Monday, August 13, 2007

The Secret is not a Secret

We should feel special and privileged when someone reveals something extremely personal to us. When a secret falls off the lips of a friend or an associate the person receiving the sensitive information becomes the revealer’s unsuspected conduit. Their storage house that is supposed to permanently contain the piece of news, but how often does that happen? I know for me when a homie tells me something juicy I have to tell someone. Just someone. One person. Nonetheless, when that precious secret is whispered in the ear of my so called friend (that One Person) it becomes one of those ‘promise you will not tell anyone’ fragments of gossip. This is what happens when a secret is unleashed from our souls: It spreads like wildfire.

The multi-million dollar best seller, The Secret, has definitely taken over the self-help revolution. From seminars to the small hardback, this phenomenon has captured the attention of people who have not taken the time to read a book in years. I find this unbelievable considering reading is one of the last mental exercises many Americans undertake. We would rather hear about it. Reading takes too much of the time we claim we do not have. Remember, we are in a dirty microwave culture these days. But, I guess having your book featured on Oprah leaves you with two guaranteed possibilities: You are going to sell tons of books and America will surely buy into Oprah’s seal of approval product. I wonder if she really understands the power she has. A power it appears many of us followers do not believe we possess.

Are we literally power deficient? Are Americans bankrupt? Bankrupt in the sense we cannot even realize that The Secret is nothing more than what most parents and teachers have told us time and time again - which makes The Secret not a secret. It is recycled verbiage used to help us understand that we are “POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE”. Didn’t you get this message from a teacher by the name of Mr. Watson or Mr. Tucker? Any teacher? Perhaps you were not paying attention on the day the teacher shared The Secret-like knowledge with us. I will venture to say that most of you reading this exceedingly tardy critique received the message and got the point: ‘If you conspicuously radiate positive thoughts good things will happen.’

The Secret was a fantastic read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it - twice. I found myself reading it while driving. Reading it at Whole Foods. Reading it after hanging out. I know those Waffle House employees think I am crazy: intoxicated, eating grits, and reading Rhonda Byrne’s masterpiece. Not only was I reminded of what my 6th and 11th grade teachers (Watson & Tucker) drilled into my head, I was also reminded that humans are so weak, so flawed, and so desperate. Of course we are brilliant and talented, but we are frail and at times lost because of the world we have created. We are constantly searching for the next best thing to help us feel good about where we are in our lives. We can’t seem to shine like we are divinely summoned to. The spirit that illuminates within us can be manifested if only we would remember the secrets we have been told - and then ACT.

The bleached blonde-hair creator of The Secret does not stress ACTION. No, she and her ensemble of metaphysics instructors, authors, consultants, philosophers, businessmen, and motivational speakers aggressively command the readers to think in conformity with what the universe is trying to bring them. If the reader does something to the contrary he/she generates and attracts the opposite of what the atmosphere is attempting to present to them. Basically, this means that we are responsible for what is attracted to us. Working for it is an afterthought that doesn’t have to be put into action. Inconsequently, part of the secret I was told years ago included working for what you want. Envisioning it is fine, and I support that – however, not actively seeking your wants, dreams, hopes, and desires is a waste of time. No one; and let me repeat: No One has the ability to SEE oneself into a million dollar home. In this world, to get that home one must work. Thinking about acquiring it is useless, and it will not come into existence unless you are a beneficiary of unhealthy wealth.

Yes, useless. Almost as useless as the example one of the contributors interjects in the book regarding losing weight. According to this positive thinker, all we have to do is eliminate “fat thoughts”, and the law of attraction will some how shrink our bellies. Well, after reading this section of the book I almost threw it out the window. Thankfully, my commitment to finish all books that I start took over. I continued to read. Learning several things here and there, but constantly contemplating why this book is changing the landscape of self-help therapy. Then I thought about my not so positive opinions of human beings, and I also thought about myself: In the midst of the ugliness of this universe I need to create more pleasantness in my life. That’s all I needed to continue.

My continuation lead me to conduct additional research. In my investigation I came across this paraphrased quote: “Everything that surrounds you right now in your life, including the things you’re complaining about, you’ve attracted.” A talking head from The Secret ensemble said this on the Larry King Show. Some of you are probably thinking, ‘well, what he/she said makes sense.’ Does it, really? If your answer to my question is YES allow me to challenge you.

So, did the raped woman attract the rape? Do the starving kids in Africa attract their starvation? Did the latest kidnapped child attract the kidnapping? If your answer to all three questions is ‘No’ please be informed that according to Dr. Joe Vitale, a contributor for the book and film, you are incorrect. Flat out wrong. Surprisingly, he believes that all the innocent people mentioned in my challenging questions ATTRACTED the event just by being on the “same frequency” as the act/crime/brutality. Frequency? Even with this craziness I still finished the book. It was not solely because of the commitment I made years ago. I finished it because the book supports the changes I have recently made in my life.

The Law of Attraction can be dissected in many ways. Whatever way you decide to slice it please just remember that The Secret is NOT a secret. It has been around for years, and it is one of the most simplistic concepts ever shared with the world. So simple that too many of us have overlooked it with our arrogance and know-it-all mentalities.

Written by Muata. Inspired by the arrogance that kept me from picking up this book sooner.


FREEDOM said...

As we grow older we do forget what our teachers and parents have told us. When we first came to planet Earth, we were full of ideas and dreams because we CAME to Earth with a purpose in mind. Then over the course our lives things/people/peer-pressure/society invaded our thoughts with their standards of what they think is RIGHT for us. It is great that messengers come along and remind us of who we really are and challenge us to “find out who we are and do it on purpose” and stop leaving our lives up to chance and re-discover what we really want.

No one has the right or should have the right to tell any other human being what another human being wants and needs or how another human being should feel. No one can do that! No one can tell me how I am feeling or what life experiences I want, need, and desire in my life but FREEDOM M. TAYLOR! I refuse to give my mind over to anyone else's control. I will decide what is right for me. I will decide what I need and want in my life and I will line that up with LOVE, love for ALL creatures (that Corinthians LOVE that you wrote about) that is where I am headed. It is time to stop playing games on ALL levels. I am on a personal mission pursuing peace and I will chase it down with everything that is within me!

The Secret reminded me to get back in tuned with what I am here to do, what I really want, and pay close attention to what my mind is saying to me (if I know I want something, then stop trying to talk myself out Being that and Doing that), and how I am feeling (pay close attention to my emotions). It has reminded me to look deep within and SEE my beautiful self, which I am all by myself.

It also reminded me to be thankful for what I already have. You cannot DO, if at first you do not believe. We have to Believe, and then Do. Moreover, know that if we have to “DO IT” over and over again that is okay. Rome was not built in a day. Was it?

I agree with you about the part in the book that said that people invited things such as rape, murder, slavery etc. into their lives. I was like okay; you have lost me with that concept.

Lastly, good ole secrets! You have to be careful with whom you entrust your secrets to. So many people are locked up today because they shared their secret/secrets to the wrong person, and when pressure came the secrecy that was once under wraps was unwrapped for whom ever to hear and witness.

To have a secret between ONLY TWO people is empowering within itself to those persons holding the Secret. A secret that they both chose to keep to themselves and not let anyone else in on it. It is quite exciting and thrilling to have a secret kept between me and another person or just simply between me and myself. The mystery of secrecy is what keeps the secret Hot and Juicy because ONLY those TWO people or SELF know about it and they AIN’T TELLING!!!


Muata said...

Reader KK responds:

You left us hanging on this paragraph:

"So, did the raped woman attract the rape? Do the starving kids in Africa attract their starvation? Did the latest kidnapped child attract the kidnapping? If your answer to all three questions is ‘No’ please be informed that according to Dr. Joe Vitale, a contributor for the book and film, you are incorrect. Flat out wrong. Surprisingly, he believes that all the innocent people mentioned in my challenging questions ATTRACTED the event just by being on the “same frequency” as the act/crime/brutality. Frequency? Even with this craziness I still finished the book. It was not solely because of the commitment I made years ago. I finished it because the book supports the changes I have recently made in my life."

So what do you believe? I believe what Vitale says... based on reincarnation and why I think we come here in the first place. As intriguing as your question here is, I don't know that I got your answer.


Muata said...

Muata responds to KK:

I left this up in the air purposely. Just another tactic used to encourage more thinking and analysis, so I can learn more.

I believe that it is ludicrous to insinuate and blame the victim or the innocent for crimes/wrong-doing/evils perpetrated against them. So, if a woman is sitting in her home and adhering to her business. She has locked the doors and activated the home alarm system - then some fool enters her home and rapes her. This act of brutality is her fault? That is outlandish, insensitive, uncaring, and it is not in line with what is RIGHT in this world. What is wrong is when defenselss people are defeated/destroyed in the world as a result of someone making the decision to inflict harm. In this circumstance, it has nothing to do with the Law of Attraction. I would think slightly differently if the woman was walking down a street alone where countless women have been raped. Now, that is understandable when thinking about what we attract. But, assigning responsibility on an innocent and decent person is flat out inappropriate. But, I do understand why Dr. Vitale has to believe this: If he does not his version of the Law of Attraction would be picked apart by people like me. I guess he and the others had to be sound all the way around. Unfortunately, in their soundness they lost creditable with millions of people particularly those who have been victims of unwarranted brutality.

So, will Dr. Vitale go to the raped victim's (the "innocent" one I referenced above) hospital room and say, 'You brought this on yourself. You attracted this rape.'

Also, I guess the children being killed in Dafar attracted their demise??

It is amazes me in our efforts to make sense of this crap of a world we have created that some of us suspend logic and righteous understanding to be comfortable. The creators of The Secret are among these folk I speak of.


Muata said...

Reader KK responds to Muata:

Well I understand your point of view. It is the common one. What I believe however, is that on a spiritual level we only attract energetically that that we subconsciously need, desire or most often simply "allow" into our lives. A victim needs to attract a perpetrator and vice versa. Now I don't believe in blame at all, nor do I believe that there is a "right" or a "wrong". Everything is what it is and it all happens for reasons that we know not of. The "raped" may have in a previous lifetime been a perpetrator and has come seeking atonement in this lifetime. Some things are supposed to remain mysteries, however I believe with all my heart that there are NO accidents. I would neither blame the victim or the perpetrator... it is what it is and each is in his or her own way wounded and crying out for love. Does this mean that we let the perpetrator go, no, but we could change our view of why they did what they did, and offer a loving means of transforming them by the "renewing of their minds." That won't happen in this lifetime, but it is a goal worth working towards. Like Marianne Williamson's effort to establish a Department of Peace.

Back to the fact that we are all energetic beings attracting that which we are...that is why I recommend that people stay "prayed up" and that they connect with their higher selves daily through meditation. By keeping our vibrations aligned with that of the Holy Spirit on a conscious level, we cease to attract miscellaneous drama and chaos to ourselves unconsciously. We are surrounded with chaos and drama in the news, on the shows and movies we watch. We have story after story after story of negative experiences of friends and families... all creating fearful images and belief systems. All that negativity in the mind of someone not paying attention, not on their game or just weak and addictive, will indeed attract things that they do not consciously desire in their lives. For this reason, I don't watch the news and mostly only tune in to comedies on TV. I want only to feed my consciousness that that is uplifting and spiritually that my energy attracts more of the same. That my friend is what Vitale was speaking of... not that anyone "meant" to attract a rapist on a conscious level... but we are spiritual beings having a human experience and the reason they call it a secret is that most people don't get that.

Thanks for reading my (not to be considered humble) opinion!


Muata said...

Muata responds to KK:

I understand yours too. I think. It is based on the elements of reincarnation. Correct?

One question in response to this statement you wrote: "I would neither blame the victim or the perpetrator..."

Regulating this to "it is what is..." to me is alarmingly detrimental.

In your belief, where are the moral absolutes? Isn't there a right and wrong?


Muata said...

Reader KK responds to Muata and then Muata responds to KK:

I can't believe that you summed up everything I said below with "It is based on the elements of reincarnation. Correct?"


Did not mean for you to think I was summing everything up with your reincarnation beliefs. Was fishing for more and you gave more for me to chew on, but i will bow out with me saying, 'let's agree to disagree.'


Muata said...

Reader KK responds to Muata's question concerning moral absolutes:

I do not believe in moral absolutes. That allows one to feel justified in inflicting "an eye for an eye" or in "judging" which Jesus clearly admonished us not to do. I stated in my reply that I do not believe in a right or a wrong. I believe that there are consequences to our actions and therefore things that serve us and things that do not. Raping someone neither serves the rapist nor the raped so it is something that I would not suggest one do, but if one does, I would not judge them as wrong, just as having done something very much out of alignment with what would serve them or others.

"Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord". If you were to interview any rapist, and go deep into their psyche I am convinced that I would find the same loving essence that resides in all of us. I believe that we are born in the image and likeness of God and that it is only our human experience that creates a thick cover of muck and mire to hide our natural light. That does not mean that the light isn't there and isn't worthy of being uncovered. If only our justice system cared enough to approach crime in this fashion. As it stands we just perpetuate the cycle of crime by never trying to see a person's light. Look what Jesus saw in Saul and what he turned out to be ultimately. How many times were we told that we should forgive? Seven time seventy? If there is a "wrong" why would we ever plan to forgive much less endlessly?

Besides who am I, or you, or anyone else to say what is wrong? In some countries fathers are encouraged to sleep with their daughters because of whatever... just because we Americans don't then it is "wrong"? In some countries the young are trained to kill from birth, so because we wait until they are out of high school to do it, makes them "wrong". No... I don't believe their is a "wrong". That can only mean one is sitting in judgment and I don't think that serves us either. "Judge not less ye be judged". That I believe is because we are all connected. "Love your neighbor as yourself." There were no caveats to that statement. I cannot expect for myself what I am not willing to give another. If I can not forgive the mistake of my brother, how could I ever expect to be forgiven for my mistakes no matter how big or small. Name the person who hasn't made a mistake.

"Every nail that we hammer into our brother, keeps us on the cross". Paul Ferrini Love Without Conditions.


Muata said...

Muata responds to Reader KK:

Well, I select to believe in moral absolutes. If this makes me a judge of someone so be it. I am at a point in my life that I believe we need to hold people accountable and in lovingly judgment for their jacked-up behavior while helping them to become better humans. If it is wrong and not right someone needs to say something instead of looking the other way. Think about it: We raise our children to distinguish from right and wrong. We, parents, were even raised this way - and then we look the other way when it comes to applying moral standards. That ain't right. If we continue to function in this modus operandi, where will it end? Will there ever be a ending to behavior that is flat out WRONG? I guess everything is everything. It was not this way when Jesus walked the earth, and it was certainly not this way when Moses walked around with his big stick. There was a right and wrong. The Jesus so many of us quote operated with a moral compass. He was known for walking around justifying what was right and declaring what was wrong.

Please excuse me for referring to the bible and Jesus talk. I know you don't mind, but I typically try not to when making a point. Considering I can rip apart anyone's position when they use the bible. Anyone. The "Good Book" is too contradictory and supportive of atrocious acts to use to solidify a point.


Muata said...

Reader KK's final response on this part of the dialogue:

Okay... but please don't mis-interpret my not believing in right or wrong as not believing in holding people accountable. As I said "Does this mean that we let the perpetrator go, no, but we could change our view of why they did what they did, and offer a loving means of transforming them by the "renewing of their minds." It was their consciousness that got them in trouble and changing it is the only way to get them out of that pattern.

I am not justifying acts of vengeance, harm or violence, I am just saying that this person needs love more than most. I think that in our system of "punishment" we treat people like the untouchables and I cannot believe that that is good for anyone. If they had real counselors offering real forgiveness and creating really safe environments where people could expose and heal their emotional wounds then I think that the world would shift. I could go on, but I would just be repeating myself.


Muata said...

Reader responses:

Right on point! -EJ

The Secret was all right for me.


You are correct in the first context, in that a secret is not a secret. Especially as you get older, you confide in a friend about personal issues or relationships. The homie or friend, more than likely will either be married or have a significant other. A lot of times your homie spills the beans about your business to their girlfriend or spouse. Very sad, but true. Whether it is your homie's business or not, as a man you should be able to confide with your spouse or significant other about anything.

Scenario: Your homie tells his wife that you are sleeping around on your spouse. Your spouse is very good friends with the other spouse. She spills the beans and your homie's life is in shambles because you decided not to keep a secret. Who fault is it that the secret is no longer a secret?

For the ladder half of your context, I will say that the mind is very powerful. I do believe in mind over matter. I myself have acquired a BS and a Masters degree, crossed the burning sands of Kappa Alpha Psi, continue to survive corporate America, and became a Master Mason. Again, your mind is very powerful. I truly believe that the brain will help you overcome all obstacles in this game that we call life.

A strong mental attitude and faith in GOD will take you to the promise land. There is no SECRET to this.


You still aint watched Zeitgeist yet, huh?


(Please google Zeitgeist and watch the film. -Muata)

FREEDOM said...

Comment about if the spouse/significant other should tell the spouse of the homie the SECRET that her man told her about his homie:

Now this is clearly a case of the SECRET is NOT a SECRET. I am willingly to bet my LIFE that the spouse of that homie deep down within already knows her man’s SECRET. One thing about men they are more than likely to REVEAL their SECRET every time, and the woman knows her man’s SECRET already anyway. Trust me on this I am speaking from experience.

Now, whether that woman wants to deal with the obvious is a horse of a completely different color. But, his woman KNOWS HIS SECRET! Her God given common sense and intuition tells her every time the SECRET. Again, rather she wants to deal with the TRUTH is all together something different.