others started to yell West side.

Are we so empty in mind and spirit that we have to claim ‘territories’ or geographical locations of a city to attach rep to our shallow and limited mentalities while never acknowledging with self our own value? ‘The Dec (short for Decatur) is my hood’. People like this throw trash all over their hood – but The Dec is their hood?? So stupid! This preposterous gang-type ownership has been going on for years. When in fact the only places we own in our hoods are chicken wing spots (10 x 5 trailers) and car washes in ‘shopping plazas’ with 2-3 auto parts stores, numerous Asian owned hair care product stores, a Chinese food hole in the wall, and barber shops with unlicensed barbers and stylist. And, we are progressing?


A. Beat that girls behind - 9
B. Call the Police - 17
C. Intervened to assist - 22
D. Nothing - 4

After you think about the results, the actions of the brute for a female, the terrified senior, and the remaining paralyzed folk again please watch the complete video (8 minutes) at the link below. And, then please email me back with your response to this:

What connection am I trying to make with this new video and the one with the Lost Soul? (Do understand that I certainly know we are all thinkers, so no insulting of intelligence intended)

Only one person responded within the numerous commentary responses with an element of: Seeking the Power of the Lord. I thought that was interesting:

“…my first reaction would’ve been to first start praying for God to break that EVIL spirit that was on that girl.”

Where ya at Christians? What would have Jesus done?

Written by Muata. Inspired by no mo buffaloes.

Audio Recording of Interview with Ryan Cameroon, girl's sister, and boyfriend:


Muata said...

MARTA Statement On Tirade:

Here is the full statement from MARTA officials:

"MARTA police were notified about this video last Friday and launched an immediate and aggressive investigation into the incident. After canvassing the East Lake Station where the suspect reportedly exited the train, we received an anonymous tip that this incident possibly occurred on March 31, 2008 between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. The tipster also indicated the suspect has been known to ride Bus Route 22. MARTA police were able to positively identify the individual allegedly involved in this incident and have secured a warrant for her arrest."

"We want to assure the public that this is an extremely isolated incident and that customer safety and security are our highest priorities," stated MARTA Chief of Police Wanda Dunham. "We regret that any customer had to endure such harassment while using our system. I also wish the many citizens who witnessed this incident would have contacted the MARTA police so that we could have responded to this situation immediately. We are asking that anyone who witnessed this incident please come forward to provide additional first hand information, which may lead to additional charges against the suspect. If you have any information about this incident, please contact MARTA Police Detectives at (404) 848-4911."

"MARTA police officers regularly patrol the trains and are available at rail stations to provide assistance. Emergency call buttons are also located in all rail cars, which go directly to the rail operator in case customers need to request immediate assistance. Customers can also reach MARTA Police communications directly by dialing (404) 848-4911 or by pressing #MPD on any AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint/Nextel cellular phone. Blackberry users press #673."


Muata said...

Muata Responds:

To be quite honest, I am not sure what I would have done. I could have intervened - but then I am taking the chance of having to whip that girls behind or getting my behind stomped. Or, perhaps I would have been killed if I said one word. Who would take care of my son then? Who will be here for him? His father would be gone. But, this is the threat/consequence I would have to face if I wanted to do the right thing. So, many of us (including me) find it extremely tough to do what we know is right while understanding that just that decision could cost us our lives.

This is a tough one.


Muata said...

Kamal Responds to Muata:

I hear you on your point and it is vaild. I just don't think I could have sat there and watched one second of that. And you are right though, anyone that would have stepped in could potentially have been putting their life on the line, that is a very real reality that I know all too well. Don't think that you can't get shot, stabbed or get thrashed on the bus or on the train (though less likely). Is stopping this worth your life? Probably not but something would have to be done. I guess you have to be tactful but in this case that likely wouldn't have gotten you anywhere. Which brings me to another point, I have talked to grown men who straight up tell me they cross the street when the see the youngins coming. Do I think they are soft for doing that? Not really; maybe that is common sense and don't need in drama. It is very sad, you hear stories all of the time of things happening for no apparent reason and it is sad. You don't know who is holdin, who they know or what the dude on the next corner is up to.

It is crazy when adults have to temper their words or move out of the way for children.

But for me doing what is right is how I was raised and I would like to think that I am going to do that under any circumstances, at least I know I stood up for what is right.

I hope that this does start a deeper dialogue. I just really thought that people should see this because it is easy to have your multiple degrees, nice car, nice house, family, live out in the burbs and have a utopian life. But this is so rampant in many cities and if you turn that wrong corner, bump into the wrong person, wear the wrong colors or have your hat tilten a certain way, it could be a wrap - don't think that anything can't happen. That may be a lil off this particular issue but it is connected in my eyes.


Muata said...

Response from a Reader of Kamal's commentary on the matter:

I saw this yesterday! It's really sad, because this girl obviously has some mental issues. I was glad that young man stepped in and said something to her about messing with that lady...because I'm sure she was scared.


Muata said...

Response from a Reader of Kamal's commentary on the matter:

In the end, she got what she deserved....Talking all that smack and as soon as she gets checked, she's talking about "pressing charges"....


Muata said...

Response from a Reader of Kamal's commentary on the matter:

She deserved nothing more than the brothers on the train to remove her from the elderly woman, to make sure the elderly woman was okay, contact the MARTA police and have them escort her off the train... preferably to someone that could help to stabilize her emotionally and check for drug abuse..


Muata said...

Response from a Reader:

this was pretty disturbing to watch and sadly very real. She clearly has some underlying issues...CLEARLY!!


Muata said...

Reader Responds to Kamal's commentary on the matter:

Wow, this is absolutely atrocious. I can't even say that I think she's mentally ill because I work with youth who are mentally ill, but I will say that she had to be under the influence of some substance. However, she did accuse the elderly woman of "putting her through something"; I don't know the validity of the statement, but she appears to be retaliating -- against whom or what, I don't know. It's sad, really. And Kamal's right-- these young men could have stepped in and stopped her sooner. The youth of today are outlandish. She's lucky I wasn't on that train!!!


Muata said...

A teacher responds:

Working with crazy ass kids like that is scary. I would have called the police ASAP and gave a description. She was on some shit.


Muata said...

A readers responds:

This was utterly ridiculous! I would have called the police.


That young lady seemed to have mental problems, seriously!! But to answer your question I would have duplicated what the young man did or really beat her little ass, A it is!!!


Muata said...

Reader response:

that shit is crazy. part of me hopes that half the stuff i see on you tube is staged, but i don't know.

i'm gonna go with c: intervened to assist. i prpbably would've called the police, too, but i figured choice c could be a variety of things and i am not sure what i would have done exactly. i just know i would have done something. people are almost scared to intervene nowadays cuz you never know what these kids will do. i work with them. i know they're volatile.

god help us!

-A Peaceful Journey

Muata said...

Reader Responds:

Call police/ MARTA security based on my experience with crisis intervention. To talk with the girl would give her a platform for attention. That is what she wants. I would go over and sit with the elderly woman, start a conversation with her; a conversation about anything, just to let her know she wasn't alone.


Muata said...

Reader Responds:

...just watched the video of the girl this morning and I am speechless. There aren't words. My primal nature wanted to beat her ass, but it's clear that she is mentally unstable and needs help and lots of love. I think I would have intervened and called the police. It really saddened me to see her call that old woman a ho. This is ridiculous.

Muata said...

Reader Response:

Somebody should you have beat her A--!!!


Muata said...

Response from Reader, AJ:

I would have called the police. Hopefully, they had police/security on the train. The girl is obviously not all there. She is on something or she is mentally challenged.


Muata said...

Reader AJ responds again:

Actually, one fellow did tell the girl to sit down and leave the old lady alone. It was little late, but he did try to defend the lady and I believe that he did it in the right way. He stayed in his seat and told her to sit down. She started to take his advice, even admitting that it was the best advice that she had all day. She then commenced to accusing him of rape and moved towards him as if she was going to attack him.

No one should have physically gotten up to defend the lady. All hell would have broken lose and others would have been brought into some nonsense. The young man who told her to sit down did the right thing, but you never know what a crazy person will do.


Muata said...

Muata Responds to AJ:

I heard him say that - but there was no intervention along the lines of someone going to the woman's physical aid. No one got up to go sit with the woman or to ask her if she was okay. It was a 'at a distance' type of response. I expected more. Actually, from the responses on this blog people noted that they would have gotten up to go next to the lady. She had to feel so alone. Besides, we no one responded the way the buffalo did in the video. No one. Animals protect their young, old, and injured. Humans do not. We only think of self!

Muata said...

A Reader Responds to the video under Part 2 of the commentary:

that was an interesting video...but i get it. at first i felt like i wanted to turn away, but just when i felt i had enough, the calvary arrives. that is a really thought provoking video.


Muata said...

Muata responds to MP:

Animals still protect their young, old, and injured. They have always been that way. Try to pick-up a newborn bird from a nest. You will get attacked by the mother bird if she is around. We will not even stand-up for our kids in many cases. Think about how we allow our kids to go to horrible schools. We send them out in to a bad world while rarely really fighting for them to have the best. Also, those buffalo were determined to save that calf. DETERMINED! On the train the people did NOTHING. Who will stand up for those who cannot do it for themselves?

-Muat a

Muata said...

MP Responds to Muata:

that is exactly what i was thinking....where was this woman's calvalry.....but, i was trying to think what i would have done. would i have stepped in...i am thinking so, but i really can't say that i certain...that gives me some pause. i'd like to think that the instincts that make me park my car to help a blind person across the street would step in at a time like that...but like you said, would i be more concerned for my life in this case....i hope i am never tested on this one.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

i've been out of the office so i'm late responding. most probably i would have escorted the elderly lady to the car with the conductor, and reported the young woman's behavior. if that were not possible i would definitely call the police, and there is a great chance i would have said something to her about how not to treat your elders, or anyone else for that matter, although it really sounds as if the young woman has a drug/mental problem and needs help.