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Disappointment and Devastation: Another Black Athlete Ruins his Image

I really can’t understand why some of our black athletes continue to put themselves in situations that resemble wrongdoing. Why do they continue to let me and all the other black folk who support them down? Why can’t they understand that their boorish behavior poorly reflects on the entire black community? May be they are cognizant of this, and just don’t care. I would not be surprised considering several of them appear to be mentally, spiritually, and emotionally unconnected to anything outside of themselves. Their lack of reverence for the law and uncontrollable rebellion is a recipe for complete destruction within American society. Think about all the black men you know or heard of who decided to behave this way. What was their fate? Death, incarceration, broke? Which is it?

One may gather that I am speaking of these young men as if they are not humans with flaws just like the rest of us. Perhaps it is my fault that I feel disappointed in Michael Vick and devastated that he is in this predicament. If he was not a famous running-quarterback would I still be devastated by his alleged peccant activity? Perhaps my feelings are a result of me holding Vick to a higher standard.

If Michael Vick is convicted we will have those who will rationalize his behavior and involvement in this horrific criminal enterprise. Some have already stated to me, “We sit and watch men box and fight, and no one says a word. What makes dog fighting so atrocious when we allow men to end up like Muhammad Ali? And, we pay to see it on Pay Per View.” I certainly understand this sentiment. However, I cannot support or tolerate an activity where animals are treated so brutally. The Pit Bull Terriers that are trained to fight do not have a choice. A man with a sane mind does. And, most of these boxers and extreme fight barbarians are of sound mind before they go in that ring to annihilate their opponent. They do not have an animal’s intelligence. These young men and women are able to reason on a human capacity level which is in most cases above the level of a dog’s intelligence. Some of these human beings even pray with traces of madness to beat their opposing competitor and pray to finish the fight “pretty”, which indicates they are aware of their actions. Think about it: praying to knock someone out or have them retreat into submission. What type of sense does that make?

Speaking of making sense out of madness: I can’t stop thinking about the details listed in the indictment against Michael Vick and the other cohorts: Body slamming, electrocution, and hanging of man’s best friend. And, how can I forget about the piece of equipment that was confiscated from Vick’s property that’s used to hold girly dogs in position so male dogs can rape the bearer of canine life?

Disappointment and Devastation.

This is where I am at today. Disappointed and devastated that another brotha is linked to foolishness and sociopathic behavior that not only will possibly terminate his Falcon’s paycheck, but further tarnish the reputation of brotha’s who are trying to stay out of prison and do the RIGHT thing. And, don’t be mistaken Vick has lived a privileged adult life. He is not a victim of America’s institutionalized cruelness towards black men. He is wealthy, was coddled at Virginia Tech, spoiled by the NFL, and supported by major endorsers. But, Mr. Vick could not let go of the thuggery. He had to “stay the same”. Staying the same and refusing to really change his life as a result of his stardom was his miscalculated decision. And now, those who wanted him to remain Michael Vick from “Bad News”, Virginia and not Mr. Michael Vick who has multi-million dollar contracts with the Atlanta Falcons organization, Nike, and Air Tran are about to show him that they never had any intentions to protect him. You would think Michael would understand that when a man’s back is against the wall he more than likely will not “stay the same”. He is going to change to protect himself. Too bad Vick did not consider this. Maybe Vick’s privileged back should have been put against the wall. Then he might know that some form of self-changing is necessary when you have no where or no one to turn to for support or help.

Have I convicted Michael Vick? No, I have not. I still try to believe in what they told me in civics class: innocence until proven guilty. Nevertheless, Michael Vick convicted himself a long time ago. He did so when he failed to take the necessary steps to protect his image. He does this every time he responds to reporters like an ignorant Negro. He did this when he flipped the bird to the fans that adored him. Michael Vick has been making this bed for a long time. The funny thing is it appears he just realized that he needed to project a more acceptable image by cutting his hair. After these outlandish allegations of bestiality he finally gets it. He finally understands that staying the same is not an option when working for the Man.

The NFL will not bail him out of this one. Too many white and black folk love dogs!

Someone please tell Michael Vick it is a privilege to play for the National Football League, and that the league will do any and everything to safeguard their image and reputation.

Written by Muata. Inspired by my Disappointment and Devastation.

An edited version of this commentary was featured as an op-ed piece in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and featured in its original form on


Muata said...

Reader Response:

I TOTALLY agree with everything in your commentary! I'm a dog lover till the end and these animals have no choice when trained to behave in this manner. The fact that a person gets joy out of seeing another animal kill another just blows me out of the water. I'm VERY happy that the truth about Vick has come full circle. People in the spotlight urk me with this "untouchable mentality that they carry". He deserves to lose his job, endorsements and EVERYTHING else that fame has brought him!!!


Muata said...

Reader Response:

Yes, this is not only sad, but so disgusting that it makes me sick to my stomach to think about. Vick has all of that money and prestige, and why should he do this? Lord, have mercy! He knew this was cruelty and wrong.


Muata said...

Reader Responses:

This is very good. Your writing skills and editing have improved significantly. Very well said.


Amen! When will they come to understand that just because you are chosen to play on THEIR teams, and in THEIR game, you are not THEIR chosen one.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

A couple of thoughts:

"Situations that resemble wrongdoing"..give me a break!

"..holding Vick to a higher standard'? It's pretty low bar to jump when someone is both creul AND stupid, not to mention arrogant. Black and white
alike, we ought to hold everyone to a higher standard than all that shit.

Boxing? At least those fools have a choice. Dogs don't. Slaves used to be put in fights in the Roman Coliseum. They had no choice either. Thank God we have evolved a little.

Vick never did have any character and, as a black role model, we ought to have better folk to look to for leadership.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

Good Article, I totally agree with you. I'm a lover of all things, sports and especially football. Having had a relative play in the league for many many years. The NFL is notorious for spoiling their players but upholding their public image is and always will be their primary concern. I think at some point, as more and more horrific information about the events come out, the NFL will take some action against him. Unfortunately, Michael Vick's public image is sinking fast and I'm not sure if there is anything he can do to stop it or reverse the damage, but like you said, he made his bed. Just like he's flipped us the bird, I guess now it's our turn!


GaDove said...

For the rest of my life, when I hear the name Michael Vick, I will have a mental picture of him and 2 or 3 of his "friends" watching a dog slowly die while being hung. Very much like lynching. It is such a horrific picture.

My children want to know why Michael Vick hurt dogs? What do I tell them?

I just can not comprehend why this man spent his money and free time on such a vile, disgusting hobby like dog fighting. All that money, and the whole world open to him...and this is what he chose to do with himself? He only gave $10,000 to VA Tech after the violence done there, and if this indictment is correct, he liked to bet 2 or 3 times that amount on his dogs. He is cheap, sadistic, and a coward.

If the NFL suspended Pacman before his trial, then they sure better step up to the plate and suspend Vick until he is convicted.

He is already guilty of destroying my child's innocence about man's cruelty to defenseless animals. That's enough for me. And why hasn't even one single animal loving NFL player said they are disgusted by this? Do thay ALL think it cool? I'm begining to wonder.

Muata said...

Reader Responds:

Pawn Boy....Sell out....I thought you wrote something positive about black people! But congratulations
anyway. Write something positive and see if it makes the cut.

9 black quarterbaks that I can think of in the NFL and "one" has stained the black community....YEAH RIGHT!


Muata said...

Muata responds to EJ:

Mr. EJ-

The joys of good commentary. One must read every single word to put their thoughts into perspective, and even then we possibly will land on different or opposing sides. I love what i do. At least you and the rest of us are talking about something worth the air we breathe.

Go back and read each word without coming to the defense of a black man who may have let down the ancestors. If it was me I would expect you to issue an statement of condemnation of my actions and not something so shallow as 'he is innocent until proven guilty'. That concept has never applied and never will. We convict each other every single day. Not that I have convicted Mr. Vick. I have just wrote a very insightful commentary. No where in it was I WRONG or I lied. Just because Vick is black he is not immune to my criticism and scrutiny. Call a spade a spade when there is one in your midst.

Stop taking-up and supporting blacks because they are black. I ain't gonna do it. We all have a responsibility to make certain we are accountable. Blacks have lost their way by finger pointing and other idiotic decisions. Too much blame-gaming has render us a helpless and pathetic race of people.

Yes, we have been destroyed by an elaborate plan, but guess what you and I are not fools as a result. We decided to DO RIGHT in spite of the pitfalls and traps set-up for us. I have NO SYMPATHY for men who know right from wrong and then screw up. This includes me!

PR: Personal Responsibility. Black folk need a HUGE dose!!


atlmark said...

Great insight into a horrific situation. What seems so despicable about this affair is that unlike many other professional athletes whose "incidents" we hear about, this is a lifetstyle that he appears to have actively participated in since he was in college. This was not a just a momentary loss of judgement.

The biggest tragedy is far greater than the atrocities described in the indictment, but the squandering of a such an enormous platform that could have been used to influence so many young people of all colors.

Muata said...

Reader Response:

I must say that while I agree with your column, I am a bit disturbed about the public out cry about dogs in the United States of America. White people love their dogs more than love humans. To me it is a very strange relationship. Why do we not have the same public out cry for the children in the Middle East that currently getting the arms and legs blown by American soldiers? Why is George Bush still in office? Why was there never a big issue when a woman was raped in Patrick Kerney's (prominent white falcons player) house? Where were the women's rights groups when this happened? Why did the AJC just drop the story?

I have worked in corporate security for Cox Enterprises. As you might know, Cox owns the AJC. To me the AJC is ultra conservative news paper that does not put afro-american men in a positive light. I have notice this about the black public officials as well as black athletes (past and present). I am a native, born and raised, so I am just so tired of the Atlanta Media putting the spot on the negative and not showing the positive about black men in the south.

True enough, we bring a lot on ourselves. The AJC does not want Mike Vick to be the quarterback for the falcons. He represents everything they dislike or are afraid of. This is still the south, and it is very hard for non-southerns the read between racial lines and understand the politics. We as black men have realize the we are held to a higher standard than the average person. We are always under the microscope, no matter what the enviroment is.


Cathy said...

I do not agree with your article regarding Michael Vick. Yes, black athletes are held to higher standards, but we all seem to forget that he is innocent until proven guilty.

As far as your thugery comment goes, our black men are called digusting names enough as it is, so we do not need you to add fuel to their fire by using terms like this also. Yes, Vick has obviously made some mistakes, but so has everyone else. I am personally tired of hearing the comments about everyone being a dog lover. What about being a people lover and forgiving people for their sins. We all have sinned and come short of his glory.

If you wanted to help Vick, this was not the article to write.

Although, I am sure you made the "other side" very happy calling Vick and his friends thugs.


TK said...

Excellent writing....I am frequently on the Atlanta Falcons messageboard. Of course it is totally dominated by the Vick news. Sadly and I guess predictably the opinions of Vick are breaking down upon racial lines. I am white and I know the content and character of my heart. I know that I would feel exactly the same about this matter if the person in question was Michael Vick, Peyton Manning or my own brother. I can't fathom the sickness in another human's mind who would derive pleasure and/or entertainment from the suffering of a defenseless animal. Some will attempt to portray this as a tragedy for Michael Vick. There will be the predictable stories about his upbringing in a rough section of Newport News, etc. I'm not having it. There are countless stories of African-American men who have soared to heights of fame in many fields who have come from similar or worse backgrounds. Save your empathy and admiration for these men.

TK said...

I guess after reading the comments from 'Anonymous' and 'Cathy' I have to say the following: Do yourself a favor and quit having knee-jerk responses to any situation involving a person of color finding themselves in trouble. Go and read the entire 18 page indictment. It is available many places on the internet. Then try and defend Michael Vick. There are bad people across the racial spectrum. You weaken the fight against real racism when you throw those charges out indiscriminately.

And for you Anonymous. Check yourself. "White people love their dogs more than love humans"....That's the most insulting and quite frankly stupid comment I've read in a long time.

Muata said...

Reader Response:

I enjoyed your article on Michael Vick. It was fair and balanced.


Muata said...

Reader Responses:

Ok, to me I could careless about some "FUCKING" dogs. Yes it is a felony but I know people all day everyday who fight those nasty things. I hate dogs. I was bitten by one. He is a "BLACK" person who is high profile and the crackers could not wait to jump all over this.


This was an opinion well-thought
through and well-spoken/written.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

I can't believe we are watching another one of ours go through the same mess.


Muata said...

Reader Response are obviously a very intelligent man, but you missed out on one incredibly major point in your blog about Mike Vick, and that is this: while making a statement about the cruelty of boxing or cagefighting, and why isn't everyone up in arms about this----DUH!!! Boxers and cagefighters do those sports OF THEIR OWN VOLITION AND FREE WILL AND DOGS DO NOT!!! Why is this constantly overlooked? It is so incredibly obvious.

There is no--I repeat--NO comparison at all between the sports of boxing, cagefighting and that of dogfighting--which is about as defensible as incest, kiddie porn, or running a meth lab. I mean, how in the hell could anyone defend it???


Muata said...
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Muata said...

Reader Response:

If I were black I think I would be more angry with the way my people are being portrayed on shows like "The Maury Show" who seems to delight in finding mainly black folk to expose their unfaithfulness, not knowing who fathered their children and on and on. Watch Maury's delight when black folks are yelling obscenities at each other.
You don't see any thoughtful articulate depictions going on here. It appears to be an all out effort to substantiate stereo typing poor blacks for the most part. Where is Jessie Jackson and Al what's his name. Why do they go after a Radio host and not this show which really depicts African Americans in the worst possible light..

On this article, When ever we as a society put people on pedestals, we are attempting to take away their humanity. Given time most all will fall from the pedestal.


Anonymous said...

My first visit to your blog and it has to be on such a sour note. Even more sour because, while I certainly respect your opinions and the fact the they were published by the AJC, you have taken some license with the truth and thus joined forces with those who have continued to vilify and persecute Michael Vick for no valid reason leaving only the specter of racism as the only feasible motivation.

I point you to these examples of what I consider to be your intellectual dishonesty. Your use of these completely invalid points to bolster your position weakens the entire piece and call into question your motivations. Whether these are intentional or not, I leave for you to disclose.

"Why can’t they understand that their boorish behavior poorly reflects on the entire black community?"

Why does this straw man theory rear it's ugly head any time any Black person is subjected to public scrutiny? Do all white people eat people because Jeffery Dalmer was a cannibal? Are all Asians just itching to shoot up their college campus? This type of disingenuous statement is not an accurate reflection of even a plurality of Black people. Why then would you pretend that Vick's alleged actions are that much more heinous because they reflect badly on all of us? I'm not sure, but it makes me question your motivation.

"Their lack of reverence for the law and uncontrollable rebellion is a recipe for complete destruction within American society."

Surely you don't intend to imply that the misbehavior of a minuscule segment of the population, most of which misbehavior are instances of bad judgement rather than evil or destructive intent, are in any way potentially destructive of the entire society? That's more than just laying it on a little too thick. That's out and out fear mongering of the sort usually practiced only by rabid republicans, ala the Willie Horton incident. Again, I don't claim to understand your rationale, but ...

"And, how can I forget about the piece of equipment that was confiscated from Vick’s property that’s used to hold girly dogs in position so male dogs can rape the bearer of canine life?"

Surely this must be a joke that went over my head. You did not bring the issue of rape into this discussion of Mike Vick's alleged bad behavior. The rape of a dog no less. You may not be aware of this, but the human race has never had any problem with the selective breeding of animals, and many similar methods as the device you reference are in common use today. But drawing this type of corrleation in a discourse that speaks very critically of Mr. Vick seems only capable of enciting more negative feelings towards an as yet innocent man. Was this indeed a joke? Why am I not laughing?

"Michael Vick convicted himself a long time ago. He does this every time he responds to reporters like an ignorant Negro."

This really disturbs me, coming as it does from a Black man. While I can understand that there are various opinions of what constitutes an acceptable level of literacy and eloquence, to characterize Vick as "ignorant Negro" speaks louder of a problem in the one who conjures this description than the one so described. In my humble opinion, as one who has followed Michael's career since his last year at Va. Tech, I have seen a marked improvement in his interviewing skills, evidence enough of his commitment to personal enrichment. Are you once again then painting the subject of your ire, in the worst possible light, using the worst possible imagery, with no discernable rational basis for your vitriol? Please note, I have endeavored here to communicate with you in terms I'm sure a well bred, articulate Black man like yourself should appreciate.

" He did this when he flipped the bird to the fans that adored him."

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that your are simply misinformed about this incident. It has been widely misreported, despite the truth of the incident being a well-known fact. I'm not going to do your research for you, but I'm sure if you look further than the obviously biased coverage of the AJC you will easily find that those were not Falcons fans, and that in fact they were fans of the other team who had heckled Vick visciously and profanely the entire game. But as a professional athlete, even that doesn't excuse his response, for which he paid the highest fine in NFL history for that particular (and oft repeated) offense. So much for your NFL coddling him theory. But yet again, the facts used as the foundation of your obviously considered opinion are not facts at all. And yet again, I must question your underlying motivation for your public pronouncements.

As this is my first contact with you, it is not my intention to leave you with a bad impression of me. I'm not being critical of your opinions, some of which I actually share. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion. Everyone should also be prepared to have that opinion subjected to the harsh light of reality and critical thinking should they presume to grace the rest of us with said opinion.

Muata said...

Muata Responds to Exodus Mentality:

I truly appreciate your comment. It has generated more thought and contemplation on my part. But, my opinion and commentary remains the same. Not that you were trying to change my mind. I just felt your feedback was well thought out and respectable of my "take" of the situation. And, it prompted me to think about this saga a little bit more.

It is my understanding that both of us can appreciate good commentary. Your writing is impressive! While you were extremely critical, just like I have been of Mr. Vick, I still appreciate your criticism. This is the type of dialogue that I expect on my blog. Thank you!

As mentioned in my commentary, Mr. Vick has made his bed. Clearly he is involved with a horrible crime. But yes, he is innocent until proven guilty. It amazes me how many of us begin to quote this ‘fantasy’ when we would like for the individual to be innocent and/or when the person fits the description of what we like or prefer: Black. When we do this all we do is make the accused a victim, and we usually end up embarrassed because we decided to support before we considered all the facts or used common sense. This may not be you. However, what I just described is rampant.

Mr. Vick has not been convicted and he is definitely not a victim. He is to many a target for vilifying/destroying or he is a damn dummy who failed to change in spite of his professional responsibility. Which one is he? Time will tell.

By the way, I too have noticed that he can now speak a grammatically correct sentence after beating-up the English language for about twenty minutes. Perhaps his speech/public speaking coaching helped. Imagine that, a well-spoken man who is involved in the killing of man’s best friend. Lately, this sport has been reserved for tobacco chewing rednecks and oversized white t-shirt wearing “niggas”. And, I have seen Mr. Vick in those t-shirts time and time again. ???

Again, I thank you for the comment.



Anonymous said...

Respect to you as well my brother, and do come visit the Exodus Mentality whenever you can. We probably have more in common than just living in the DEC.

You officially made my blogroll with your response. said...

I was so moved by your article in the AJC and I am so infuriated with this whole situation. I realize that we live in a country where it states, 'innocent until proven guilty' and many have said that Vick has already been convicted before he's even gone to trial. Well here is my question...who gave thought to what the rights were for these dogs and were they even considered?
I am having a hard time seeing Michael Vick as human right now because I just don't know how any human being could treat an animal in such a thoughtless, cruel and barbaric way.
Thank you Brian E. Payne for your thoughtful and eye opening article.

Muata said...

Writer from (Thompson) writes a dynamic piece on race relations in Atlanta and ties in the Vick case/situation. Read it at this link:

Or just go to ESPN. com.

Muata's response forthcoming.

Muata said...

Muata responds to writer, Mr. Thompson. Read my response below:

Mr. Thompson-

I read your article today. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was educational and extremely insightful. When a friend of mine asked me my opinion of it I had the following to say/write (below).

My response after reading your article:

The article was another great history lesson that many African Americans know about or at least have heard about. How can we (people in their 30's and up) live without understanding the magnitude of slavery and racial injustice? We are aware that the FBI has been out to get us. Especially in the 60's. We are fully aware that the white man still runs Atlanta. We are aware that this city was once a hotbed for racial violence. But, my questions: Do we have to always resort back to this horrific past when one of us is in trouble with the law? Why must we continue to think that racism is the cause? When we do this knee-jerk reaction we continue to make ourselves what they (white folk) intended for us to be: VICTIMS. Now, believe me I am not dismissing that race could not be a factor. What I am saying and asking: When will we accept full responsibility for the actions we commit? When will we be accountable for our possible wrongs without linking them to that detrimental past? Race will always be an issue in America. This is the condition that comes from the long history of crap so called minorities have had to combat. But, be for real. We know Vick is involved in some way. We also know in our hearts that the FBI has not created a conspiracy to bring down Black Atlanta's QB. Let's be for real. Real is looking in the mirror each and every day - and not pointing the finger somewhere else. It is sad that we are still doing this considering many of us have made it in America. What about you, your wife, and me? We are black, but we are doing our thang. And, why? Because we select to. Because we want the best for our children. Because we are not waddling in self-pity. Because we understand the value of some sort of education. Because we are not initially thinking racism each and every time a white person does something to us. We have defied racism in spite of... If we were fools we stopped being one to do RIGHT. Vick continued to be a fool. Just by owning a house where dogs fight was foolish. And, owning a dog fighting network was foolish. He was a fool and Mrs. Abernathy and others will be a fool when he admits guilt via a plea or when he is found guilty. Good blacks like her being a fool for those who embarrass us. Now, you tell me, who is the fool? Vick has made all his supporters fools - and he has disrespected our ancestors just by being associated with animal cruelty.
-Brian E. Payne/Muata

Muata said...

One of Muata's responses after Michael Vick pleas:

He blew it. Destroyed his life!

Seeking forgiveness is always the FIRST option for us who knows that we were/are wrong. Michael Vick knew that dog fighting was wrong and illegal the entire time he staged and gambled on a fight. He also knows that killing a dog is WRONG, but now he wants to apologize. Only a fool and those who want to defend idiotic behavior will accept it! We can rationalize his behavior with: "their only dogs" or this one, "dogs are not people" and this one, "boxers fight" all ya want. HE WAS WRONG, and I will be a judge on that one (we must keep each other accountable). Those of us who continue to rationalize WRONGFUL and FOOLISH behavior are impediments to progress. I said it!!

Yeah, he made a mistake-but am I supposed to be remorseful?

If I drive intoxicated I am in the WRONG. Get my point?

I guess there will be folk making excuses for those illegal immigrants who killed those three black college-bound students?? "the illegals were strapped for cash/poor". This will be the justification given for these murderers. Pathetic!


Muata said...

Reader EJ Responds to Muata's last post:

Nobody said he wasn't wrong/nor should he not be held accountable...but what you fail to understand is that he is being prosecuted by the FED...even white people are saying that is very unusual....But you continue
making your points. They need people like you! LOL! The Fed's want to give him 12 to 18 months...but the state of VA wants to give him 5-10 years.....LOL


Muata said...

Muata Responds to EJ:

Me making their point?? Mr. vick made their points! There you go again with your 'deferred' responsibility or is it: we (black people) should not speak in truth about our own because it makes us look bad? Nope. Not me. White people already know about us. The good and the bad. We caused the opinions they have as a result of their evil doing and our miraculous achievements. But the "they did us wrong excuse" should no longer be an excuse! No longer. They constructed the BLACK MAN. Remember?? All I have done is told the TRUTH with applying blame solely on Mr. Vick.

Black folk keeping their mouths closed when we do STUPID things is the crime. Look at our condition! Part of it is because we stopped speaking the truth about our mess. Again, nope. Not me! He deserves some level of punishment. I recommend at least 3yrs in prison, probation, community service, and at least a $250,000 fine. Harsh? I would expect you to give the same recommendation if i was that DUMMY.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

Mr. Muata, thank you for your article on the Michael Vick case. I found your perspective to be refreshing and insightful.

Thank you for your thoughtful words and interesting perspective. As the parent of two rescued pit bulls, I have been considering the Michael Vick case very carefully. Before we got her, one of my dogs was chained to a street sign, doused with gasoline, and set on fire. The burns were so bad that her spine was exposed and she lost her left eye. It is likely that she was attacked because she refused to fight. The amazing thing is that she still has the ability to love. Of course, my dog's abuse does not signal Michael Vick's guilt, but it does make me take the allegations against him very seriously. If what I have learned is true, then there are solid reasons for the authorities to investigate Michael Vick. This case has become a swirling cauldron for so many hot button emotional issues. I am surprised (due to my own naivety and ignorance) and disturbed by the polarization that this case has exposed (not caused.) Thank you for sharing your refreshing perspective in your interesting article. I look forward to reading your other works on your blogspot.

-Random Reader

Muata said...

Reader Response:

We need to understand where these guys come from, what are their influences are/were, how was their childhood, once you know the answer to these questions, everything makes sense.